Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PODCAST - Basement's Hope EpIsOdE ONE

This is the first episode of Basement's Hope a new Podcast show from Hangover Heart Attack.. ENJOY!!

****This podcast includes only MUSIC not trash talking during the show!!

1.Great Day For Up "Taste of The Wasted" from Flores de Sangre
2.Eddy Current Suppression Ring "Anxiety" from Rush to Relax
3.Brain Police "Mystic Lover" from Beyond The Wasteland
4.Gore Gore Girls "Fox In A Box" from HerYa Session at Shirk Music
5.Report Suspicious Activity "1-800-Destroy" from Destroy All Evidence
6.Greenleaf "Treehorn" from Agents Of Ahriman
7.Sasquatch "Rattlesnake Flake" from II
8.Sun Gods In Exile "Eye For An Eye" from Black Light, White Lines
9.Shame Club "Jonestown" from Come On
10.She Swings, She Sways "What I Wouldn't Do" from Wasted Love Songs
11.The Pillcrushers "Is It True" from Welcome to The World
12.Roadsaw "Right On Through" from Raw N'Roll

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Vice Squad: (2000) Lo-Fi Life (Sudden Death Records)

Recent History
The current line up has now been together for 7 years and is actually the longest serving line up under the Vice Squad name playing more shows and releasing more material than any other line up.
Core to the bands output is the Bond/Rooney partnership which has been together since The Bombshell days and they are now augmented with a solid and formidable rhythm section in Piper/Giaquinto.
1998 New revamped Vice Squad release album Get A Life.
1999 Vice Squad undertook a hugely successful European tour visiting 8 countries along the way. The band also agreed to play the UK's largest punk festival Holidays In The Sun and were well received. Late 1999 saw the band travel to the USA to play on the now legendary Social Chaos tour along with 14 other bands. Released this year was the Resurrection album.
2000 - This year saw the release of Lo Fi Life for the Canadian and Usa markets. Also released was the Lavender Hill Mob EP. The band was asked to contribute tracks for tribute albums to both Nirvana and Metallica on Cleopatra Records.
The band returned to play both the USA and Canada following the success of the Social Chaos tour, this time round the band covered over 11,000 miles in six weeks.

1.We Came, We Saw
2.Someone Else
3.Superficial People
4.Fresh Air
5.Lo-Fi Life
6.Street Cred
7.Where Are They All Now
8.Stand Strong, Stand Proud
9.He Said, She Said
12.Last Rockers
13.Back in The Cage

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..home-page: www.vicesquad.co.uk/

Vice Squad: (2003) Rich And Famous (EMI)

1.Street Cred
2.Jimmy Jaguar
4.Dead Doll
5.Princess Paranoia
6.Rich And Famous
7.I Am
8.Ship Of Fools
10.Human Wreckage
11.Karaoke Bar
12.Plain Jane
13.Drama Queen
15.Antisocial Insecurity
16.Can't Buy Back The Dead
17.The Great Fire Of London
18.Get A Life
19.Business As Usual

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..home-page: www.vicesquad.co.uk/