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Various Artists: (1983) Keine Experimente [Weird System Recs.]

This is one of the best punk LP compilations that I get in my entire life. True punk rockers and pogo crazy motherfuckers...I ripped direct from my LP and I made a mistake folks. The track 10 is in reality the entire LP's Side 2... you can get the tracklist here and in the cover scan.

Seite 1
1.RAZZIA "Ami Frab"
2.BOSKOPS "Du Denkst"
3.ZSD "4er-Tram"
4.THE BUTTOCKS "Hate Your Neighbour/Feel Alright"
6.BLUT+EISEN "Alles Umsonst"
8.RAZZIA "Kriegszustand"
9.DAILY TERROR "Leichenberg"
Seite 2
3.THE BUTTOCKS "Deutsche Raus aus Deutschland"
4.SS ULTRABRUTAL "Terroristen"
5.BOSKOPS "Jacutin"
6.ZSD "Sex"
7.DAILY TERROR "Ein Kessel Buntes"
8.SS ULTRABRUTAL "You Could Be Me"

Various Artists: 668 Compilação Punk Rock Hardcore [Pecúlio Discos]

Great compilation of brazilian punk and hardcore bands..

TRACKS: Nosegrind (Nitrominds) - We Will Be Their Wreck (Nitrominds) - Everything Turns Gray (Nitrominds-Agent Orange cover) - Pledge Your Alligeance (Kangaroos In Tilt) - Genocide (Kangaroos In Tilt-Heresy cover) - The Only Way (Blind) - Did You Wanna Die (Blind-Youth Brigade) - Pau No Cú da Polícia (FxDxSx-Ovec cover) - Conflitos Ecológicos (FxDxSx) - Mesma Causa (FxDxSx) - Tire Buddy (Splith *!%) - Lost Man (Slush Gods) - Let's Lynch The Landlord (Sluch Gods-Dead Kennedys cover) - Cultura Decadente (Sociedade Armada) - Novela (Sociedade Armada) - Garotos do Subúrbio (Sociedade Armada-Inocentes cover) - Walking Near the Wall (Sonic Sex Panic) - B (Sonic Sex Panic-Snuff cover) - Learning (Paura) - Don't Quit (Paura-Uniforme Choice) - Estaca Zero à Esquerda (Ratos de Porão).


The Bulemics: (1999) Old Enough To Know Better [Junk Recs]

the Bulemics were formed in Austin, TX in 1996, when alternative rock stations were playing a lot of emo/punk-pop bands like Green Day. But the Bulemics were never influenced by Green Day, blink-182, Fenix TX, or any of the other emo bands that were popular in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Their approach to punk is very old-school -- as in late ‘70s and early ‘80s -- and their sound is reminiscent of classic Los Angeles bands like the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and the Germs. the Bulemics have also been compared to the Boston bands of that era, which makes sense because Boston's early-‘80s punk bands (Jerry's Kids, Gang Green, the Freeze, among others) were heavily influenced by West Coast punk. No one will mistake the Bulemics for a British Oi! band; their sound is strictly American. -- Alex Henderson
TRACKS: Harlot From Beyond - Makes Me Sick - Old Enough to Know Better - If I Only Had a Heart - Horny Of Evil - Sweet Valley High - Blood Orgy - House on the Haunted Hill - Snuff Queen - Die Tonight - Dial M for Murder - She Gets Around.


The Dwarves: (1997) Are Young And Good Looking [Sum Recs.]

The Dwarves' hardcore, attack-the-audience, bloody-nose days were nearly over with the release of Are Young and Good Looking, but the band, now soberer and with a stronger lineup, put out their most satisfying record. At least three songs here are among the heaviest and fiercest tunes they've written, "We Must Have Blood," which absolutely rips, "Throw That World Away," changed from an earlier version where it was called "Throw That Girl Away," and "You Gotta Burn." These songs have a relatively huge sound for punk tunes and the guitars smoke. This album was the beginning of a new Dwarves, no longer a freak show, fistfight-type outfit with shows that last 15 minutes, but one that plays real songs, had a set list, and left the club unbloodied. Some may hanker for the more combustible earlier incarnation of The Dwarves, but as far as their records go, it does not get any better than this. -- Adam Bregman

TRACKS: Unrepentant - We Must Have Blood - I Will Deny - Demonica - Everybodies Girl - Throw That World Away - Hits - The Ballad Of Vadge Moore - One Time Only - Pimp - The Crucifixion Is Now - You Gotta Burn - Bonus.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Forgotten Boys: (2008) Louva-a-Deus [FG Recs.]

