Thursday, November 22, 2012

the Stupids: (1996) Peruvian Vacation & Violent Nun [Clay UK]

Formed in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, the Stupids merged the post-punk sound of the early to mid-80s UK scene with a hardcore adrenaline rush imported from America. The band were active from 1985 to 1989, though by the latter stages of their career they had relocated to London. Membership was fluid and typically hidden by pseudonyms, but the main contributors were Tommy Stupid (vocals, guitar, drums), Pauly Pizza (bass), Marty Tuff (guitar) and Ed Wenn (bass). The early stage of their career was documented by two albums and a 7-inch EP for Children Of The Revolution Records, by which time their sub-two-minute thrashes and spontaneous humour were familiar to many through the BBC disc jockey John Peel. He aired every track on their first two albums, recording three sessions for the programme over the years. He also wrote extensively about the Stupids’ idiosyncratic appeal in his Observer newspaper column. Greater distribution via Vinyl Solution Records allowed their releases to find international approval, including a split 10-inch EP with Australian band the Hard-Ons. They also appeared on the covers of both the New Musical Express and Sounds, as the most visible and vital band in a new hardcore scene developing principally in the east of England. Later high-profile guitar groups such as the Senseless Things and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin grew up seeing the Stupids. Although they eventually collapsed in 1989, by the time they did so they had produced a significant volume of work, much of it hilarious, toured both the USA and Australia, broken the lower reaches of the national charts and all without ever having the backing of a major record company. Former member Tom Withers later resurfaced in the late 90s as drum ‘n’ bass act Klute.

TRACKS: elephant man - what happens next - so much fun - it's gotta be love - who do you think you are - skid row - taken too many - you die - waste away - i'm ill - i don't like nobody - waltz of the new wavers - it's fun to you - wipe out - you shoulda listened - always never fun -  i scream inside - you die - peruvian vacation - this is the norm - so much fun - born to built to grind - in bed at night - i don't wanna get involved with you - the pit -  life's a drag - sleeping troubles - this is the norm - taken too many - elephant man - the pit - i'm ill - linden sell me your scarf.

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