Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pavement (1995) Father to a Sister Thought (Matador Recs.)

Pavement's Father to a Sister of Thought single contains the somewhat underwhelming title track, taken from the band's Wowee Zowee album, and two B-sides of differing quality. "Father to a Sister of Thought" isn't Pavement's finest hour; it's a lazy-sounding song played mostly on what sounds like a slide guitar or a guitar put through a sound-effects processor set on country. Truth be told, it works better as a single than it does on Wowee Zowee, since it's a somewhat traditional song showing Pavement in their slow, psychedelic mode, and the album contains such a broad range of styles. One of the reasons Wowee Zowee was so charming was because it displayed all of the bands influences up against each other with no breather for a listener. Had most of the tracks been released as singles, like "Father to a Sister of Thought" here, the merit of individual songs would be more apparent. "Kris Kraft" is the more interesting of the two B-sides. It's a bubbly, exuberant good time, seeing Pavement in full-bounce mode; diehard fans know that's when the band shines brightest. The song sees Stephen Malkmus singing about beach clubs, tacky surfer clothes, and other sea imagery. by Tim DiGravina

1.father to a sister of thought
2.kris kraft
3.mussle rock (is a horse in transition)

senha/pass: hha

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