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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: Live at Hangar 110, São Paulo [Bootleg]

Top quality bootleg recorded live in São Paulo, Brasil.

trACks: Alternative Ulster - Tantalise - Silver Lining - At the Edge - No Surrender - Doesn't Make It Allright - Fade Away - Hope Street - Wasted Life - The Price Of Admission - Johnny Was - I Could Be Happy Yesterday - Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae - Nobody's Hero - Tin Soldier - Suspect Device.


PROJETO PEIXE MORTO: [2001] Metrofire

Old school brazilian hardcore...A project with Dead Fish and Mukeka di Rato members.

trACks: Time Maia - Metrofire - Trajetória - O Soco Racional - Miojo - Novo Má Cruz - O Futuro - Atenção - Atenção II - 40 Minutos na Ilha - Another Beer - Carta de Goldmund a Narciso.

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MEGA CITY FOUR: [1990] Who Cares Wins

Mega City Four were an English indie/pop punk band who were popular in the UK in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Mega City Four consisted of guitarist/vocalist Wiz, his brother and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Danny Brown, bassist/vocalist Gerry Bryant and drummer Chris Jones. According to Uncut magazine, the group "earned a reputation across the globe as an exciting live band".

trACks: Who Cares - Static Interference - Rose Coloured - Grudge - Me Not you - Messenger - Violet - Rail - Mistook - Open - Revolution - No Such Place As Home - Storms To Come - Balance.


SKA-P: [1995] Ska-P

Great ska-punk band from Madrid, Spain...

trACks: El Hombre Resaka Baila Ska - Abolicion - Chupones - 0.7 - Ali, El Magrebi - Sargento Bolilla - Reality Show - Bla, Bla, Bla - Como Un Rayo.


APPENDIX: [1994] Diagnosis Years, 1982-1983

A punk band from Pori, Finland. Appendix was founded in winter 1981-82 and split up in autumn 1984, but has performed occasionally again since the mid 1990s and done the half of releases after those times. 

trACks: Kuitenkin Kuolemme - Raiskaus - Paniikkia - Nöyrät Nuolee - Itsemurha - Kateus - Juoskaa, Kuolkaa - Sukupuolettomat Siat - Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa - Papit - Elämä Valuu Viemäriin - Sade - Torakat - Kytän Unelma - Mielisairas - Ai - Huora - Eliittipiiri - Painajainen - Tää On Mun Oma Sota - Sinä Ja Minä - Tää Maailma On Meidän - Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa! - Kytän Unelma!

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I AGAINST I: [1999] I'm A Fucked Up Dancer Buy My Moods Are Swinging

Melodic Hardcore band from Holland. Recorded by Epitaph Records in US.

trACks: Maybe Tomorrow (Remix) - 1963 - Nothing Happened - Who's Losing - A love Supreme - Only Alphabet - Change of Adress - Seconds Away - One Last Warning - Standard Free - Read And Weep - Space Odyssey - Best Place in The World To Leave - Pick Up Lines.

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I AGAINST I: [1998] Headcleaner

Melodic Hardcore band from Holland. Recorded by Epitaph Records in US.

trACks: Maybe Tomorrow - Passed Me By - Stumble and Stare - Top of the World - Ordinary Fight - Look Inside - The Signs - Nailed to The Floor - Time - The Bottom - Lessons to Be Learned - Ideals - Utopia - All By Yourself.

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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: Get A Life [Remastered & Expanded]

When these venerable Irish punks joined the early-'90s reunion parade, few gave them any chance of going the distance, especially after a decidedly iffy comeback album, Flags & Emblems (1991). However, a funny thing happened four years later: singer-guitarist Jake Burns figured out how to make those shopworn pop-punk chords ring true again, yielding one of the band's finest outings. The title track's martial denunciation of apathy sets an appropriate back-to-basics tone. Topical pop-punk is the blueprint, with Burns slinging blasts against social complacency ("No Laughing Matter"), police corruption ("Forensic Evidence"), anti-immigrant bias ("Harp"), and the end of Communism ("The Night That the Wall Came Down"). Studio-wise, former Jam bassist Bruce Foxton plays an effective foil to Burns, while drummer Dolphin Taylor's unflagging rat-a-tat-tat keeps the proceedings taut and focused. The production is as crisp and business-like as the songs themselves. Rounding off matters are "unplugged" remakes of the standards "Silver Lining," "Wasted Life," and the later-era fare of "Listen" -- as well as live versions of Foxton's major Jam credit, "Smithers-Jones," and "Alternative Ulster," the single that launched the band's career. Solid melodies and performances enable Get a Life to outstrip the rickety material and execution that usually dogs most returning bands. In this respect, Stiff Little Fingers' story parallels that of the Buzzcocks, who've aged equally well, even if the chart hits don't follow anymore.~~ Ralph Heibutzki

trACks: Get A Life - Can't Believe in You - The Road to Kingdom Come - Walk Away - No Laughing Matter - Harp - Forensic Evidence - Baby Blue (What Have They Been Telling You) - I Want You - The Night That the Wall Came Down - Cold - When the Stars Fall From the Sky - What If I Want More - Silver Lining (unplugged) - Listen (unplugged) - Wasted Life (unplugged) - Smither Jones (live) - Alternative Ulster (live).


ALTERNATIVE TV: 25 Years Of ATV (Live at CBGBs)

Alternative TV (sometimes known as ATV) were an English rock band, formed in London in 1976. Their punk rock and post-punk sound was influential for several musical artists. Alternative TV were formed by Mark Perry, the founding editor of Sniffin' Glue punk fanzine, with Perry, Michael Abbott (aka Mick Smith) on bass and Alex Fergusson. Early rehearsals took place at Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records studio with Genesis P-Orridge on drums; recordings from this period appeared, long afterwards, on the Industrial Sessions CD. The band's first live appearance was in Nottingham supporting The Adverts.

trACks: Alternatives - Action Time Vision - Why Don't You Do Me Right - Good Times - Ancient Rebels - Love Lies Limp - Still Life - Communication Failure - Nasty Little Lonely - Life - Total Switch Off - Splitting In 2 - How Much Longer - You Bastard.


