Saturday, January 14, 2012

RAMONES - It's Alive @FLAC

One of the greatest live albums of all time, It's Alive captures the Ramones at their absolute peak. Recorded at London's Rainbow Theater on New Year's Eve 1977, the album contains 28 songs (every one a classic) from the band's landmark first three albums: Ramones, Ramones Leave Home, and Rocket to Russia performed at breakneck speed in under an hour. In fact, the band only pauses long enough for bassist Dee Dee to count off the next tune -- "one-two-three-four!" -- and for singer Joey to complain about some bad chicken vindaloo. It has often been said that the Ramones helped save rock & roll by making it fun again -- It's Alive is the perfect case in point. Long live the Ramones!

1.rockaway beach (1:57)
2.teenage lobotomy (1:54)
3.blitzkrieg bop (1:56)
4.i wanna be well (2:20)
5.glad to see you go (1:49)
6.gimme gimme shock treatment (1:34)'re gonna kill that girl (2:24)
8.i don't care (1:36)
9.sheena is a punk rocker (2:15)
10.havana affair (1:34)
11.commando (1:35) today, gone tomorrow (2:40)
13.surfin' bird (2:19)
14.cretin hop (2:00)
15.listen to my heart (1:40)
16.california sun (1:45)
17.i don't wann walk around with you (1:35)
18.pinhead (2:16) you wanna dance? (1:40)
20.chainsaw (1:25) your love, tomorrow the world (2:40)
22.i wanna be a good boy (2:08)
23.judy is a punk (1:14)
24.suzy is a headbanger (1:51)
25.let's dance (2:05)
26.oh oh i love her so (1:40) i wanna sniff some glue (1:20)
28.we're a happy family (2:02)

..year: 1990
..label: Sire/WEA
..password: hha

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RevolutionaryBum said...

I have to agree ! One of the best Live albums ever (MOTT Live, RnR Animal,TUBES What do you want from live) a couple others. but nothing beets the excitement of this, when it slams in and never lets up shivers go up your spine and you wanna throw something through the window ! Does anyone have any Idea what an Autographed copy of this is going for ? Sadly without Tommy but Marky, I'm sure that would knock it down a a few $