Garage Rock'n' Roll band from São Paulo, Brazil...

TRACKS: don't be afraid - quinta feira - ela era - justice for all - highest stakes - me entregar - news from god - hold on - got my eyes - ela diz - sempre em paz - leaving.

Ringworm: (1999) Last Call In The World [Rat Town Recs.]

2nd Full length from Jax, Florida?s hardcore heavyweights. Intense street anthems for the next century. Twelve studio tracks including a Black Flag cover, plus two live tracks opening up for Joan Jett.
TRACKS: intro - beggars end - speedball - 13 - blackjack - asshole - no name - killing fields - pointer - m.i.a. (missing in america) - sommos - last call in the free world - nervous breakdown (black flag) - beat my head (live) - dui (live).

Poster Children: (1990) Daisychain Reaction [Sire Recs.]

Steve Albini once again handled production for Poster Children with Daisychain Reaction, which inadvertently turned into the group's major-label debut when Sire picked it up for re-release. Albini's ear for getting the strongest and most live-sounding impact out of his recordings doesn't fail the quartet at all; right from the start, with the near-epic metal surge of "Dee," everything sounds powerful, a bit of Led Zeppelin sonics in a post-punk world. It's also further evidence -- as are a number of other songs on the album, such as "Water," "Chain Reaction," the hilariously titled "Freedom Rock," and most especially the secret highlight "Space Gun," which has some amazing guitar work -- that the band was an unappreciated influence on the Smashing Pumpkins early on. Rick Valentin's more midrange singing is much less strained than Billy Corgan's, though it's often far more hidden in the mix as well; whether it was his own confidence in question or simply what the band wanted, he's not yet got the clarity more evident in later recordings. He's definitely far sunnier than Corgan, as is much of the music; songs like "Love" crackle with an energy that's both fierce and positive while avoiding gooey sentiments (hordes of later emo bands could stand to learn some of the lessons on this record, to put it mildly). There's other, more kick-up-your-heels tunes as well -- "Cancer" is a merry skip that flirts with prog pacing without sounding like a Yes cut (quite thankfully), while "Carver's" is a great, thrilling stomp and "Frustration" is good, quick fun. Then there's the snarkily titled "If You See Kay," which brings in everything from crisp early-'80s funk to Pixies-tinged screams and volume switches to make an unheralded highlight from early-'90s rock.--- Ned Raggett, AMG

TRACKS: dee - cancer - if you see kay - love - freedom rock - space gun - water - want it - carver's - chain reaction - frustration - where we live.

Buzzcocks: (2006) Flat-Pack Philosophy [Cooking Vinyl Recs.]

The Buzzcocks have had difficulty living up to the formidable legacy of their past on the studio material they've released since reuniting in 1989, but in the early years of the 21st century they've finally learned to make new records that don't need to stand in the shadows of Singles Going Steady. The darker undertow of 2003's Buzzcocks set it apart from their previous albums, and though 2006's Flat-Pack Philosophy isn't haunted by the same degree of angst as that album, it reflects the same degree of increased maturity that informed Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle's material on that collection. While The Buzzcocks are still trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of love, "Reconciliation," "God, What Have I Done," and "I've Had Enough" speak of the stakes and responsibilities of grown-up relationships rather than the teenage frustration of their salad days, and the larger world has also become a subject of keener interest to them on numbers like "Sell You Everything" and "Credit." Fast and loud is still The Buzzcocks' preferred mode of attack, but though there are hooks galore to be found on Flat-Pack Philosophy, the tempos have eased up a bit so that Diggle's and Shelley's guitar parts have more room to interact with one another, and bassist Tony Barber's production is clean and roomy while giving the melodies plenty of opportunity to show off their muscle. Very few bands made better use of their teenage mood swings than The Buzzcocks, but Flat-Pack Philosophy shows that they have plenty of compelling things to say about their adult lives, too, which is a good thing for a band whose career now spans four decades. - Mark Deming

TRACKS: flat pack philosophy - wish I never loved you - sell you everything - reconciliation - I don't exist - soul survivor - god, what have I done - credit - big brother wheels - dreamin' - sound of a gun - look at you now - i've had enough - between heaven and hell.


NOFX: (2006) Wolves In Wolve's Clothing [Fat Wreck Chords Recs.]