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THE HUSBANDS: Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands

The Husbands are an all-female American garage punk band that formed in 2002 in San Francisco, California. The band has gone on an international concert tour in the United States and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have two full length records on Swami Records.

trACks: Orphan Boy - In The Basement - Swept Aside - Nobody But Him - Cadillac - I Got Plans - Take It Or Leave It - Deep In My Heart - I'm Doing Fine - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Dirty Mouth - Better Watch Out - We're The Husbands - There Goes My Baby.


COSA NOSTRA: [1993] Under Ytan

Cosa Nostra was formed sometime at the end of 1990/beginning of 1991, when Bonni joined the band in which Bjurre, Svein and Nicke played. This turned out to be a rather explosive formula and the band started producing song after song. They took the name Cosa Nostra, a name that Bonni had thought of years before, when he was playing with Asta Kask, and saved for some future project. After a couple of months the band signed with the record company Pink Honey, and the first single, "Rock Mot Tiden" ("Rock Against Time"), was recorded and released. The single was received well and Cosa Nostra started writing songs for their first album, "Under Ytan" ("Under The Surface", and the 12" picture disc, 1000 dB. At this time, the bad luck, that has followed the band ever since, began to show its ugly face. When "Under Ytan" had been recorded and the tunes were about to be carved into vinyl, the company that was going to print the album cover went bankrupt, without informing Pink Honey or Cosa Nostra. The result was a nine month delay of the release of the album.
Due to various circumstances, Cosa Nostra decided to take some time off during the last half of 1993. In the beginning of 1994 they started writing songs again and later the same year they recorded and released their first CD, "Eldar" ("Fires"). Shortly after the release of "Eldar" Nicke broke a bone in his hand, so the band had to take a short brake (again).

trACks: Cosa Nostra - Alla Vara Barn - Kampen - Uranfilosofi - Frihet - Ar Efter Ar - Kop Din Gud - Trött - Murar.

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I AGAINST I: [1998] Time [CD-Single]

I Against I was a punk rock band from the Netherlands formerly signed to Epitaph Records.

trACks: Time - Mr. Loverman

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I AGAINST I: [1997] Top Of The World [EP]

Born and raised in Small-town Holland, Ronald van Maren and Jasper Blazer were bored senseless by the time they reached puberty. There were no gigs, no record stores, and they were too young to go drinking in the local bar. With nothing else to do, classmates Ronald and Jasper met up every Friday after school to play along to their Iron Maiden records (hey, they were young, okay?). 
That all changed when a friend brought them a Dead Kennedys tape. Blown away by Jello?s anger and energy, they burned their Iron Maiden albums and started collecting punkrock records of all sorts 
Through a mutual friend, Ronald and Jasper met up with bass player Bob. They started rehearsing. One and a half years later they were the first European band to be signed by Epitaph. 
The band released their first EP in August '97, "Top of the World." They played the skate stage at Lowlands Festival (with Pennywise and Down by Law) in front of an enthusiastic crowd. 
A bit later, I against I went on a trip to the States, more precisely to the Blasting Room studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, and came back with a kick ass album under their belt, produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton from Descendents/All. 
February 1998 saw the release of their debut album,"Headcleaner," followed by playing shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria throughout the year, briefly departing to the US to play a showcase at the South By South West festival in Austin, Texas in March. 
March 1999 sees the band back in the studio recording their new album guided by the veteran experience of Theo van Rock (Rollins Band, Urban Dance Squad). They came closer to developing their own sound by adding samples and drum loops. The results of which can be found on the album, "I'm A Fucked Up Dancer, But My Moods Are Swinging" will be released October 22nd 1999 . 
In between recording and mixing the album, the band took time out to go on a European tour with Epitaph labelmates All. Now with everything finished and ready, the boys are eager to get back in the van and hit the fucking road. Expect to see these chirpy chaps playing in a venue near you later this year.

trACks: Top of The World - Chaos Days - Look Inside - I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

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D.O.A.: [1998] The Lost Tapes

Since 1980, Canadian punk vets D.O.A. have issued countless albums for a variety of indie labels. As a result, a few tracks from sessions of yesteryear slipped through the cracks, which leader Joey Shithead has dusted off and collected for the 2000 compilation Lost Tapes. Since most of the 17 tracks included have never been released, longtimers will be surely be interested in this set. And it doesn't take long to figure out that D.O.A. were a major influence on the recent glut of pop-punk bands clogging up MTV and radio -- in fact, if you were to combine such selections as "Kill Kill This Is Pop" together with "Murder in Hollywood," you'd probably have a blink-182 hit that would light up the charts. The only difference is that D.O.A. were among the true creators of this style -- back when the furthest thing from punk rockers' minds was crossover chart success. Instead, it was all about getting in the van and spreading the word from gig to gig. While it's not a strict "best-of" per se, Lost Tapes certainly plays like one.~~ Greg Prato

trACks: Smash The State - The Mutant - I hate You - Kill Kill This Is Pop - Suiciding - They Saved Hitler's Brain - No God No War - America The Beautiful - No Way Out - Rent-A-Riot - Race Riot - Liar For Hire - Dangerman - Murder in Hollywood - Our World - Miss Today - Let's Wreck The Party.


D.I: [2007] On The Western Front

Essentially vocalist Casey Royer surrounded by an ever-changing lineup of sidemen, D.I. got its start in Orange County, CA, in 1982. After honing his chops as drummer in the original lineup of Social Distortion, Royer put together D.I. and released their first self-titled EP soon after. A 1984 appearance in the Penelope Spheeris film Suburbia gained the band notoriety, and further credibility was established when ex-Adolescents guitarist Rikk Agnew (also of the original Social Distortion) joined in 1984. Their first full-length, Team Goon, was a reissue of the debut EP with extra tracks. 1985 saw the release of the follow-up, Horse Bites, Dog Cries, which is considered by many to be their best work. Agnew departed the lineup in 1987, just prior to the band's third, What Good Is Grief to God?, which saw the light of day in 1988. After the band released 1989's Tragedy Again, the band went quiet, not resurfacing until the 1993 live release Live at a Dive. State of Shock was released in 1994, but the band broke up the following year. In 2002, Royer reactivated the D.I. name, with a new lineup (Chckn and Clinton on guitars, Eddie Tater on bass, and Joey Tater on drums) and the compilation Caseyology. The band continued to tour during the first decade of the 21st century, but had not furthered plans for a new studio release.~~ Chris True

trACks: On The Western Front - OCs Burning - Disease - Gutters Of Paradise - Prison Riot - Punk Rock Suicide - Skate Or Die - Voices - Fatso Nero - Just Like You - PCH - It's Over.


