Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wipers:(1988) The Circle (Restless Recs.)

Misunderstood, mistreated, underrated, and/or just plain unknown, Greg Sage should be mentioned in the first breaths about trailblazing guitarists and U.S. independent music of the '80s and '90s. Since forming his band, Wipers, in Portland, OR, in the late '70s, Sage has been put through the ringer more than enough to justify his hermetic operating methods and attitude. While most of his devout fans consider it a travesty that his name isn't as known as a contemporary 
like Bob Mould or even an unabashed fan-boy turned legend like Kurt Cobain, Sage would likely retort that it's not for the notoriety that he began making music. Unlike most other musicians who gain inspiration and motivation from watching their favorite stars revel in popularity and idol worship, Sage's inspiration stemmed more from the joy he got from cutting records on his own lathe. He has been more than content to remain in the underground, retaining optimum control over his own career while lending production help and support to younger bands that look to him for his guidance. Throughout his lengthy and prolific career, he has downplayed or shunned any attention or recognition given to him, preferring to let the music speak for Andy Kellman

1.i want a way
2.time marches on
3.all the same
4.true believer
5.good thing
6.make or break
7.the circle
8.goodbye again there & red


Nando40 said...

senha/pass: hha

WildDevilMan said...

always great!!!

sfdoomed said...

I've learned to like the later Wipers stuff over the last few years. I actually haven't heard this one yet. Thanks for posting!

Graham Thomas said...

I love you, your blog is great, thank you for sharing music from one of the best bands to ever exist. If you like my music, you should share it!

it's freeeee