Formed in Berkeley, California, in 1983 and relocating to Los Angeles not long afterwards, NOFX steered clear of major labels and commercial exposure over the course of their career, recording an impressive number of full-length albums plus an assortment of EPs and singles. The band started out as a trio comprised of vocalist/bassist Fat Mike (Mike Burkett), guitarist Eric Melvin, and drummer Erik Sandin (aka Erik Ghint/Erik Shun). Sandin quit in 1985, and his place was taken by Scott Sellers; that same year, NOFX also recorded two 7" EPs for the Mystic label, No F-X and So What If We're on Mystic? Sellers quit shortly thereafter and was replaced by Scott Aldahl for only two weeks, at which point Sandin rejoined the band; vocalist Dave Allen also joined in 1986, but his tenure was tragically cut short by a fatal car accident. Dave Casillas joined as a second guitarist later in the year, by which point NOFX's touring schedule had become far-ranging and rigorous. The EP The P.M.R.C. Can Suck on This was released on Fat Mike's own Fat Wreck Chords label in 1987. Casillas departed the group in 1989 and was replaced by Steve Kidwiller for NOFX's first full-length album, S&M Airlines, which was released on the legendary punk label Epitaph; the band remained there ever since, despite the release of several albums -- such as 1995's I Heard They Suck Live -- and EPs on Fat Wreck Chords, which gradually grew into a premier stable of punk revival artists. - John Bush

TRACKS: 60% - USA Holes - Seeing Double at the Triple Rock - We March to the Beat of Indiferent Drum - The Marxist Brothers - The Man I Killed - Benny Get Blowed Up - Leaving Jesusland - Getting High on the Down Low - Cool and Unusual Punishment - Wolves in Wolve's Clothing - Cantando en Español - 100 Times Fuckeder - Instant Classic - You Will Lose Faith - One Celled Creature - Doornails - 60% (reprise) - untitled.

Ludichrist: (1998) Immaculate Deception

Ludichrist was an American hardcore punk/speed metal band formed in the 1980s in New York. Their musical style broke from traditional New York hardcore roots by adding aspects of rock, heavy metal and jazz, like extended guitar solos and musical interludes. After their second proper album, lead singer Tommy Christ and guitarist Glen Cummings broke up the band and reformed with a new rhythm section as the more humor-oriented, style-jumping Scatterbrain. Original guitarist Mark Kanabrocki, who had written most of the first albums songs, left the band before it was recorded and appears only on the record release issued from CBGB called Off the Board. On their debut album Immaculate Deception, one track featured guest vocalists from fellow New York bands Agnostic Front, Nuclear Assault, The Crumbsuckers and Leeway. The original drummer and founder of Ludichrist (also the guy who named the band), Al Batross, left after the first album Immaculate Deception was recorded.
TRACKS: Fire At the Firehouse - Most People Are Dicks - Murder Bloody Murder - Blown Into The Arms Of Christ - Big Business - Only As Directed - Games Once Played - Green Eggs And Ham - Immaculate Deception - You Can't Have Fun - Government Kids - Legal Murder - Down With the Ship - Thinking Of You - Tylenol - Mengele - Young White And Well Behaved - Last Train to Clarksville - God Is Everywhere. 

Broken Bones: Dem Bones + Decapitated [SOS Recs.]

This British hardcore band was formed in Stoke-on-Trent, England, during 1983 by ex-Discharge guitarist Tony ‘Bones’ Roberts. Recruiting brother Terry on bass, vocalist Nobby and drummer Cliff, they closely followed the metal/punk crossover approach of Bones’ former group. With controversial lyrics and a rigidly formularized approach, they have progressed little since their inception. After a period of inactivity, they returned in 1989 with Quiv and D.L. Harris as new faces on lead vocals and bass, respectively. Losing Control appeared shortly afterwards, a vitriolic blast of angst-ridden hardcore, but again, little different from previous offerings. - Rovi
TRACKS: wealth rules - who's to blame - iron maiden - their living is my death - big hard man - terrorist attack - stand up - civil war - secret agent - city fodder - intro - annihilation no.3 - dem bones - decapitated - i.o.u. - crucifix - problem - fight the good fight - liquidated brains - seeing thru my eyes - the point of agony - never say die - death is imminent - 10, 5 or a dime - decapitated, part.2.

Angelic Upstarts: (2002) Sons Of Spartacus [Captain Oi Recs.]

