Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE: [1987] The Perfect Crime

What is this? A few years slip by, and those funny Anti-Nowhere bikers come back as the Alarm. Actually, some of this ain't half bad; Animal (now known as Nick Culmer, which reminds of when Cockney Rejects singer Stinky suddenly became Jefferson Turner) always had a convincing natural voice (remember the first half of "Woman"?), and the songs themselves are OK, but there are overblown gothic synths and harpsichords, and overdramatic keyboards everywhere, choking the very life out of the gasping material.

2.Atomic Harvest
3.On The Waterfront
5.(I Don't Believe) This is My England
7.The Shining
8.Working For The Company
10.The Curtain



Nando40 said...

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senha/pass: hha

Dr. Drunk said...

Ha! I remember being all excited when this came out, because I loved the League. After first listen I thought, what a perfect title for the record. I think that's one of them I returned saying 'it skipped'.

Love your blog! Any chance you could dust off the D.O.A. 'Kings Of Punk, Hockey & Beer' and re-up? I'd love to hear that.