Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pavement (1997) Shady Lane (Matador Recs.)

The Shady Lane EP combines all the tracks from the two-part British single for "Shady Lane," which is presented here in a slightly faster, slightly shorter edited version. While the remaining four songs aren't essential, they're fun for collectors. "Slowly Typed" is a shambling, countrified piss-take on Brighten the Corners' "Type Slowly," "Wanna Mess You Around" is dynamic, noisy, one-and-a-half minute punk, "Cherry Area" is by-the-books Pavement with a great intro, and "No Tan Lines," with its faux-bossa nova beat and bitchy lyrics, is the best of the bunch. The EP is hardly necessary -- each song is essentially a throwaway, and none of them are nearly as good as "Give it a Day" or "Gangsters and Pranksters" from the previous EP, Pacific Trim -- but it has a lighthearted sense of humor that was missing from Brighten the Corners, which makes it of interest to diehard fans. by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

1.shady lane
2.slowly typed
3.cherry area
4.wanna mess you around tan lines

senha/pass: hha

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