Thursday, February 23, 2012

Various Artists - Generations 1 A Punk Look At Human Rights

Governments are taking human rights off their agenda. There's an attempt to redefine human rights to make profit and to demote human rights as an issue. This album is a challenge to all these. Our goals are the opposite. We believe in the universality of rights for all. The people of the earth deserve nothing else. No lesser person-anywhere.
--Jack Healey.

1.generations (Electric Dog House)
2.the alien song with exene cervenka (Red Aunts)
3.legend of pat brown (Assorted Jelly Beans)
4.nervous breakdown (Pennywise)
5.21 guns (Good Riddance)
6.coming to america (Me First & The Gimme Gimmes), da, da (Green Day)
8.27 (Lagwagon)
9.criminal (The John Doe Thing)
10.synthetic world (Swamp Dogg Does Moon Dogg)
11.jilted john (The Vandals)
12.don't bother me (Bad Brains)
13.bugs (B.U.G.S.)
14.that last (Fetish)
15.ya, ya, ya, ya, ya (The Mr. T Experience)
16.can't make love with Tr'e Cool (Pansy Division)
17.push shove (X-Members) care for all americans (Dead Fucking Last)
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