Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Alien Sex Fiend: (1990) Curse (Sinclair)

Starting the 1990s with a totally out-of-nowhere move, Curse sprang to
life with a lengthy orchestral blast of hyperbombast and creepiness, "Katch 22." Hearing synth choirs and Wagnerian percussion rolls while Nik spoke portentously had to have thrown just about any longtime Fiend fan for a loop, even when some of the later lyrics had him proclaiming "This good ol' boy is floating around in a's a bitch!" Having demonstrated their ability to confound expectations, the four Fiends turned right around and served up one of the band's best-ever slices of electricshockabilly, the slow-burning "Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied." From there on in it's more Fiendish business as usual, just as invigorating, funny and flesh-crawling as always, though it's a much more technological ASF than ever before. Sampling, loops, and nods to hip-hop and dance culture have never been stronger than here, foreseeing Mr. and Mrs. Fiend's increasing fascination with and involvement in techno, albeit very much from an outsider's perspective. ~~ by Ned Raggett

1.katch 22 i'm feeling zombified
4.blessing of the state (extended mix)! eat! eat! (an eye for an eye)
6.ain't got time to bleed
7.bleeding reprise
9.burger bar baby
10.i think i
11.mad daddy drives a ufo
12.wuthering wind jimi
14.hands of the silken
15.blessing in disguise
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