Thursday, March 21, 2013

CRIME: [2004] San Francisco's STILL Doomed [Requested by Mustard Relics]

So great to have this material compiled on one convenient little "package" -i remember having a cruddy-sounding cassette tape back in the day & treasuring it.even though these recordings are low-fi at best,dont let that scare you off - this is authentic ROCK N ROLL no matter what label you want to place on it, Punk or otherwise. This is timeless stuff & worthy of your attention. This is a flat-out AMAZING collection of studio recordings from "San Fransisco's first and only rock & roll band." Sound quality is pretty fine considering that these are most likely rehearsal room tapes, but then again a sterile studio sound wouldn't have suited these guys anyway. Crime were always outsiders and never really accepted by the so-called "hip" scenesters, and if THAT isn't the ESSENCE of rock and roll I don't know what is! --- Burst' Bucker

Frustration / Crime Wave / I Knew This Nature / San Francisco's Doomed / Rock'n' Roll Enemy No.1 / Piss On your Dog / Feel The Beat / I Stupid Anyway / Twisted / Murder By Guitar / Instrumental Instrumental / Flyeater / Rockabilly Drugstore / Dillingers Brain / Flipout / Emergency Music Ward / Monkey On Your Back / Yakuza / Rockin' Weird / Samurai / Hot Wire My Heart (Alt. Take) / Baby You're So Repulsive (Alt. Take).

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