RAISED FIST: [2001] Watch Your Step

Formed in 1993, Swedish hardcore punkers Raised Fist shape an aggressive yet inviting sound when honing their old-school-influenced punk roots with a metal edge. Taking their name from a Rage Against the Machine lyric, Alexander "Alle" Rajkovic (vocals), Andreas "Josse" Johansson (bass), Marco Eronen (guitar), and Oskar Karlsson (drums) were praised early on by European critics. Early independent releases such as the 1994 You're Not Like Me and 1996 Stronger Than Ever EPs, along with their 1998 hailed debut, Fuel, further marked Raised Fist's pinch-hitting approach and molded them overseas. 

trACks: Stronger Than Ever - Reduction Of Hate - Torn Apart - I've Tried - Next - The Answer - Time For Changes - E-Skile - Too Late to Change - Respect - To Make Up My Mind - Give Yourself A Chance - Break Free - Stand Up And Fight - Flame Still Burns (Written By Youth Of Today) - Maintain - Untruth - Peak.


THE PENETRATORS: Basement Anthology 1976-1984

The Penetrators, founded by guitarist Scott Harrington and drummer Joel Kmak, turned up frequently in the late 1970s at SD punk venues like downtown's Skeleton Club.
The Pens got a big break in 1978 by opening for the Ramones at SDSU's Montezuma Hall, even though original guitarist Scott Harrington quit over the gig, feeling the band wasn't ready. “That was where it all came together for us,” says bassist Chris Sullivan, who lived in La Mesa at the time. Music writer Steve Esmedina at the Reader teamed up with KGB-FM DJ Jim McInnes to increase public awareness of the band.
When their first EP was released, Chris Davies had replaced guitarist Scott Harrington, having learned the songs by sneaking a tape recorder into Penetrators' concerts. Gary Heffern (Monotone & the Nucleoids) joined up, as did keyboardist-turned-drummer Dan McLain, who operated Monty Rockers Records on El Cajon Boulevard and replaced original drummer Joel Kmak, who had joined the Hitmakers (and would later be a Beat Farmer). McLain would later found the Snuggle Bunnies and become known as Country Dick Montana, leader of the Beat Farmers.

trACks: Teenage Lifestyle - Baby Dontcha Tell Me - No.1 Band in Town - Shopping Bag - Rock-N-Roll Face - Scandalizer Live - Gotta Have Her - Life Stinks - Your So Called Friends - Stop Action - Love Ya Honey - Warlord - Intro - Drive Me Crazy - It's My Life - Sweet Soul Music Live - I Like Brooklyn - I Call That Love Too - Everybody Needs Lovin'.


JEFF DAHL: [1993] Moonchild

Jeff Dahl is an American musician born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955. In 1960 the Dahl family relocated to Hawaii. Dahl recorded his first single, "Rock N Roll Critic", in 1977, which as released on the Doodley Squat label. Dahl later served time in The Angry Samoans (in 1985, stepping in for "Metal" Mike Saunders) and Powertrip, and played and recorded with guitar legends Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) and Rikk Agnew (Adolescents). He was also a member of Vox Pop (along with members of Germs, 45 Grave and Dream Syndicate).
Dahl has performed on approximately 26 full-length albums (including studio albums, live albums, bootlegs, and best-of collections) and 100 7" singles, many out of print. He has toured extensively and worked in studio production in the United States, Europe and Japan.

trACks: Weird Boy Plays Strange Opening / Only Lovers Left Alive / Dead Heroes / I Think I Lost My Mind / Leather Frankenstein / Can't Keep From Cryin' / Dear Lady / Like An Angel / A Question Of Soul / Dreamer's Waltz.


CONDEMNED 84: [1991] The Boots Go Marching In

Condemned 84 is a British skinhead Oi! band. According to their website, the band was formed in 1980 as Criminal Tendencies, changing their name in 1983 to Condemned, and in 1984 to Condemned 84.

trACks: The Boots Go Marching In / Up Yours / We Will Never Die / Kick Down The Door / Follow The Leader / Nutter /  Oi Ain't Dead / Under Her Thumb II / Riot Squad / Under Her Thumb I / Lies / Jimmy Davey / Teenage Slag.


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CYANIDE: [1996] The Punk Rock Collection [As requested by Marcelo]

17 long overlooked Punk classics from the late 70`s from the vastly under-rated York four piece Cyanide. All of their self titled album is included as are the ''Mac The Flash'', ''Fireball'' and ''I`m A Boy'' singles plus three previously unissued tracks to give a fine example of Punk Rock `77 style.

trACks: Tonight / No Progress / I'm A Boy / Where's The Money / Do It / Night Rider / Hate The State / Mac The Flash / The Job / All Over The Top / Tourist / Charlie / Your World / Fireball / Your Old Man / Mac The Flash (original) / No Progress (original).

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NOMEANSNO: [1991] 0+2=1

An often bizarre punk band from Victoria, British Columbia, Nomeansno formed around brothers Rob (bass, guitar, vocals) and John Wright (vocals, drums, keyboards). Andy Kerr joined up in the early '80s on guitar and vocals, and upon his departure in the early '90s, the band recruited guitarist Tom Holliston as his replacement. The group's punk hybrid also encompasses touches of jazz, funk, and metal, with special emphasis laid on jarring, hard-to-follow rhythms. Their lyrics are often self-consciously weird, but Nomeansno are frequently original and challenging. With countless releases over the years (tenth full-length All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt appeared in 2006), the band has issued music through labels like Alternative Tentacles, AntAcidAudio, Southern, and their own, Wrong Records. The Wright brothers also spent time playing with their side band the Hanson Brothers, basically a ridiculous Ramones tribute band they did with some buddies.~~ Steve Huey

trACks: Now / The Fall / 0 + 2 = 1 / The Valley of the Blind / Mary / Everyday I Start to Ooze / When Putting It All In Order Ain't Enough / The Night Nothing Became Everything / I Think You Know / Ghosts / Joyful Reunion.


