Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Menace: (1980) G.L.C.R.I.P. The Best Of Menace [Razor Recs.]

Formed in 1977 the four piece Menace secured their place in Punk folklore with their stunning "GLC” 45 and cemented it with singles like "Screwed Up” and "Last Year’s Youth” – great singalong Punk with a whole lot of attitude.
Though original vocalist Morgan Webster died and guitarist Steve Tannett left to run various record labels, drummer Noel Martin and bassist Charlie Casey soldiered on with various members and in the process creating many more memorable slices of Punk – "Punk Rock” is a classic without a doubt and "In Gods We Trust” is also up there. Easy to see why so many of the original Oi! wave cite Menace as a major influence.

TRACKS: G.L.C. - Insane Society - Screwed Up - I Need Nothing - Electrocutioner - The Young Ones - Live For Today - Tomorrow's World - Carry No Banners - I'm Civilised - Last Years Youth.


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