Wednesday, November 07, 2012

999: (1990) The Cellblock Tapes [Step-1]

One of the original Punk Rock class of ’77, 999 were fronted by Nick Cash who as plain old Keith Lucas had paid his dues in the pre-Punk Kilburn & The High Roads alongside Ian Dury. Signed to United Artists they unleashed a whole raft of anthems for the Punk Rock masses - ”Nasty Nasty”, "Emergency”, "Feelin’ Alright With The Crew” and "Homicide” to name but a few and they continued to fly the flag for the movement even when struggling against the odds. They scored three top 75 hit singles in 1981 when most of their compatriots had all but given up! Always a high tempo live band, Nick led the ever loyal Guy Days (guitar) and Pablo LaBritain (drums) around the globe on more then afew occasions with a set packed full of classics.

tRaCkS: quite disapponting / me and my desire / crazy / lie lie lie / rael rean / soldier / nasty nasty / i'm alive / dead or alive / tomorrow's world / kiss the blood of my hands / arabesque / got my eyes on you / how can I tell you / custer's last stand.


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