THE ROTTERS: [2002] Wrench To The Nuts

Nigel Nitro and I were a couple of nasty film production students at Moorpark College, just northwest of Los Angeles. We stuck out and didn't fit in. Neither of us wanted to make films with a couple of retarded lovebirds walking on the beach to some lame ass Jim Croce ballad. Our goal was to make vicious, stabbing satires. If people were offended we knew we were on the right track. One night we both saw an episode of 20/20 on the lobotomy box ranting on the evils of this hideous new scourge on society from England called punk rock. It featured live footage of the Damned and the Sex Pistols with subtitles for the lyrics so that the world could see how vile and disgusting they were. They hated it. We loved it. If it pissed them off so much it HAD to be good! It had everything we'd been dying to hear for years and besides, any idiots could do it. That meant us, too.
Within a couple of weeks we started The Rotters with another Moorpark film loony, Bruce Brink on drums and Rip Chord on bass. Bruce soon bailed out for fear that the local Oxnard or Ventura hillbillies would kill him for playing punk, a reasonable concern. Rip's friend Johnny Condom took over on drums. Since Nigel and I were both students at Moorpark College we were able to weasel our way into the recording class almost immediately as they were in need of bands to record on the four track. The recording students hated us. We weren't real musicians. We were sloppy, not together. We were out of tune most of the time. We didn't know what the fuck we were doing. But we didn't care. We had a lot of wild enthusiasm and the teacher of the class, Richard Simpson, caught on to this. He told us; "you guys aren't any good, but you have fun and that's all that's really important." Then he encouraged us to put out a single, which he would master for us for free.

The World Is Too Crowded / Bible Belt 12 Gauge / Stink Eye / Normal / Breathing Machine / Down At The Strand / White Trash Slut / Drug Klown / My Penis Hurts / Swear Man / Pink Flamingos / They're Gonna Kill Me / Mr. Minus / Lucky Strike / Porcelain Buick / Thank You I'm Damned / Please Don't Probe Me With The Butt Scope Doctor.


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THE VARUKERS: [2001] Vintage Varukers - Rare And Unreleased 1980-1985

The Varukers are a UK hardcore punk band formed in 1979 by vocalist Anthony "Rat" Martin, which produced its most influential recordings in the early 1980s. The band are one of the first to play in the musical style of the hardcore punk band Discharge, known as D-beat. Also, like Discharge, The Varukers' lyrics carry an anarchist political ideology.

Punk Ain't Dead / Government's To Blame / Varuker / No Education / No Hope For A Future / Never Again / Good Time Girls / Dance 'Till You're Dead / United We Stand / Stop The Killing / Blood Money / Seek And Destroy / We Have The Right.


Various Artists: Class Pride World Wide

Great SHARP skinhead's bands compilation....I post this excellent compilation for the first time in December of 2007, now is time the up again.. enjoy!!

1. don't let them win (STREET TROOPERS)
2. dead but not forgiven (STAGE BOTTLES)
3. forse un giorno vincera (REAZIONE)
4. betrayed (WORKER)
5. sota control (REMENCES)
6. substitute (THE OPPRESSED)
7. continente olvidado (BRIGADA FLORES MAGON)
8. proletario (FFD)
9. aunty pauline (H-BLOCK 101)
10. i ragazza sono innocenti part. 2 (KLASSE KRIMINALE)
11. still standing (SCRAPY)
12. shining light (BLASTCAPS)
13. propaganda by the dead (PINKERTON THUGS)
14. skinhead only red (OPCIO K-95)
15. s-h-a-r-p (LOS FASTIDIOS)
16. newroz (FERMIN MUGURZA)
17. radio rebelle (LES PARTISANS)
18. 1949 (BLAGGERS I.T.A.)
19. chiapas (YA BASTA)

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CRIME: [2004] San Francisco's STILL Doomed [Requested by Mustard Relics]

So great to have this material compiled on one convenient little "package" -i remember having a cruddy-sounding cassette tape back in the day & treasuring it.even though these recordings are low-fi at best,dont let that scare you off - this is authentic ROCK N ROLL no matter what label you want to place on it, Punk or otherwise. This is timeless stuff & worthy of your attention. This is a flat-out AMAZING collection of studio recordings from "San Fransisco's first and only rock & roll band." Sound quality is pretty fine considering that these are most likely rehearsal room tapes, but then again a sterile studio sound wouldn't have suited these guys anyway. Crime were always outsiders and never really accepted by the so-called "hip" scenesters, and if THAT isn't the ESSENCE of rock and roll I don't know what is! --- Burst' Bucker

Frustration / Crime Wave / I Knew This Nature / San Francisco's Doomed / Rock'n' Roll Enemy No.1 / Piss On your Dog / Feel The Beat / I Stupid Anyway / Twisted / Murder By Guitar / Instrumental Instrumental / Flyeater / Rockabilly Drugstore / Dillingers Brain / Flipout / Emergency Music Ward / Monkey On Your Back / Yakuza / Rockin' Weird / Samurai / Hot Wire My Heart (Alt. Take) / Baby You're So Repulsive (Alt. Take).

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MULETRAIN: [2004] Demolition Preaching [Requested]

Spring of 2001: Aerobitch play their last concert. Muletrain is born. "Demolition preaching" (2004) is the first LP/CD. The second LP/CD is "The worst is yet to come", a destruction and survival handbook with an easy as useful premise: always hit where it most hurts. Punk, hardcore, rock and roll. 13 SONGS in 23 minutes: not more, not less. Powerful, angry, abrasive. One listening is more worth than thousand words: play it at eleven and let your neck creak with Muletrain. Excelent reviews (best spanish hardcore/punk album of 2006 for the Mondosonoro, top qualifications in Kerrang and Ox magazine...) and a european tour in october of 2006 are the first results of the record. The worst is yet to come, and you still don't know it....

