Monday, March 18, 2013

DIE TOTEN HOSEN: [2001] Love, Peace & Money [Request]

German punk/metal band Die Toten Hosen formed early in the '80s from the ashes of two Düsseldorf punk bands, ZK and KFC. Considering that three members of the Hosen were named Andreas, they took assumed names to avoid confusion: vocalist Campino (b. Andreas Frege; June 22, 1962), guitarist Breiti (b. Andreas Breitkopf; Feb. 6, 1964), rhythm guitarist Kuddel (b. Andreas Von Holst; June 11, 1964), bassist Andi (b. Andreas Meurer; July 24, 1962) and drummer Wölli (b. Wolfgang Rohde; Jan. 9, 1963). After releasing several albums in Germany, the group found a contract with the American label Charisma in 1992 for the collection Learning English: Lesson 1. Three years later, Die Toten Hosen moved to Atlantic for Love, Peace & Money but continue to record for EastWest in their native country, issuing Im Auftrag Des Herrn in 1996. -- John Bush

The Return Of Alex / Year 2000 / All For The Sake Of Love / Lovesong / Sexual / Diary Of A Lover / Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Buy Me) / Love Is Here / More & More / My Land / Wunsch Dir Was / Wasted Years / Perfect Criminal / Love Machine / Chaos Bros.


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