Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Exploited:(1999) The Singles (EAGCD094)

The Exploited are one of the U.K.'s most politically outspoken thrash bands. Based in Edinburgh, the band is led by vocalist Wattie Buchan, whose supporting cast has changed several times since the group's inception around the end of the '70s. The band has garnered a sizable hardcore audience in the U.K. for its anti-authoritarian stance and criticism of the government, particularly in the Reagan/Thatcher era, but their following is not quite as large in the U.S. and has declined somewhat in Britain over the years. by Steve Huey

tracks life
2.the mods
3.crashed out
4.exploited barmy army
5.i believe in anarchy
6.what you gonna do
7.dogs of war
8.blown to bits (live)
9.dead cities
10.hitler's in the charts again
11.class war
12.spg (live)
13.cop cars (live)
17.troops of tomorrow
18.computers don't blunder
20.rival leaders style
23.punk's not dead (live) and violence (live)
25.dole q (live)
26.out of control (live)

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