Friday, January 04, 2013

FUZZTONES: (1997) Flashbacks [Sundazed Recs.]

Compiling tracks from the Fuzztones' career since 1980, FLASHBACKS has all the essential cuts and more. Rudi Protudi and gang rock their own style of ghoulish retro garage psychedelia on classics "Strychnine," a song they've made their own, and Davie Allan's "Blues Theme." Several Fuzztones originals also grace this compilation, including "Ward 81," and the Doors-y "All the King's Horses.
Perhaps the most interesting track is a rare recording of the Cult's Ian Astbury joining Protrudi and the boys in a rendition of the Stooges' classic "Down on the Street." FLASHBACKS is an excellent introduction to the Fuzztones' music, covering nearly two decades, with a good selection of favorites and rarities.
22 scorching, vox-driven cuts from the early 80's garage kings who rode the crest of the 60's garage revival wave. Their albums have been long out of print, and this is the first CD to be released. The 20-page booklet includes liner notes by band leader Rudi Protrudi. 1997 Sundazed release.

2.nine months later
3.heathen set
4.action speaks louder thank words
5.i never knew
6.bad news travels fast
7.charlotte's remains
8.ward 81
9.strychnine heat
11.all the kings horses
13.down on the street
14.look for the question mark
15.she's my witch's theme
17.blood from a stone
18.hurt on hold
19.romilar d
20.i'm the wolfman
21.she's wicked


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