Formed in South Shields, England in 1977, the Angelic Upstarts was one of the period's most politically charged and thought-provoking groups; though technically a skinhead band, their records attacked the racism and fascism so prevalent throughout the skinhead community, and while also technically a punk unit, their music quickly evolved beyond the movement's limited scope.
the Angelic Upstarts were led by the rather nasal vocalist Mensi (born Thomas Mensforth), whose impoverished childhood became a frequent lyrical touchstone. Along with a highly fluid lineup which initially comprised guitarist Mond, bassist Ronnie Wooden, and drummer Sticks, the group debuted with the 1979 single "Murder of Liddle Towers," a scabrous attack on police brutality. The record caught the attention of Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, who produced their debut album Teenage Warning, which, like its 1980 follow-up, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, roundly ridiculed the oppressive policies of Margaret Thatcher while offering an outpouring of sympathy for the working class.

TRACKS: safe haven - lonely man of spandau II - supergrass - chuck taylor (ace of hearts) - caught in the crossfire - action man - don't get old (in tony's britain) - south shields born 'n' bred - tally ho ginger - maxwell dynasty - stop the city - the great divide - bandiera rossa - stand up - anti-nazi.   

Gay Cowboys In Bondage: (2005) The Complete Silly Discography 1983- 1984[Burrito Recs.]

Straight edge silliness, hard core immaturity, whatever. The Gay Cowboys in Bondage were a punk band whose point of view skewed at about 15 years of age. The members were older than that to be sure, but there's no escaping the infectious adolescent enthusiasim the GCIB brought to their music.
After this cassette, the group released a vinyl e.p. (Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again) which had more good songs (sorry, we can't find our copy) but the problem facing the band became obvious: If the point of the band is immaturity, how the hell are you supposed to grow?
Answer: You do, but the band doesn't.

TRACKS: domestic battlefield - muppets - x-rated go-go lunch - henry sarria - a.o.r. - cuffs on my hands - rip off - hymie - crime & violence - i hate flash - diddley-o - cuff on my hands (2) - broken stick - cheddar cheese party - cowboys are gay - silliness overture - big fat baloney sandwich - crime & violence (2) - the illness song - more bruisers - funny red mustache - fist may follow - muppets (live) - fire island luau (live) - tear down (live) - cowboys are gay (live) - made (live) - mentally gene (live) - vacuum me ot (live) - more bruisers (live) - funny red mustache (live) - big fat baloney sandwich (live) - nuke a beach bum (live) - nuke a beach bum again (live).


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Vice Squad: (1995) Live & Loud [Cleopatra Recs.]

Formed in Bristol, England, in 1978, Vice Squad emerged from two local bands, Contingent and TV Brakes. The line-up originally comprised Beki Bondage (b. Rebecca Louise Bond, 3 June 1963, Bristol, England; vocals) Dave Bateman (guitar) Mark Hambly (bass) and Shane Baldwin (drums). Their first EP Last Rockers was released on their own Riot City Records in 1980, and brought them some press in the weekly music press paper Sounds. Their EPs Resurrection and Out Of Reach were distinctively melodic. However, the debut album No Cause For Concern was disappointing. After signing a contract licensing the Riot City label to EMI Records, for which they would come in for a fair amount of criticism from politically minded punk artists, they were rushed into the studio. Taking only three days, the finished product was barely listenable.-- Rovi

TRACKS: coward - rock'n'roll massacre - angry youth - evil - living on dreams - stand strong, stand proud - humane - latex love - last rockers - out of reach - e.m.i. - upright citizen.

the Guttersnipes: (2000) The Poor Dress Up

Punk band from Glasgow/London, UK...

TRACKS: funny old world - forgotten men - sale of the century - on fire - addicted to love - the hate game - the love game - time of our lives - guns and rockets - today (it's happening) - they're telling me - love's young dream - addicted to love (single version).

the Last Resort: (1982) A Way Of Life, Skinhead Anthems [Captain Oi Recs.]

An unequivocal title gives way to an unrelenting sound! The Last Resort's debut album might have kicked off with a wall of noise lifted straight from Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" ("Freedom"), but skill Skinhead Anthems does exactly what it says on the tin, ripping a dozen self-composed monsters out of the band's set list and nailing them to the studio with brutal disdain for any of the niceties. Certainly the band's influences are loud on their sleeves -- Sham and the Cockney Rejects hang heavy over the proceedings. But Last Resort's refusal to lose their own instincts within the trappings of sociology and "relevance" conquer all; "Skinheads in Sta-Press," "Rebels with a Cause," and "Resort Boot Boys" speak to the very heart of the skinhead movement, and if it all sounds a little dated today, then that's your look-out. -- Dave Thompson

TRACKS: freedom - skinheads in stapress - rebels with a cause - king of  the jungle - we rule ok - changing - lionheart - rose of england - violence in our minds - resort boot boys - red white & blue - stormtroopers in stapress - king of the jungle - resort boot boys - oi! oi! skinhead.

