Monday, November 26, 2012

NOFX: (2006) Wolves In Wolve's Clothing [Fat Wreck Chords Recs.]

Formed in Berkeley, California, in 1983 and relocating to Los Angeles not long afterwards, NOFX steered clear of major labels and commercial exposure over the course of their career, recording an impressive number of full-length albums plus an assortment of EPs and singles. The band started out as a trio comprised of vocalist/bassist Fat Mike (Mike Burkett), guitarist Eric Melvin, and drummer Erik Sandin (aka Erik Ghint/Erik Shun). Sandin quit in 1985, and his place was taken by Scott Sellers; that same year, NOFX also recorded two 7" EPs for the Mystic label, No F-X and So What If We're on Mystic? Sellers quit shortly thereafter and was replaced by Scott Aldahl for only two weeks, at which point Sandin rejoined the band; vocalist Dave Allen also joined in 1986, but his tenure was tragically cut short by a fatal car accident. Dave Casillas joined as a second guitarist later in the year, by which point NOFX's touring schedule had become far-ranging and rigorous. The EP The P.M.R.C. Can Suck on This was released on Fat Mike's own Fat Wreck Chords label in 1987. Casillas departed the group in 1989 and was replaced by Steve Kidwiller for NOFX's first full-length album, S&M Airlines, which was released on the legendary punk label Epitaph; the band remained there ever since, despite the release of several albums -- such as 1995's I Heard They Suck Live -- and EPs on Fat Wreck Chords, which gradually grew into a premier stable of punk revival artists. - John Bush

TRACKS: 60% - USA Holes - Seeing Double at the Triple Rock - We March to the Beat of Indiferent Drum - The Marxist Brothers - The Man I Killed - Benny Get Blowed Up - Leaving Jesusland - Getting High on the Down Low - Cool and Unusual Punishment - Wolves in Wolve's Clothing - Cantando en Español - 100 Times Fuckeder - Instant Classic - You Will Lose Faith - One Celled Creature - Doornails - 60% (reprise) - untitled.

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