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COSA NOSTRA: [1993] Under Ytan

Cosa Nostra was formed sometime at the end of 1990/beginning of 1991, when Bonni joined the band in which Bjurre, Svein and Nicke played. This turned out to be a rather explosive formula and the band started producing song after song. They took the name Cosa Nostra, a name that Bonni had thought of years before, when he was playing with Asta Kask, and saved for some future project. After a couple of months the band signed with the record company Pink Honey, and the first single, "Rock Mot Tiden" ("Rock Against Time"), was recorded and released. The single was received well and Cosa Nostra started writing songs for their first album, "Under Ytan" ("Under The Surface", and the 12" picture disc, 1000 dB. At this time, the bad luck, that has followed the band ever since, began to show its ugly face. When "Under Ytan" had been recorded and the tunes were about to be carved into vinyl, the company that was going to print the album cover went bankrupt, without informing Pink Honey or Cosa Nostra. The result was a nine month delay of the release of the album.
Due to various circumstances, Cosa Nostra decided to take some time off during the last half of 1993. In the beginning of 1994 they started writing songs again and later the same year they recorded and released their first CD, "Eldar" ("Fires"). Shortly after the release of "Eldar" Nicke broke a bone in his hand, so the band had to take a short brake (again).

trACks: Cosa Nostra - Alla Vara Barn - Kampen - Uranfilosofi - Frihet - Ar Efter Ar - Kop Din Gud - Trött - Murar.

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