The Gears: (1980) Rockin' At Ground Zero [Bacchus Archives Recs.]

Kidd Spike was a guitarist with one of L.A.'s first punk rock outfits, the Controllers, but by 1980 he was eager to do something a little more eclectic, and he joined forces with vocalist Axxel G. Reese to form the Gears. the Gears enthusiastically embraced the fast and loud part of punk, but they also threw in dashes of surf music, garage rock, blues, and cool sounds of the '50s, and their first album, Rockin' at Ground Zero, is a killer blend of punk speed and fury tempered with greaser cool. Reese is a solid vocalist with plenty of swagger in his voice but no wasted affectations, while Spike's thick, gutsy guitar work and the crash-boom-bang rhythm work of bassist Brian Redz and drummer Dave Drive keep these songs in forward momentum at all times. the Gears could sing about cars, girls, and good times with tongue just slightly in cheek on tunes like "Let's Go to the Beach" and "Darlin' Baby," but "High School Girls" and "I Smoke Dope" show they weren't afraid of more dangerous pleasures. "Don't Be Afraid to Pogo" is a great (and only slightly ridiculous) punk anthem, and they chronicle one of the most infamous real-life moments in the war between L.A. punks and cops in "Elks Lodge Blues." "Teenage Brain" is angst at its most enjoyable, and "The Last Chord" and the title cut both manage to make the end of the world sound cool. Rockin' at Ground Zero is good, raucous fun from an unjustly overlooked band; the rise of hardcore made bands like this seem obsolete at the dawn of the '80s, but history and this album prove these guys truly had the goods.-- Mark Deming

TRACKS: baby runaround - let's go to the beach - don't be afraid to pogo - elks lodge blues - teenage brain - wasting time - darlin' baby - trudie trudie - high school girls - the last chord - heartbeat baby - rockin' at ground zero - i smoke dope - keep movin' - last chance - Don't be Afraid to pogo.

the Members: (1995) Sound of The Suburbs

True to its subtitle, this 18-track collection compiles the finest moments of the band's two-year stay at Virgin Records (1979-1980). While this period was the strongest for the band, it would have been nice to include a track or two from their final album, Uprhythm, Downbeat, such as the near-hit "Working Girl."

TRACKS: handling the big jets - sally - g.l.c. - offshore banking business pennies in the pound - soho a go=go - muzak machine - rat up a drain pipe - sound of the suburbs - phone in show - brian was - killing time - clean men - romance - flying again - solitary confinement - chelsea nightclub - gang war - police car.

the Stupids: (1996) Peruvian Vacation & Violent Nun [Clay UK]

Formed in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, the Stupids merged the post-punk sound of the early to mid-80s UK scene with a hardcore adrenaline rush imported from America. The band were active from 1985 to 1989, though by the latter stages of their career they had relocated to London. Membership was fluid and typically hidden by pseudonyms, but the main contributors were Tommy Stupid (vocals, guitar, drums), Pauly Pizza (bass), Marty Tuff (guitar) and Ed Wenn (bass). The early stage of their career was documented by two albums and a 7-inch EP for Children Of The Revolution Records, by which time their sub-two-minute thrashes and spontaneous humour were familiar to many through the BBC disc jockey John Peel. He aired every track on their first two albums, recording three sessions for the programme over the years. He also wrote extensively about the Stupids’ idiosyncratic appeal in his Observer newspaper column. Greater distribution via Vinyl Solution Records allowed their releases to find international approval, including a split 10-inch EP with Australian band the Hard-Ons. They also appeared on the covers of both the New Musical Express and Sounds, as the most visible and vital band in a new hardcore scene developing principally in the east of England. Later high-profile guitar groups such as the Senseless Things and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin grew up seeing the Stupids. Although they eventually collapsed in 1989, by the time they did so they had produced a significant volume of work, much of it hilarious, toured both the USA and Australia, broken the lower reaches of the national charts and all without ever having the backing of a major record company. Former member Tom Withers later resurfaced in the late 90s as drum ‘n’ bass act Klute.

