Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PODCAST - Basement's Hope EpIsOdE ONE

This is the first episode of Basement's Hope a new Podcast show from Hangover Heart Attack.. ENJOY!!

****This podcast includes only MUSIC not trash talking during the show!!

1.Great Day For Up "Taste of The Wasted" from Flores de Sangre
2.Eddy Current Suppression Ring "Anxiety" from Rush to Relax
3.Brain Police "Mystic Lover" from Beyond The Wasteland
4.Gore Gore Girls "Fox In A Box" from HerYa Session at Shirk Music
5.Report Suspicious Activity "1-800-Destroy" from Destroy All Evidence
6.Greenleaf "Treehorn" from Agents Of Ahriman
7.Sasquatch "Rattlesnake Flake" from II
8.Sun Gods In Exile "Eye For An Eye" from Black Light, White Lines
9.Shame Club "Jonestown" from Come On
10.She Swings, She Sways "What I Wouldn't Do" from Wasted Love Songs
11.The Pillcrushers "Is It True" from Welcome to The World
12.Roadsaw "Right On Through" from Raw N'Roll

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http://6aba4d54.linkbucks.com (Peeje)
..password: hha

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