Black Zodiac / Fist Magnet / Fuck Up Karma / Inside / Chemical Shuttle / Next Level / Torn / Demolition Preachin' / She's In Love With Black Metal / Born Again / Outside / Your Hope / Riot Hop.


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ALL: [2001] Live Plus One

These two discs represent the flip sides of the All/Descendents entity. All, being the band which somehow has more stature at the moment, won the cover and the first disc of live material. The Descendents are relegated to the second disc, without the nice big cartoon graphic. The lineups are virtually identical -- indeed, the album art of the bands are the exact same graphic, only with the lead signer swapped. Listening to the music, however, reveals a sharper distinction between the two incarnations. All, being the later form, has songs which show a better overall sense of pop craftedness. The problem is that All's songs lack the primitive drive, (post-?) adolescent emotion, and angst of a Descendents track. The recordings of the Descendents, made in 1996 during the "Everything Sux" tour, show a band which can still summon up the energy first exhibited on record in 1983. Not a bad feat for a band 13 years after the fact and with two different members. The constant non-vocal section of Alvarez/Egerton/Stevenson has grown since their first lineup in 1987. This can be heard in tracks such as "Bikeage," which has a bit more tunefulness to a track that was originally surprisingly melodic for a hardcore band. Even though the Descendents already have two live records out from their mid-'80s run, this later release shows that they can still exist in fine form. All is All, and that should suit their fans, but the Descendents steal the limelight here as the more vital band, and deserves to be heard by a wider audience.-- Jeremy Salmon

(Disk 1)- Fairweather Friend / Skin Deep / Can't Say / She Broke My Dick / Until I Say So / Crucifiction / Breakin' Up / Better Than That / Bubblegum / Honey Peeps / She's My Ex / World's On Heroin / Birds / I Want Out / Educated Idiot / Birthday IOU / Carnage / Cause / Self Righteous / Teresa / Hate to Love / Carry You
(Disk 2)- My Dad Sucks / I'm The One / Hope / Thank You / M16 / Mr. Bass / Weinerschnitzel / Original Me / I Like Food / Silly Girl / Coffee Mug / Get The Time / Myage / Cheer / We / Everything Sux / This Place / Van / Bikeage / All-O-Gistics / Catalina.

Home-Page: (ALL) -- (Descendets)

ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE: [1999] Anthology

Anti-Nowhere League are an English punk band, formed in 1980 by lead singer Animal (Nick Culmer), guitarist Magoo (Chris Exall), Tony "Bones" Shaw on drums and Clive "Winston" Blake on bass.

CD (1): Streets Of London / I Hate People / We're The League / Woman / Animal / Let's Break The Law / Nowhere Man / World War II / Rocket / We Will Not Remember You / For You / Ballad Of JJ Decay / Out On The Wasteland / We Will Survive / Queen and Country / On The Waterfront.
CD (2): For You / Queen And Country / Johannesburg / Streets Of London / Crime / We Will Survive / Branded / Woman / Can't Stand Rock'n Roll / We are The League / Something Else / Let The Country Feed You / Let's Break the Law / I Hate People / Snowman / On the Waterfront / Going Down / Fuck Around The Clock / So What (Encore).


THE WONGS: [1999] Reanimate My Baby

Punk, garage rock powerpop band from Yuma, Tempe, USA...

Got A Urge / I Can't Wait / Painful Love / What You Need / Feel My Love / Reanimate My Baby / Come On Down / Can't Stop Me / I'm A Heartbreaker / Do What I Want / Your Going Down / Gimme What You Get.


MOUTHWASH: [2001] 1.000 Dreams

Alternative, Indie, Ska banda from London, England...

Drop The Bomb / We Evolve / My Kind Of Love / Fool's Gold / One For Sorrow / Competing For Frequency / Live Like Kings / Through The Grey / Babylondon / Neon Heartbeat / Saving Grace.


T.S.O.L.: The Original Members Live '91 [Request]

This is a live recording from an all-original member reunion show in 1991. Because they had lost the legal rights to the name T.S.O.L., the show (and this CD) had to be listed under the members' full names. They sound pretty good, despite a few minor musical miscues. Most of the material is from "Dance With Me" and the first 2 EPs. Good stuff and recommended if you are a fan of that era of T.S.O.L.

Silent Scream / World War III / Abolish Government & Silent Majority / Triangle / Wash Away / Funeral March / Superficial Love / Thoughts Of Yesterday / I'm Tired / Love Story / Man & Machine / Property Is Theft / Dance WIth Me / Code Blue.


TOXOPLASMA: ...Spielen Ihre Lieder

Classic german punk band from Neuwied.

S.O.S. / Allesfresser / Deutsch In Kaltland / Leben Verboten / Platz An Der Sonne / Stillstand / Ordinäre Liebe / Onkel / Aktenzeichen / Heilig / Miriam / Gut Und Böse / Wir Warten / Weltverbesserer / Glücklich / Zeichen Der Zeit / Alles Oder Nichts / Kaputte Welt / Fernseh'n / Soldat / Führer / Schwarz Rot Braun / Polizeistaat / Asozial / Platz Zum Leben.


GUITAR GANGSTERS: [1995] Power Chords For England

What he needed was a name that lived up to his vision of the emerging wave of guitar bands filling the void left by the demise of punk – Guitar Gangsters fitted perfectly and seemed ideal for a guitar band whose personalities were probably irrelevant. After all, this would be Guitar Gangsters only ever release! Sitting alongside Mega City Four, The Sect and The Crack, Guitar Gangsters were in good company on the compilation but the two GG tracks grabbed the attention and the fact that nobody knew who the band were added to the interest. So never slow to miss an opportunity, Mark invited the band to record an album.

Little Miss Mystery / City of The Damned / Bitter Sweet But True / Strange Kind of Love / All Over The World / Innocent Eyes / She's My Kind / Radio Authority / A Boy Like Me / Playing Games Again / In My World / When Guitars Ruled the Earth.


