Sunday, September 23, 2012

Horace Pinker (1994) Power Tools (Earwax Recs.)

Horace Pinker is an American punk rock band formed in 1991 in Tempe, Arizona and currently based in Chicago, Illinois. They play an energetic, melodic form of pop-punk, filled with catchy hooks and political lyrics, and are staunch supporters of independent music. Horace Pinker has played in more than 19 countries all over the world from Europe to Brazil to Australia, and continues to play punk rock clubs, halls, and basements for an all-ages crowd. They have played some of the biggest festivals on the European circuit, including the Dynamo Open Air in the Netherlands, Popkomm in Germany and Belgium’s Groezrock. 
Although some are quick to point out that they never achieved commercial success over the years or sell-out tours like so many of their peers, HP continues to defy the trends and release records with thoughtful lyrics and powerful music that cannot be pinned down to a simple category or genre.

1.first everything
2.punker than g.b.h.
3.sixty-seven cents
4.bryan's song
6.rescue me
7.bottom line thoughts
10.can't change the world
11.six east
12.power tools
13.vinyl seats
14.our lips are sealed

senha/pass: hha

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