Monday, March 18, 2013

BLUT + EINSEN: [1985] Schon Gesehn [LP][Request]

Blut+Eisen is a German hardcore punk band from Hanover, which was founded in 1982. Band Members are Schotte (vocals), Slinky (guitar), Krösus (bass) and Tier Wolf (drums). The band's name is inspired by a quote from Otto von Bismarck. Their records, they released so far in Weird system from Hamburg, one of Germany's punk labels of the '80s. In 1987, the band broke up. 2002, there was a concert for 30-year-UJZ Glocksee celebration in Hanover

Himmel Hilf / Seht Euch Doch An / Kollision Und Kollaps / Glanz Und Gloria (Armes Deutschland) / Countdown / Rasend Bin Ich / Böses Kind / Transporter Der Uniformen / Seelenkrümmung / Hirnkollaps.


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