TRACKS: elephant man - what happens next - so much fun - it's gotta be love - who do you think you are - skid row - taken too many - you die - waste away - i'm ill - i don't like nobody - waltz of the new wavers - it's fun to you - wipe out - you shoulda listened - always never fun -  i scream inside - you die - peruvian vacation - this is the norm - so much fun - born to built to grind - in bed at night - i don't wanna get involved with you - the pit -  life's a drag - sleeping troubles - this is the norm - taken too many - elephant man - the pit - i'm ill - linden sell me your scarf.

the Exploited: (1987) Death Before Dishonour [Rough Justice Recs.]

The Exploited are one of the U.K.'s most politically outspoken thrash 
bands. Based in Edinburgh, the band is led by vocalist Wattie Buchan, whose supporting cast has changed several times since the group's inception around the end of the '70s. The band has garnered a sizable hardcore audience in the U.K. for its anti-authoritarian stance and criticism of the government, particularly in the Reagan/Thatcher era, but their following is not quite as large in the U.S. and has declined somewhat in Britain over the years. A medley of three of their songs, recorded by Slayer and Ice-T, was featured on the Judgment Night soundtrack as "Disorder"; subsequently, The Exploited issued 1994's Live in Japan and 1996's Beat the Bastards. Fuck the System followed in 2002. -- Steve Huey

TRACKS: anti UK - power struggle - scalling the derry wall - barry prossitt - don't really care - no forgiveness - death before dishonour - adding to their fears - police informer - drive me insane - pulling us down - sexual favours - drug squad man - privacy invasion - jesus is dead - politicians - war now - united chaos and anarchy - sexual favours (dub version).

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the Freeze: (1997) Token Bones [DSR62]

Here are all The Freeze's classic tracks: from Boston, Not LA, Guilty Face, I hate tourists, Unreleased cuts, other best of cuts... What more could you ask for?

tRaCkS: broken bones / I hate tourists / warped confessional / refrigerator heaven / suicidal / guilty face / lexicon devil / we're not the abnormal ones / i'm too good for you / nothing left / false messiah / halloween night / we make sanity / idiots at happy hour / nowor never / die for life / no one's ever coming home / killing me / touched / violent arrest / sacrifice not suicide / it's only alcohol / loading zone / downtime / trouble If you hide / voices from my window / timebomb + this is boston, not l.a. / american town / don't forget me tommy.


the Weird Lovemakers: (1998) Flu Shot [Empty Recs.]

Tucson Arizona is probaby more known for gila monsters and chile verde than it is for punk rock, but the Weird Lovemakers are gonna change all that. The Flu Shot CD/LP has been out for some time now, but I'll be dammned if I don't still find it on my player at least once a week. Two diifferent singers with two very diferent styles and a band just reeking of talent kick out a sound reminiscent of the Descendents at certain points and the Angry Samoans at others, while at the same time remaining totally original though it all. If you're wondering how the hell they do that, then you'll just have to head on down to the local record shop and find out for yourself. You won't be disappointed...
--Thrasher Magazine #228

tRaCks: jetboy helena / gotta gotta get some / irving and the goddess / peach crush / silly rabbit / now I got a reason / morticia / trailer anne / turbo rat / phantom soul / letter to starlog / nueva york / OCP / kick it joe / test tube tina / retard sandwich / the lumbering sailor / the fat lady sings / buried baby / the unstoppale teen / mr 420 / 123 (I'm ready for your love) / mystery track.


Criminals: (1999) Burning Flesh & Broken Fingers [Adeline Recs.]

The Criminals are an American punk rock band from Berkeley, California, originally existing from 1994–2000 and again reforming in 2012. The lineup has consisted of lead vocalist Jesse Luscious and bass guitarist Mike Sexxx throughout the bands' existence. The Criminals have released two studio albums, Never Been Caught (1997) on Lookout! Records and Burning Flesh and Broken Fingers (1999) on Adeline Records. Following their initial breakup in 2000, members went on to form The Frisk.

tRaCks: angry quija board has sent us to destroy the city of ber / tomorrow's too late / state sponsored slaughter / i'm vintage baby / five years on / zarah's got a brand new bag / union yes / scene monkey / monomania / fuck you all / you were cute but you got ugly again / corruption / whiskey business.