DIE TOTEN HOSEN: [2001] Love, Peace & Money [Request]

German punk/metal band Die Toten Hosen formed early in the '80s from the ashes of two Düsseldorf punk bands, ZK and KFC. Considering that three members of the Hosen were named Andreas, they took assumed names to avoid confusion: vocalist Campino (b. Andreas Frege; June 22, 1962), guitarist Breiti (b. Andreas Breitkopf; Feb. 6, 1964), rhythm guitarist Kuddel (b. Andreas Von Holst; June 11, 1964), bassist Andi (b. Andreas Meurer; July 24, 1962) and drummer Wölli (b. Wolfgang Rohde; Jan. 9, 1963). After releasing several albums in Germany, the group found a contract with the American label Charisma in 1992 for the collection Learning English: Lesson 1. Three years later, Die Toten Hosen moved to Atlantic for Love, Peace & Money but continue to record for EastWest in their native country, issuing Im Auftrag Des Herrn in 1996. -- John Bush

The Return Of Alex / Year 2000 / All For The Sake Of Love / Lovesong / Sexual / Diary Of A Lover / Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Buy Me) / Love Is Here / More & More / My Land / Wunsch Dir Was / Wasted Years / Perfect Criminal / Love Machine / Chaos Bros.


DFA: [2003] Defy False Authority

Great old school hardcore from Saskatoon, CA, USA...

Defy False Authority / No Fight to Lose / Your Song / Futile / Pliant / That's Gonna Leave A Mark / The Muse / Eat Shit /Fight Club.


BLUT + EINSEN: [1985] Schon Gesehn [LP][Request]

Blut+Eisen is a German hardcore punk band from Hanover, which was founded in 1982. Band Members are Schotte (vocals), Slinky (guitar), Krösus (bass) and Tier Wolf (drums). The band's name is inspired by a quote from Otto von Bismarck. Their records, they released so far in Weird system from Hamburg, one of Germany's punk labels of the '80s. In 1987, the band broke up. 2002, there was a concert for 30-year-UJZ Glocksee celebration in Hanover

Himmel Hilf / Seht Euch Doch An / Kollision Und Kollaps / Glanz Und Gloria (Armes Deutschland) / Countdown / Rasend Bin Ich / Böses Kind / Transporter Der Uniformen / Seelenkrümmung / Hirnkollaps.


GUITAR GANGSTERS: [1996] Skweeler!

"Captain Oi!" Mark Brennan is fighting the corner for British post punk guitar "street rock" and needs two more tracks to complete his Underground Rockers vinyl compilation on Link Records. So he turns to the former guitarist (Pete Ley) and bass player (Phil Ley) of the Stones influenced London band Under The Gun and puts them in the studio one Saturday afternoon with The Business drummer Micky Fairbairn. The result was Gotta Get Out Of Here, When The Razor Cuts and Everybody Wants To Be My Friend – the latter two songs providing Mark with the two killer tracks he needed to open the album. All he needed now was a name for the band…

I Can Handle It / Because I Said So / In Too Deep / Halfway to Bielefeld / Parasite / Extremes / Mother's Little Helper / Skeeler! / My Day By The Sea / The Cars That Ate the Planet / Gimmie My Ball Back / Too Tough For Tears / Match of The Day.


SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS: [1978] Do It Dog Style

Slaughter & the Dogs' name may not ring recognition bells among today's listeners, but 1977 punk acolytes will definitely welcome this reissue. Vocalist Wayne Barrett and guitarist Mick Rossi named their band after the two albums they treasured most: David Bowie's Diamond Dogs, and Mick Ronson's Slaughter on 10th Avenue. Both choices summarize this album's light-shade approach. The opening salvo of "Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone?" sounds as hair-raising as ever and rightly remains the band's best-known song, having been credited with inspiring the Oi! punk movement. At heart, though, the Dogs revealed themselves as waggish punk-poppers on "Quick Joey Small" celebration of criminal bravado, and "You're a Bore," whose outro soars into impossibly pure ear candy. The band proves agreeably diverse on the slower, janglier "Since You Went Away," and a remake of the Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting for the Man," which crackles with an impatience befitting its addiction-by-attrition theme. Still other tracks, such as "Victims of the Vampire," display a goonish sensibility better suited to a Ramones album. So does the bonus track "Johnny T," whose 90 seconds of power-pub boogie salute the late, combustive New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders. For all its promise, however, the band ended up among punk's here-and-gone stories, disbanding by the time of Dog Style's July 1978 release (then reuniting as Slaughter in 1980.) -- by Ralph Heibutzki

Where Have All The Bootboys Gone / Victims Of the Vampire / Boston Babies / I'm Waiting for the Man / I'm Mad / Quick Joey Small / You're A Bore / Keep On Trying / We Don't Care / Since You Went Away / Who Are the Mystery Girls / Dame to Blame / Johnny T / Come On Back.


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D.O.A.: [2009] Kings Of Punk, Hockey and Beer [Request by Dr.Drunk]

It wasn't long before punk rock expanded beyond just New York City, London, and Los Angeles during the mid- to late '70s, as evidenced by the emergence of the long-running Vancouver, Canada based outfit, D.O.A.. Originally formed in 1978, D.O.A. has been led from the beginning by singer/guitarist Joe Keithley, (aka Joey Shithead), who has been joined by a wide variety of other bandmates through the years (including future Black Flag/Danzig/Social Distortion drummer Chuck Biscuits), although guitarist Dave Gregg was present for much of the hijinks up until 1990. The same year as their formation, D.O.A. issued a debut EP, Disco Sucks, before following it up with a pair of full-lengths that many longtime fans consider D.O.A.'s classic recordings, 1980s Something Better Change and 1981's Hardcore '81 (a popular compilation of both releases plus early tracks reared its head in 1984, as Bloodied But Unbowed). Since the beginning Keithley has been unafraid to voice his political opinions (a renowned D.O.A. slogan among their faithful is "TALK-ACTION= 0"), which at one point, landed him in jail. D.O.A. would go on to sporadically issue albums throughout the '80s and '90s (including such highlights as 1982's War on 45, 1985's The Dawning of a New Error, 1993's Loggerheads, etc.). 

