Friday, January 04, 2013

the EXPLOITED: (1992) Don't Forget The Chaos

The Exploited remain a battered but unbowed street punk tradition. together (with various lineups) for decades, the band has given angry voice to the U.K.'s disenfranchised working poor, and traces of their rusty buzz saw sound can be heard in huge acts throughout the worlds of punk and metal such as Slayer, Rancid, and Metallica. A reissue of their 1992 (mostly) live album, DON'T FORGET THE CHAOS captures all of the madness and fury of the band in their obnoxious prime, between 1983 and '84. The lo-fi live quality of the recording fits the raw blasts of noise like a worn leather coat, and classic anti-authority rants such as "Let's Start a War," "Anarchy," and "Punk's Not Dead" sound as they should without glossy production or unnecessary adornment. Listeners who aren't used to uncompromising street punk may not know what to do with DON'T FORGET THE CHAOS, but fans will treasure this deluxe addition of an essential punk document.-- Rovi

1.race against time
3.let's start a war
4.god save the queen
5.dead cities'82
7.rival leaders
8.cop cars
9.psycho & violence
11.exploited barmy army life
16.jimmy boyle
17.punks not dead
18.dogs of war


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