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VA - 20 Years of Dischord ((Links Updated))

Washington D.C. in the late 1970s had a small localized music scene: cover-bands and bands who slipped originals into sets padded out with covers to keep the patrons drinking and dancing. Around 1979, a small scene within a small scene emerged. Bands like BAD BRAINS, THE PENETRATORS, THE ENZYMES and others were playing a harder-edged brand of music than the new wave bands working in the local club scene. Early Dischord roots can be traced to this year as THE SLINKEES (Ian MacKaye, Jeff Nelson, Geordie Grindle and Mark Sullivan) played their only show at a garage party that summer. Mark went to college in the fall, Nathan Strejcek took over the vocalist slot, and they became THE TEEN IDLES. They were playing in the DC area before year's end.
In the late 1980, the Teen Idles were coming to the end of their run. They decided to record and self-release some of their material, figuring no one else would do it. It is important to note that at this time, putting out your own record was virtually unthinkable. They'de been disappointed with their two previous studio sessions, and had no idea how to get a record out. TThankfully, Skipp Groff, owner of a record store in Rockville, Maryland called Yesterday and Today, an early supporter of the scene, was getting some local bands exposure on his label, Limp Records. Skip gave advice on recording and pressing records. His role in helping the Teen Idles is no small detail and should not be overlooked. Skip produced the first two Dischord releases and mixed the third.
It is important to note that in the twenyt-years since Dischord's start, the recording industry has changed drastically. These days, many bands know a lot about the recording process, management and promotion. They figure a record deal is out there waiting for them -- and a lot of times, they're correct. There was no thinking remotely like that amongst the Teen Idles. The next time you listen to the Teen Idles single, picture the time and the relative musical wilderness in which these guys were knocking it out -- it makes the listeing that much better. To rip it as hard as they did in the studio with such little experience is a testament to how good they were as a band.
Following up Skip's suggestion, the Teen Idles booked time at Don Zientara's Inner Ear Studio to make the record. They knew they'd need a name for the label, and Ian came up with "Dischord". Months later, Dischord No.1 was released: The Teen Idles 'Minor Disturbance EP'. Eight songs on a 7" record. It was an exciting start for the label and a swan song for the band, as they broke up soon after recording.
The Inner Ear/Dischord relationship proved to be hugely important and has a lot to do with the early Dischord sound. At the time, Inner Ear was a 4-track setup, located in Don's basement. Don was notable in the scene because he had recorded the amazing BAD BRAINS sessions that all of us had bad-sounding, much played cassettes of (Later to emerge in the mid 90s as 'Black Dots' on Carolina Records. Worth checking out). The band I was in, SOA, and Ian and Jeff's new band, MINOR THREAT, recorded at Inner Ear in 1981 and the results were Dischord Nos. 2 and 3.
Don gave great support and guidance to Ian, who was new to the recording process and interested in producing. Don's energy, enthusiasm and support for Dischord is off the map and remains the same to the present. By the same token, eberyone knows that Inner Ear is where most Dischord bands records. If you look at the recording information on Dischord releases, a great number have been tracked at Inner Ear many have been produced by Ian. The amount of work they have done together is miles past impressive. Ian and Jeff's friendship with Don is now over twenty years on.
On a personal note, my favorite Don Z. story reads as follows: One of the best shows I have ever seen in my life was in June of 1983 when MINOR THREAT opened for THE DAMNED at DC's Ontario Theater. I have never seen Minor Threat do a show that was less than great, but on this night they were beyond belief. The audience was set on a frenzy for the entirety of the set and it was not a gentle scene on the dance floor. After the set was over, I see Don walking crookedly out of the mass of people - he stands over six feet tall so he's easy to spot. Here's this guy, older than everyone there, shirt wet with sweat, glasses crooked, out of breath, eyes wide, huge grin across his face. He looks at me and says "They were great!" as he staggers out to the lobby.
In 1981 Ian and Jeff moved the label across the river to Arlington, Virginia into an old green house they shared with three others, which was subsequently dubbed Dischord House. Not knowing how long they would stay, they kept Ian's parents' house on Beecher Street as the mailing address.
A small room off the kitchen served as the record company office. It was a company run when they weren't at their day jobs, practicing with their bands in the basement, or on tour. There was a lot of work to be done. At this time, the 7" sleeves were hand cut and pasted together, there was no company budget to speak of; things moved slowly.
It is one thing to sell records locally. One can sometimes get small record stores to take small quantities on consignment. Getting the records outside your own area code is not easy now, and back then it was all uphill. Small distributors who would take a chance on a small label would often not have the money to pay the label what they owned because they, too, were getting shorted by the people they were selling to. Like many small labels, Dischord was and still is a lot of work, but twenty years down the road it keeps going strong. Countless labels with larger budgets have done less, had less impact and disappeared in the same time. You might ask how Dischord does it. I think it's down to the music and the people behind it. At all great labels like Dischord, (Chicago's Touch and Go Records comes to mind) there are great people at every level from the bands on down the line. Music over marketing, content over profit, ethic over strategy.
Dischord keeps their prices low, the ads are informational and hype-free. They are looking for listeners, not consumers. They run fairly in the face of what's known as the "music industry". They are not trying to outing in the music of DC-area bands. That being said, Dischord has struck worldwide cultural impact with taste-fullness, style, an recognition that is unique and envied by labels all over, and with an integrity that labels of all sizes will strategize to acquire in basements and boardrooms for years to come.
Some of the records documented in this box have affected you, inspired you or in some way moved you. That's why you keep showing up, right ? Absolutely. -- HENRY ROLLINS.