999: (1990) The Cellblock Tapes [Step-1]

One of the original Punk Rock class of ’77, 999 were fronted by Nick Cash who as plain old Keith Lucas had paid his dues in the pre-Punk Kilburn & The High Roads alongside Ian Dury. Signed to United Artists they unleashed a whole raft of anthems for the Punk Rock masses - ”Nasty Nasty”, "Emergency”, "Feelin’ Alright With The Crew” and "Homicide” to name but a few and they continued to fly the flag for the movement even when struggling against the odds. They scored three top 75 hit singles in 1981 when most of their compatriots had all but given up! Always a high tempo live band, Nick led the ever loyal Guy Days (guitar) and Pablo LaBritain (drums) around the globe on more then afew occasions with a set packed full of classics.

tRaCkS: quite disapponting / me and my desire / crazy / lie lie lie / rael rean / soldier / nasty nasty / i'm alive / dead or alive / tomorrow's world / kiss the blood of my hands / arabesque / got my eyes on you / how can I tell you / custer's last stand.


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Wipers:(1999) Power in One (Zeno Recs.)

Power in One is another phenomenal onslaught of singular music, made by someone who emerged just before the dawn of the punk era. Having predated it, Greg Sage merely straddled it, keeping his solitary, idiosyncratic space. As with all his other records, the listener is held in his insidious grip on first play, a hold that grows more persuasive with successive samplings. It's the work of a guitar sorcerer, building layer upon layer of otherwise simply rendered, hypnotizing rock until the spell is cast. This potent immediacy is partially due to his obstinate, uncompromising insistence on recording all parts live in the studio, with no punch-in overdubs, and foregoing other instrumental embellishments. Sage needs nothing more than Steve Plouf's drums and his own voice, bass, rhythm, and lead guitar to summon his incantations. If there is a knock against Sage, it's that his movements are conservative in approach and delivery. The great departure LPs aside (Follow Blind and Silver Sail, plus both his solo LPs -- all more esoteric, relaxed, and explorative of the quieter side of his playing), Sage remains unwavering on the basic tenets of his faith: Blizzards (blizzards!) and spark-showers of guitar streams; chords unlike those used by 99-percent of other rock writers, with progressions that do the opposite of what is expected; a voice like Father Time and the Grim Reaper coming to warn of the apocalypse (often over doomsday chords that pile-drive the stomach like a runaway locomotive); counter-melodies from tense basslines, still a hallmark; straight-ahead attack drumming from Plouf; and guitar leads that dazzle, frighten, and prick the senses, like Jimi Hendrix sans the showy bits and hyper-blues base. This remarkable talent's work as a guitarist is without peer. Power in One is another gale force wind.
by Jack Rabid

tRaCks:- the fall/power in one/shaken/misleading/ rocket/i'll be around/still inside of me/ship of dreams/rest of my life/loser's revenge/take it now/ stay around/what's wrong/too many strangers.

the Mobsmen: (2009) Scelerats Syndicate (Double Crown Recs.)

These masked marauders from Norway are set to tear apart the surf music world with their powerful, 12-track debut.

tRaCkS:- chunkje / gridiron syndicate / we're the mobsmen / similau / holy god / scelerats avenue / cicero comet / tandelborstel twist / flamenco / raven girl / you better tell me now / moaning lisa.

Misfits: (1996) Coffin Box (Caroline Distro)

BOX SET contains most of the Misfits recorded output, including COLLECTIONS I AND II, LEGACY OF BRUTALITY, EARTH A. D., EVILLIVE, and even the legendary long lost STATIC AGE album. Rarities, unreleased studio cuts and almost every cough, hiccup and burp that the original Misfits committed to tape in their all-too-brief history as a recording unit are also featured. The best of the unreleased material includes killer versions of "Night of the Living Dead," "I Turned Into a Martian," "Violent World," and "20 Eyes."

CD One
she - hollywood babylon - horror business - teenagers from mars - night of the living dead - where eagles dare - vampira - i turned into a martian - skulls - london dungeon - ghoul's night out - astro zombies - mommy, can i go out and kill tonight - die, die my darling - cough cool - children in heat - horror hotel - halloween - halloween II - hate breeders - braineaters - nike a go go - devil's whorehouse - mephisto waltz - rat fink - we bite

CD Two
static age - t.v. casualty - hybrid moments - spinal remains - come back - some kinda hate - theme for a jackal - angelfuck - who killed marilyn - where eagles dare - she - halloween - american nightmare - 20 eyes - night of the living dead - astro zombies - horror business - london dungeon - nike a go go - hate breeders - devil's whorehouse - all hell breaks loose - horror hotel - ghoul's night out - we are 138 - earth a.d. - queen wasp - devilock - death comes ripping - green hell - wolfsblood - demonmania - bloodfeast - hellhound.