Donnybrook / Dead Men Tell No Tales / The Hockey Song / Devil's Speedway / Beer Liberation Army / Beat 'Em, Bust 'Em / Pencil Neck Geek / If I Were a Redneck / Logjam / When Power Came to Canada / Overtime / Cocktail Time In Hell / Taking Care of Business.


NOMEANSNO: [2004] Mama

NoMeansNo's independent debut album, Mama, was for a decade the Holy Grail for punk record collectors. The initial pressing of only 500 copies had been snapped up locally, once the band started to tour, and then, inexplicably, the master tapes were lost and the independent pressing plant closed down -- it seemed the album was gone forever. The band ingenuously made a tape copy from an album, and sold it through their record label for a few years, but that was it. Its price among collectors skyrocketed, as the band's status among aficionados grew, mainly because of their incendiary live performances. Finally, in the late 1990s, a record store owner in Vancouver found the masters in the estate of the pressing plant, and returned them to the band. NoMeansNo, the least business-oriented band in punk rock, was at that time becoming increasingly estranged from their longtime record company, Alternative Tentacles, and had decided to leave Jello Biafra's label, simultaneously withdrawing all their masters and releases from public distribution. For almost two years they continued to play big sold out concerts all over Europe and Canada, without having a single title available in retail stores. Only NoMeansNo could get away with such a business decision and survive. Throughout their career NoMeansNo have refused to play suitor to record companies, even refusing to put A&R reps waving record deals on the guest list. It took a year to find acceptable distribution -- John Loder's Southern Distribution, founded by legendary iconoclasts Crass, became their new home. When it came time to relaunch their back catalog, John Wright's top priority was to remaster and release Mama which finally, in 2004, saw its debut CD release.

Living Is Free / My Roommate Is Turning Into A Monster / Red Devil / Mama's Little Boy / We Are The Chopped / No Sex / Rich Guns / No Rest For The Wicked / Living In Detente / Try Not To Stutter / I'm All Wet / Approaching Zero / Forget Your Life.


VA: [1991] Hardcore Holocaust 87-88 Sessions, The Peel Sessions

Great compilation with grindcore, hardcore, punk and metal bands.

.Heard It All Before (Stupids)
.Dog Log (Stupids)
.Sheep (Electro Hippies)
.Chicken (Electro Hippies)
.Mother (Electro Hippies)
.False Profit (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Another Nail In The Coffin (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Carry On Screaming (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Conned Throught Life (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Attack In The Aftermath (Bolt Thrower)
.Psychological Warfare (Bolt Thrower)
.Skate Bored (Intense Degree)
.Intense Degree (Intense Degree)
.Day Dreams (Intense Degree)
.Bursting (Intense Degree)
.Voice Your Opinion (Unseen Terror)
.Moral Crusade (Napalm Death)
.M.A.D. (Napalm Death)
.Divine Death (Napalm Death)
.Control (Napalm Death)
.Pink Machine Gun (Doctor And The Crippens)
.The Garden Centre Murders (Doctor And The Crippens)
.Skin Tonight (Doctor And The Crippens)
.Exploitation (Doom)
.No Religion (Doom)

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JEFF DAHL: [1990] I Kill Me [Request]

American musician born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955. His family relocated to Hawaii in 1960. Dahl recorded his first single, "Rock N Roll Critic", in 1977, which as released on the Doodley Squat label. Dahl later served time in The Angry Samoans (in 1985, stepping in for "Metal" Mike Saunders) and Powertrip, and played and recorded with guitar legends Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) and Rikk Agnew (Adolescents). He was also a member of Vox Pop (along with members of Germs, 45 Grave and Dream Syndicate).
Dahl has performed on approximately 26 full-length albums (including studio albums, live albums, bootlegs, and best-of collections) and 100 7" singles, many out of print. He has toured extensively and worked in studio production in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Mary Are You Livin' / Ain't Nothin' to Do / And So It Goes / Goin' Underground / Ain't Got Nothin' / Clouds Without Water / Haven't Had a Drink In A Long Time / This Stuff Is Killin' Me / The Boy Who Self-Destroyed / Pretty Thing / Platypus Man / Search and Destroy / Gravity / Lester Are You Listening / Paint It Black / Lustful Glances.


APPLIANCES-SFB: [2004] 3rd & Long [Request]

The second and the last album of Appliances-SFB...enjoy!

1.For Kid's Sake
2.The Little Fella
4.That Side of the Day
6.The Squire
7.Stop Hangin' Around
8.Just The Highlights
9.More Than Enough
10.3rd Lead Singer
11.Randy's Head
12.Play With Pain
13.Stop Fuckin' Around
14.Trickle Down On Me
15.Drinking Song


WARRIORS KIDS: Official Discography 1983-1991

Punk rock band from Marseille, French formed in 1982...

2.Forces De L'ordre
4.Ville Morte
6.Ceux Que L'on Oublie Jamais
7.Ville Morte (Demo)
8.Soldat De La Paix
10.Nouvelle Jeunesse
11.Marseille Tombe
13.Adolescent (Demo)
15.Don't Tell Me Lie
16-17.Jeux Personne



Old-school in your face brazilian hardcore band...

1.Alternative Success
3.Self Conflict
4.Today I Can See
5.No Choice '96
6.Lost Cause
7.Violent Truth
8.Smile For No Cry
9.Strong Like A Bomb
10.Cry For Help


LOWER CLASS BRATS: [2003] The Clockwork Singles Collection

There are two ruling obsessions in the world of Bones DeLarge: A Clockwork Orange (the Stanley Kubrick film more than the Anthony Burgess novel, though he often incorporates Burgess' made-up slang into his lyrics) and the second wave of British punk music, bands like Sham 69 that codified the glam-garage-reggae mash of the Sex Pistols and the Clash into a harder-edged albeit considerably less wide-ranging sound. Since 1995, DeLarge has been the sole constant of the Lower Class Brats, an Austin, TX-based gang of street punks who take their look from the former and their sound from the latter. After a long series of singles, EPs, and compilation tracks that were eventually gathered in 2003 on the anthology Real Punk Is an Endangered Species: The Clockwork Singles Collection, the Lower Class Brats made their full-length debut with 1998's Rather Be Hated Than Ignored. 2000's The Plot Sickens and 2003's A Class of Our Own followed on the Punkcore label. Three years after A Class of Our Own, Bones DeLarge returned with a new lineup of guitarist Marty Volume, bassist Evo, and drummer Clay, signed with the long-running punk indie TKO Records, and released The New Seditionaries, an album that copped its title from the punk fashion store owned by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, its graphics from Jamie Reid, and its sound from Dave Goodman's early Sex Pistols demos.-- Stewart Mason

