Wednesday, February 27, 2013

JEFF DAHL: [1994] Leather Frankenstein [by request]

Are you ready to listen to an album by an eclectic pop artist named Jeff Dahl? It's a shame more people weren't, as there is plenty of fine music on this release. The albums opens with the crunching title track, but after that things get eclectic, with Dahl veering into pop and jazz territory. "Only Lovers Left Alive" is a fine alternative pop tune with inspired violin work by Robert Brock. Brock also adds weepy piano to "I Think I Lost My Mind," which sounds almost like a particularly good Mott the Hoople outtake. There is some aggressive punk in here, too, like "European Vacation" and "Marianne" (which is dedicated to Ms. Faithful), and "?Hot Rods To Hell?." On the whole Leather Frankenstein is an impressive and daring album, one that may have alienated some of the hardcore exclusives in the audience, but delighted those who didn't try to straightjacket their heroes into just one style of music. by Richard Foss

trACks: Leather Frankenstein / Can't Keep From Crying / Surf TV / Only Lovers Left Alive / Stars and Morons / European Vacation / Dead Heroes / Marianne / Hotrods to Hell / I Think I Lost My Mind / Waitin' For You. 


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