Thursday, November 22, 2012

the Last Resort: (1982) A Way Of Life, Skinhead Anthems [Captain Oi Recs.]

An unequivocal title gives way to an unrelenting sound! The Last Resort's debut album might have kicked off with a wall of noise lifted straight from Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" ("Freedom"), but skill Skinhead Anthems does exactly what it says on the tin, ripping a dozen self-composed monsters out of the band's set list and nailing them to the studio with brutal disdain for any of the niceties. Certainly the band's influences are loud on their sleeves -- Sham and the Cockney Rejects hang heavy over the proceedings. But Last Resort's refusal to lose their own instincts within the trappings of sociology and "relevance" conquer all; "Skinheads in Sta-Press," "Rebels with a Cause," and "Resort Boot Boys" speak to the very heart of the skinhead movement, and if it all sounds a little dated today, then that's your look-out. -- Dave Thompson

TRACKS: freedom - skinheads in stapress - rebels with a cause - king of  the jungle - we rule ok - changing - lionheart - rose of england - violence in our minds - resort boot boys - red white & blue - stormtroopers in stapress - king of the jungle - resort boot boys - oi! oi! skinhead.

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