Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Thumbs (2001) Last Match (Adeline Recs.)

The Thumbs pour themselves into this record, devoting all their faculties to pulling off their intense, visceral three-man punk. Hailing from Baltimore, The Thumbs posit themselves into a dirty and crud-filled wedge between pop-punk and Oi!, with enough amplified passions to cover multiple subgenres. One thing that's interesting is that The Thumbs are a good example of how hardcore survived and thrived two decades after its initial appearance in the very early Reagan era. While track titles such as "Where's the Battle Cry," with their forefathers of yesteryear, Last Match demonstrates how punk rock at the street level has evolved through multiple evolutionary stages from what it was. by Jeremy Salmon
1.bruno batta
2.businessman patriot
3.candy killed the kid
4.high powered lens
5.reciprocity is not for me
6.yellow metal
7.where's the battle cry? water
9.a year to the day
10.give the people what they want
11.oh no politico! or mud

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