Sunday, January 22, 2012

SUNBRAIN - Good Side

Sunbrain was formed in 1990 in Clemson, SC. In 1993, their debut album, Perfection Lies, was released on New York's Grass Records. The band went on to release two other albums, Good Side and Live, for Grass. Sunbrain's fourth and final album, Liquid, was released on Ghostmeat in 1996. Sunbrain disbanded later that year.
Sunbrain singer/guitarist David Dondero has continued as a solo artist. He has three releases on Ghostmeat- ...The Pity Party in 1999, Spider West Myshkin And A City Bus in 2000 and the Spider West Myshkin And A City Bus Reissue+2 CD in 2003. Other releases by Dondero can be found on Future Farmer Records and Team Love.
Sunbrain guitarist Russ Hallauer went on to form Athens, GA's Lures with Jason Slatton (Randall Bramblett Band), Clay Leverett (Drip, Lona, Now It's Overhead, The Chasers, Bright Eyes) and Larry Tenner (Magneto). The Lures released two albums in 1999 and 2001. In 2008, he released his solo debut Songs For The Dark.

tRacKs skin
2.liquid resume
3.almost thanksgiving
5.sticky pages
6.folding chair
7.way gone
8.rewind button
9.not so stranger
10.good side

..year: 1994

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