Friday, March 29, 2013

CYANIDE: [1996] The Punk Rock Collection [As requested by Marcelo]

17 long overlooked Punk classics from the late 70`s from the vastly under-rated York four piece Cyanide. All of their self titled album is included as are the ''Mac The Flash'', ''Fireball'' and ''I`m A Boy'' singles plus three previously unissued tracks to give a fine example of Punk Rock `77 style.

trACks: Tonight / No Progress / I'm A Boy / Where's The Money / Do It / Night Rider / Hate The State / Mac The Flash / The Job / All Over The Top / Tourist / Charlie / Your World / Fireball / Your Old Man / Mac The Flash (original) / No Progress (original).

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Nando40 said...

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senha/pass: hha

bazzil said...

Have this on Vinyl. Saves me recording it to digital.
Keep up the good work ;)


Marcelo Pereira said...

Hi Nando, thank you soooo much for this post.

I've been looking for this record for a long time.