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The Exploited:(1999) The Singles (EAGCD094)

The Exploited are one of the U.K.'s most politically outspoken thrash bands. Based in Edinburgh, the band is led by vocalist Wattie Buchan, whose supporting cast has changed several times since the group's inception around the end of the '70s. The band has garnered a sizable hardcore audience in the U.K. for its anti-authoritarian stance and criticism of the government, particularly in the Reagan/Thatcher era, but their following is not quite as large in the U.S. and has declined somewhat in Britain over the years. by Steve Huey

tracks life
2.the mods
3.crashed out
4.exploited barmy army
5.i believe in anarchy
6.what you gonna do
7.dogs of war
8.blown to bits (live)
9.dead cities
10.hitler's in the charts again
11.class war
12.spg (live)
13.cop cars (live)
17.troops of tomorrow
18.computers don't blunder
20.rival leaders style
23.punk's not dead (live) and violence (live)
25.dole q (live)
26.out of control (live)

Wipers:(1988) The Circle (Restless Recs.)

Misunderstood, mistreated, underrated, and/or just plain unknown, Greg Sage should be mentioned in the first breaths about trailblazing guitarists and U.S. independent music of the '80s and '90s. Since forming his band, Wipers, in Portland, OR, in the late '70s, Sage has been put through the ringer more than enough to justify his hermetic operating methods and attitude. While most of his devout fans consider it a travesty that his name isn't as known as a contemporary 
like Bob Mould or even an unabashed fan-boy turned legend like Kurt Cobain, Sage would likely retort that it's not for the notoriety that he began making music. Unlike most other musicians who gain inspiration and motivation from watching their favorite stars revel in popularity and idol worship, Sage's inspiration stemmed more from the joy he got from cutting records on his own lathe. He has been more than content to remain in the underground, retaining optimum control over his own career while lending production help and support to younger bands that look to him for his guidance. Throughout his lengthy and prolific career, he has downplayed or shunned any attention or recognition given to him, preferring to let the music speak for Andy Kellman

1.i want a way
2.time marches on
3.all the same
4.true believer
5.good thing
6.make or break
7.the circle
8.goodbye again there & red

MxPx:(1997) Small Town Minds (Tooth & Nail Recs.)

The Christian-themed punk-pop outfit MxPx formed in 1993 in Bremerton, WA. Originally dubbed Magnified Plaid, the group launched while its three members -- vocalist/bassist Mike Herrera, drummer Yuri Ruley, and guitarist Andy Husted -- were still attending high school. The moniker was later shortened to MxPx after Ruley abbreviated the name on some show flyers; poor handwriting saw the periods being interpreted as x's instead, and the name stuck. Wielding an energetic sound that was inspired by the Descendents, NOFX, the group's own Christian faith, and California's skateboard culture, the band wasted little time attracting a local following.

1.small town minds-first class mail
2.can't see not saying
4.thoughts and ideas
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Cockney Rejects:(1997) The Punk Singles Collection (Anagram Recs.)

Inspired by the critically reviled working-class punk of Sham 69, the Cockney Rejects helped give voice to the punk subgenre tagged Oi!, partly thanks to the group's 1980 song "Oi! Oi! Oi!" The Rejects' sound was loud, brash, and crudely performed, with an irreverent sense of humor and an inclination toward mindless anarchy that made them appealing to frustrated lower-class youth and, unfortunately, the more extreme right-wing racist faction among the growing skinhead movement, an association the group did not encourage but for which it was soundly berated.

1.flares 'n' slippers
2.police car
3.i wanna be a star
4.i'm not a fool
5.east end
6.bad man!
7.the new song
8.the greatest cockney rip off
9.hate of the city
10.i'm forever blowing bubbles
11.west side boys
12.We Can Do Anything
13.15 Nights
14.We Are the Firm
15.War on the Terraces
16.Easy Life (Live)
17.Motörhead (Live)
18.Hand 'Em High (Live)
19.On The Streets Again
21.Till The End Of The Day
22.Rock 'N' Roll Dream


Discharge:(1995) The Clay Punk Singles Collection (Clay Recs.)

Discharge was formed in 1977 in Stoke-on-Trent by Ivan Rivera (vocals) and Roy "Rainy" Wainwright (guitar). They soon recruited Terry's younger brother Tony "Bones" Roberts on lead guitar, Nigel Bamford on bass and Tony "Akko" Axon on drums. Engaging Tanya Rich as their manager, led to the band recording their first demo, and saw them supporting bands such as The Ruts, The Clash and The Damned at The Victoria Hall, Hanley. Tanya then 'badgered' Mike Stone to visit them in rehearsals, and to eventually signing the band to Clay Records. (Realities of War is 'Dedicated to Tanya' next to the label.) After arranging their first tour to Scotland (Paisley) and other parts of Northern England, Tanya left the band as Kelvin wanted to manage them himself. This line-up recorded a demo in 1977. Atkinson left, followed by Bamford, and the band recruited Kelvin "Cal" Morris (previously one of their roadies) as vocalist, with Tezz moving to drums and Rainy moving to bass. The musical style of the band was initially influenced by 1977-era punk bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Damnedand The Clash.

1.realities of war
2.they declare it
3.but after the gig
4.society's victim
5.fight back
6.war's no fairytale
7.always restrictions take part in creating this system
9.religion instigates
10.decontrol's not tv scetch
12.tomorrow belong to us
13.never again
14.death dealers
15.two monsterous nuclear stockpiles
16.state violence state control
17.doom's day
19.where this is a will defence of our future
21.anger burning
22.the price of silence
23.born to die in the gutter
24.the more i see you
25.protest and survive
26.ignorance compromise


Dead Boys:(1977) Young Loud and Snotty (Sire Recs.)

Classic album from a classic punk band from US

1.sonic reducer
2.all this and more
3.what love is
4.not anymore
5.ain't nothin' to do
6.caught with the meat in your mouth
7.hey little girl
8.i need lunch
9.high tension wire
10.down in flames
11.not anymore/ain't nothin' to do



Goodbye Harry:(1995) Food Stamp Bbq (Cruz Recs.)

Good punk band from US, with Scott (ALL) Reynolds on vocals...

1.habit check
5.bombom's old house
6.head cold
7.goodbye harry
9.big little
10.half the time late, dollar short
14.piss me off
15.i need to know

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Alloy: (1994) Paper Thin Front (Engine Recs.)

Alloy seems to be stuck between two states -- plain, boring rock is the dominant feel on Paper Thin Front, but there's also an undercurrent of dark, driving indie (a heavy Girls vs. Boys influence, namely, as some of the album's production work was done by one of their members). In the end, Alloy ends up mucking around in the middle ("Innocent," "Arsenal"), and occasionally swinging over into standard collegiate indie-rock ("Allegheny"), but never really doing anything to make their songs interesting. The overall impression with this album is that Alloy is merely a watered-down version of Girls vs. Boys, and could afford to develop something to make their own work appealing.

5.razor wire
6.paper thin front

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Alligator Gun: (1999) Over and Over (Offtime Recs.)

Melodic pop punk rock from Milwaukee, USA...

5.rockford allstar
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Ação Direta: (1997) Entre A Benção e O Caos (Pecúlio Discos)

Amazing old school hardcore from São Paulo, Brazil.

1.entre a benção e o caos
3.deuses dogmas e violência
4.miséria mercado alvo
5.a natureza humana
6.ciclo vicioso
7.por qual razão
8.17 de abril
9.the ruiner
10.a vida sem a arte seu alcance
12.fábrica de ilusões
13.the darkness

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