Who Writes Your Rules / Safty Pinned and Sick / Riot In Hyde Park / Do It Again / Ultra Violence / Start the Night / Background Music / Who Controls the Media / Addicted to Oi! / Who Do They Save / Bite the Bullett / Process of Weeding Out / Working Class Protest / Orphans Don't Run / Russian Roulette / We Can't Be Beaten / Psycho / Situations / Rather Be Hated / Glam Bastard / Live For Today / Just Like Clockwork / Rabid Dog / Breakaway.


RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS: Destiny Street [Request]

Richard Hell was one of the original punk rockers to emerge from New York City in the early to mid-'70s, and is often pointed to as a major influence by other subsequent punk bands -- whether it be with his music, poetry, or even fashion sense (he was one of the first punks to wear ripped clothing). Born Richard Meyers in October 2, 1949, and raised in Lexington, KY, Meyers discovered rock & roll via the usual suspects (Rolling Stones, etc.), and befriended another local music fan, Tom Miller. Miller and Meyers embarked on an unsuccessful hitchhiking journey down south before being picked up by police and sent back to their families, but the taste of life on the road was enough for Meyers to realize that he wanted to relocate to New York. During the late '60s/early '70s, Meyers worked on original poetry and picked up the bass guitar, as he was soon joined in New York by his old pal Miller (who had become quite an accomplished guitarist by this time).-- Greg Prato

The Kid With the Replacement Head / You Gotta Move / Going Going Gone / Lowest Common Dominator / Downtown At Dawn / Time / I Can Only Give You Everything / Ignore That Door / Staring In Her Eyes / Destiny Street.


RAINER MARIA: [2002] Ears Ring [Request]

Madison, WI, trio Rainer Maria emerged in 1995 from the ashes of another poetically inclined local combo, Ezra Pound, reuniting singer/guitarist Kyle Fischer and drummer William Kuehn. Enlisting singer/bassist Caithlin De Marrais, within six weeks Rainer Maria recorded their first demo cassette, quickly selling out all 350 copies. Following a handful of compilation appearances, the group resurfaced in 1996 with a self-titled EP on Polyvinyl; the single "New York: 1955" appeared in early 1997, heralding a shift toward the more subtle melodicism of the full-length Past Worn Searching. Absent throughout 1998, a year later Rainer Maria returned with both the full-length Look Now Look Again and the EP Atlantic. A Better Version of Me arrived in early 2001.-- Jason Ankeny

Ears Ring / Alchemy / Automatic Beauty.


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REFUSED: [1998 ]The Shape Of Punk To Come [Request]

Many who listen to this album will say "Hey, this isn't punk" after not finding the power chords and I-IV-V structures that they associate with poppy skatepunk bands like NOFX and Lagwagon, but this is what revolution is all about -- taking an industry of specifications and expectations and turning it fully on its head, yet holding on to some semblance of what once was. Refused are pure innovation and passion spouting Nation of Ulysses-esque doctrine while fusing together the bite and flavor of fist-raised, Dillinger Escape Plan-style hardcore with ambient textures, jazz breakdowns, and other such deviations. Choppy, beautiful movements, choked thoughts, and feelings of elevation -- this is what punk is all about, although to the common ear it may not sound like it, and that is precisely one of the reasons why it is so potent. [In 2010, Epitaph reissued a Deluxe Version of The Shape of Punk to Come in a three-disc set, complete with a bonus live CD and a DVD documentary.] -- Blake Butler

1.Worms of the Senses, Faculties Of the Skull
2.Liberation Frequency
3.The Deadly Rhythm
4.Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine
5.Bruitist Pome #5
6.New Noise
7.The Refused Party Program
8.Protest Song '68
9.Refused Are Fuckin Dead
10.The Shape Of Punk to Come
11.Tannhause, Derive
12.The Apollo Programme Was a Hoax
13.Hidden Track


JOYKILLER: [1997] Three [Request]

Though no songs are as great as the four or five amazing songs like "Sad" on the second LP, Static, Three is an uncommon U.S. work. This LP is gutsy: By recording for Epitaph, the recognizable punk label, singer Jack Grisham is attempting, as he did so incredibly with the original T.S.O.L., to substantially broaden that audience's horizons -- perhaps too much. Sure, 1983's Beneath the Shadows is now venerated as a watershed in U.S. punk history, but its Damned-inspired keyboards and psychedelic pop guitar prevalence were despised when the bugger was released. If anything, Three is even more out on a limb. Go down to the local punk dive, and one isn't going to hear "The Doorway" coming through the doorway, with its synth, pretty piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica solo, and snap drumming. Or take in those bright bells on "She's Something Else" and the shining wall of background synth on "Your Girlfriend." This is as progressive as the form gets while still being good. If anything, Three revisits the territory of 1984 demos by Grisham's first post-T.S.O.L. band, Cathedral of Tears (before they changed lineups and completely botched their lone EP). Grisham is still pushing the envelope as far as possible, in a brazen, brave attempt to keep the crunch and immediate high of all great punk (like the earliest T.S.O.L.) while letting in more reflective, pretty, and tormenting/agonizing elements. It's a question whether this resolute LP -- which not only bucks the trends of the punk scene, but the entire indie rock and rock scenes themselves -- can find an ample throng of humankind willing to bite its boldness. But bless Grisham and mates for not caring whether Three does or not. They know they're doing superlative work.-- Jack Rabid

1.What It's Worth
2.Shh's Something Else
3.The Doorway
5.Another Girl
6.Love You Now
7.Your Girlfriend
9.Know It All
11.Anyone But You
12.Sex Attack
13.Record Collection
14.Make Love to You
15.Once More