Sunday, December 02, 2012

Various Artists - Vinyl Singles Hangover Heart Attack Series Vol. 1

This is a home-made compilation. This set includes real vinyl rips from 4 split seven inches with All You Can Eat, Gomez, Hickey, Garlic Boys and Les Is More.

1.going to the show [GOMEZ] might be ramen [ALL YOU CAN EAT]
3.their glass ceilings [ALL YOU CAN EAT]
4.3rd of keith [GOMEZ]
5.gaffers tape & super glue [ALL YOU CAN EAT]
6.they won't stay dead [ALL YOU CAN EAT]
7.make sure there aren't any squares at my funeral [HICKEY]
8.el farolkito [HICKEY]
9.surprise, surprise my room's alive [ALL YOU CAN EAT] father [ALL YOU CAN EAT]
11.declaration of narcissism [GARLIC BOYS] fight [ALL YOU CAN EAT]
13.ignore ant [ALL YOU CAN EAT]
14.cow songs [LES IS MORE]

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