CD -- 1
1.THE TEEN IDLES "Get Up and Go"
3.STATE OF ALERT "Public Defender"
4.MINOR THREAT "Screaming at a Wall"
5.VOID "Dehumanized"
6.YOUTH BRIGADE "Barbed Wire"
7.GOVERMENT ISSUE "Rock & Roll Bullshit"
8.SCREAM "Fight/American Justice"
9.IRON CROSS "Live For Now"
10.RED C "Pressure's On"
11.DEADLINE "Stolen Youth"
13.FAITH "Subject to Change"
14.SKEWBALD "Sorry/Change for the Same"
15.MARGINAL MAN "Missing Rungs"
16.GRAY MATTER "Oscar's Eye"
17.RITES OF SPRING "Drink Deep"
18.BEEFEATER "Just Things"
19.THE SNAKES "Snake Rap"
20.DAG NASTY "Circles"
21.EMBRACE "Money"
22.SOULSIDE "Punch the Geek"
23.EGG HUNT "We All Fall Down"
24.ONE LAST WISH "This Time"
26.IGNITION "Rebuilding"
27.THREE "Domino Days"
29.HAPPY GO LICKY "Twist and Shout"

CD -- 2
1.FUGAZI "Blueprint"
2.LUNGFISH "Friend to Friend in Endtime"
3.FIDELITY JONES "Destructor"
4.THE NATION OF ULYSSES "Spectra Sonic Sound"
5.HOLY ROLLERS "Perfect Sleeper"
6.JAWBOX "Motorist"
7.SEVERIN "People Are Wrong"
9.AUTOCLAVE "I'll Take You Down"
11.BRANCH MANAGER "Mr. Weekend"
12.SLANT 6 "What Kind of Monster Are You?"
13.HOOVER "Cable"
14.TRUSTY "Goodbye, Dr. Fate"
17.THE WARMERS "Poked it With a Sick"
18.THE MAKE-UP "They Live By Night"
19.BLUETIP "Castanet"
20.FARAQUET "Cut Self Not"
21.Q AND NOT U "Hooray for Humans"