CD Three
coughcool (77 session A) - she (77 session A) - who killed marilyn (session B) - where eagles dare (session B) - horror business (session B) - teenagers from mars (session B) - children in heat (session B) - night of the living dead (songshop studio session C) - where eagles dares (songshop studio session C) - vampira (songshop studio session C) - violent world (songshop studio session C) - who killed marilyn (songshop studio session C) - spook city USA (songshop studio session C) - horror business (songshop studio session C) - i turned into a martian (9580 master sound prod.session D) - skulls (9580 master sound prod. session D) - night of the living dead (9580 master sound prod. session D) - astro zombies (9580 master sound prod. session D) - where eagles dare (9580 master sound prod. session D) - violent world (9580 master sound prod. session D) - halloween II (9580 master sound prod. session D) - 20 eyes (881 reel platinum session E) - i turned into a martian (881 reel platinum session E) - astro zombies (881 reel platinum session E) - vampira (881 reel platinum session E) - devil's whorehouse (881 reel platinum session E) - nike a go go (mix-o-lydian or newssoundland session E) - hate breedes (unknown studio session G) - 20 eyes (unknown studio session H) - violent world (unknown studio session H)

CD Four
stati intro - static age - tv casualty - some kinda hate - last carees - return of the fly - hybrid moments - we are 138 - teenagres from mars - come back - angelfuck - hollywood babylon - attitude - bullet - theme for a jackal - static outro.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

the Lurkers: (1978) Fullham Fallout (Beggars Banquet)

The Lurkers were a late 1970s English punk rock group from Uxbridge, West London, notable for being the first group ever on Beggars Banquet Records. The Lurkers formed late in 1976 and played their first gig at Uxbridge Technical College in the December supporting Screaming Lord Sutch to an audience of 10! The original line-up consisted of Pete Stride on Guitar, Pete "Manic Esso" Haynes on drums, Howard Wall on vocals and Nigel Moore on Bass. Despite not being the principal vocalist, Stride was the band’s main songwriter. The band were one of the pioneering punk bands that played live in the first few months of the now-legendary Roxy Club in London. Nigel was swiftly replaced by Arturo Bassick. They supported The Jam in February 1977, Eater in March, and Slaughter & The Dogs in April.

tRaCkS:- ain't got a clue / i don't need to tell her / total war / hey you / shadow / then i kicked her / go go go / jenny / time of year / self destruct / it's quiet here / gerald / i'm on heat / be my prisoner / shadow (single version) / love story / freak show / mass media believer / ooh! ooh! i love you / pills / we are the chaos bros / be my prisoner (streets LP version) / total war (demo) / the i kissed het (demo) / i love the dark (LP demo) / freak show (LP demo).


Bedlam: (1985) Bedlam (Buy Our Recs.)

Punk band from New Jersey, mid-1980s

tRaCks:- mtv / new jersey chemical dumpstate / no regrets / hated you then & i hate you now / military attitude / aids / flintstones 1 / anorexia a go go / unemployment club / buddyfucker / burnin' love / dioxin / total bedlam.


7 Seconds: (1981) Socially Fucked Up (Demo Tape)

7 Seconds is an American hardcore punk band from Reno, Nevada. Formed on January 17, 1980 by two sets of brothers; the Marvelli brothers, Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth in combination with the Borghino brothers, Tom Munist and Dim Menace. The band has gone through numerous lineup changes with the exception brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth who have remained a constant throughout the band's history. Notably in 1981, brothers Tom and Dim left to form Section 8. The current lineup of 7 Seconds consists of Kevin Seconds (vocals), Steve Youth (bass), Troy Mowat (drums), and Bobby Adams (guitar).
**This is a demo tape (K7) rip, don't excpect superb quality**

tRaCkS: 1.don't fuck with me /2.this means you / massacre /4.why don't you /5.fuck all /6.socially fucked up /7.racism sucks /8.i can't take it /9.i hate sports /10.get down /11.wasted life ain't /'re killing me /13.hardcore rules


Attitude Adjustment: (1985) Dead Serious (Demo Tape)

Hardcore punk band from Bay Area, California, USA...

**This is a demo tape (K7) rip, don't excpect superb quality**

TrAcKs:- 1.dead serious - 2.bombs - 3.kristallnacht - 4.grey world - 5.electric shock - 6.american paranoid - 7.9 to 5 religion - the center - 9.d.s.f.a.d.m.s - 10.incredible end


Bedlam: (1986) Lost in Space (Buy Our Recs.)

Punk band from New Jersey, mid-1980s

tRaCkS:- lost in space / mongoofy / burn one / knife in my back / rotting from the inside out / cutback / generation landslide / bonus track.