Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Dwarves: (1997) Are Young And Good Looking [Sum Recs.]

The Dwarves' hardcore, attack-the-audience, bloody-nose days were nearly over with the release of Are Young and Good Looking, but the band, now soberer and with a stronger lineup, put out their most satisfying record. At least three songs here are among the heaviest and fiercest tunes they've written, "We Must Have Blood," which absolutely rips, "Throw That World Away," changed from an earlier version where it was called "Throw That Girl Away," and "You Gotta Burn." These songs have a relatively huge sound for punk tunes and the guitars smoke. This album was the beginning of a new Dwarves, no longer a freak show, fistfight-type outfit with shows that last 15 minutes, but one that plays real songs, had a set list, and left the club unbloodied. Some may hanker for the more combustible earlier incarnation of The Dwarves, but as far as their records go, it does not get any better than this. -- Adam Bregman

TRACKS: Unrepentant - We Must Have Blood - I Will Deny - Demonica - Everybodies Girl - Throw That World Away - Hits - The Ballad Of Vadge Moore - One Time Only - Pimp - The Crucifixion Is Now - You Gotta Burn - Bonus.


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