1.THE TEEN IDLES "Get Up and Go"
2.THE TEEN IDLES "Deadhead"
3.THE UNTOUCHABLES "Stepping Stone"
4.STATE OF ALERT "Draw Blank"
5.MINOR THREAT "Straight Edge (Live)"
6.MINOR THREAT "Understand"
8.GOVERNMENT ISSUE "Asshole (with Ian)"
9.MINOR THREAT "Asshole Dub"
11.ROZZLYN RANGERS "Rozzlyn Rangers"
12.VOID "Black, Jewish and Poor"
13.VOID "Authority (takes 1 and 2)"
14.SCREAM "Search for Employment"
15.DEADLINE "No Revolution"
16.FAITH "No Choice"
17.MARGINAL MAN "Manipulator"
18.DAG NASTY "All Ages Show (rare)"
19.FUGAZI "The Word"
20.FUGAZI "Burning (Live)"
21.SHUDDER TO THINK "Drop Dead Don't Blink"
22.CIRCUS LUPUS "We Are The One (rare)"
23.SLANT 6 "Are You Human?"

..year: 2002

NO USE FOR A NAME - The Daily Grind

No Use for a Name (sometimes abbreviated NUFAN or No Use) is a punk rock band from San Jose, California, United States formed in 1987.

1.until it's gone
2.old what's his name
3.permanent rust
5.count down
6.hazardous to yourself
7.the daily grind
8.feeding the fire

..year: 1993

SCARED OF CHAKA - Masonic Youth

Scared Of Chaka is a punk rock band based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, which was formed in 1993 by guitarist/vocalist David Yanul Hernandez, bass guitarist Dameon Waggoner and drummer Jeff Jones. Jone was later replaced by Ron Skrasek. The band played a Dickies inspired mix of garage and pop-punk, following in the footsteps of local Albuquerque act the Drags. The band released a number of full lengths, 7" EPs, and split records throughout its career for labels including 702 Records, Empty Records, Dirtnap Records and Hopeless spin off Sub City Records. Following the 2001 release of Crossing with Switchblades the band dissolved. The band played a number of reunion shows in 2008, including Music Fest NW in Portland, Oregon, and FunFunFunFest in Austin, Texas. On September 20 they performed with Dillinger Four as part of the inaugural year of Forward Music Fest in Madison, Wiconsin.

1.i must
2.crashed out
4.5 side master
6.wanna make it happen
8.bad looks there's fire
10.big mess
11.toilet duck hit
13.sea dragon
14.only one

..year: 1996
..label: Empty Records

SLIME - Compilation '81 bis '87

Great classic punk band from Germany...

3.on the run
6.paranoia values
8.wasted wasted
9.we're always gonna win
10.ain't gonna take it
11.don't give a fuck
12.yankees raus
13.nazis raus, illegal, scheissegal
15.polizei polizei
16.never wanna leave song
18.hey punk
19.whis i was
22.we're alright
23.yankees out
24.1,7% blues

..year: 1990
..home-page: n/a
..label: Bitzcore

SUNBRAIN - Good Side

Sunbrain was formed in 1990 in Clemson, SC. In 1993, their debut album, Perfection Lies, was released on New York's Grass Records. The band went on to release two other albums, Good Side and Live, for Grass. Sunbrain's fourth and final album, Liquid, was released on Ghostmeat in 1996. Sunbrain disbanded later that year.
Sunbrain singer/guitarist David Dondero has continued as a solo artist. He has three releases on Ghostmeat- ...The Pity Party in 1999, Spider West Myshkin And A City Bus in 2000 and the Spider West Myshkin And A City Bus Reissue+2 CD in 2003. Other releases by Dondero can be found on Future Farmer Records and Team Love.
Sunbrain guitarist Russ Hallauer went on to form Athens, GA's Lures with Jason Slatton (Randall Bramblett Band), Clay Leverett (Drip, Lona, Now It's Overhead, The Chasers, Bright Eyes) and Larry Tenner (Magneto). The Lures released two albums in 1999 and 2001. In 2008, he released his solo debut Songs For The Dark.

tRacKs skin
2.liquid resume
3.almost thanksgiving
5.sticky pages
6.folding chair
7.way gone
8.rewind button
9.not so stranger
10.good side

