Saturday, January 14, 2012

RIVERDALES - Riverdales

The Riverdales are a Chicago-based band which formed in 1994 in the wake of prominent Chicago punk band Screeching Weasel. At a time when pop-punk was breaking through to the mainstream, Screeching Weasel front man Ben "Weasel" Foster elected to end the band and get back to his Ramones-based roots. Foster shared vocal and songwriter duties equally with co-frontman Dan "Vapid" Schafer (a proven frontman in his own right from his days in Sludgeworth).

tRacKs tonight
2.judy go home
3.wanna be alright
4.back to you
5.not over me
6.she's gonna break your heart
7.i think about you during the commercials
9.plan 13
10.outta sight your dreams
12.hampton beach

..year: 1995
..label: lookout records


Ananda said...

Thanks, very fun cd!!!

Nagiants40 said...

..password: hha