..year: 1994

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RIVERDALES - Riverdales

The Riverdales are a Chicago-based band which formed in 1994 in the wake of prominent Chicago punk band Screeching Weasel. At a time when pop-punk was breaking through to the mainstream, Screeching Weasel front man Ben "Weasel" Foster elected to end the band and get back to his Ramones-based roots. Foster shared vocal and songwriter duties equally with co-frontman Dan "Vapid" Schafer (a proven frontman in his own right from his days in Sludgeworth).

tRacKs tonight
2.judy go home
3.wanna be alright
4.back to you
5.not over me
6.she's gonna break your heart
7.i think about you during the commercials
9.plan 13
10.outta sight your dreams
12.hampton beach

..year: 1995
..label: lookout records

NOFX - Punk In Drublic @FLAC

NOFX is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California (later relocating to San Francisco). The band was formed in 1983 by vocalist/bassist Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin. Drummer Erik Sandin joined NOFX shortly after. In 1991 El Hefe joined to play lead guitar and trumpet, rounding out the current line-up. The band rose to popularity with its album Punk in Drublic (1994), which was certified gold, and is now considered a classic punk album by fans and critics alike. NOFX's mainstream success was signified by a growing interest in punk rock during the 1990s, along with fellow California bands Pennywise, Rancid, Bad Religion, Green Day, The Offspring and Sublime. Unlike some of those bands, however, NOFX has never been signed to a major label.

2.leave it alone
4.the cause
5.don't call me white heart is yearning
7.perfect government
8.the brews
9.the quass
10.dying degree
12.lori meyers
13.jeff wears birkenstocks
14.punk guy
15.happy guy
17.scavenger type

..year: 1994
..password: hha

RAMONES - It's Alive @FLAC

One of the greatest live albums of all time, It's Alive captures the Ramones at their absolute peak. Recorded at London's Rainbow Theater on New Year's Eve 1977, the album contains 28 songs (every one a classic) from the band's landmark first three albums: Ramones, Ramones Leave Home, and Rocket to Russia performed at breakneck speed in under an hour. In fact, the band only pauses long enough for bassist Dee Dee to count off the next tune -- "one-two-three-four!" -- and for singer Joey to complain about some bad chicken vindaloo. It has often been said that the Ramones helped save rock & roll by making it fun again -- It's Alive is the perfect case in point. Long live the Ramones!

1.rockaway beach (1:57)
2.teenage lobotomy (1:54)
3.blitzkrieg bop (1:56)
4.i wanna be well (2:20)
5.glad to see you go (1:49)
6.gimme gimme shock treatment (1:34)'re gonna kill that girl (2:24)
8.i don't care (1:36)
9.sheena is a punk rocker (2:15)
10.havana affair (1:34)
11.commando (1:35) today, gone tomorrow (2:40)
13.surfin' bird (2:19)
14.cretin hop (2:00)
15.listen to my heart (1:40)
16.california sun (1:45)
17.i don't wann walk around with you (1:35)
18.pinhead (2:16) you wanna dance? (1:40)
20.chainsaw (1:25) your love, tomorrow the world (2:40)
22.i wanna be a good boy (2:08)
23.judy is a punk (1:14)
24.suzy is a headbanger (1:51)
25.let's dance (2:05)
26.oh oh i love her so (1:40) i wanna sniff some glue (1:20)
28.we're a happy family (2:02)

..year: 1990
..label: Sire/WEA
..password: hha

CRASH SUR VOS TOMBES - Self Titled @320

D.I.Y. demo made by this french punkers...

tRacKs fast urbaine
5.chose my way
7.charogne librale
8.grass track
9.crash sur vos tombes
10.daddy oi!
11.paix sociale
12.boum boum
13.toxic (live)

..year: n/a
..label: CSVT
..password: hha


One of the greatest Chicago punk bands ever...

2.friday night
4.the dance
7.over you get a message to you
14.yellow #5
15.fear of china
16.autumn salt apathy flytrap
17.don't sit down

..year: 1994
..label: Johann's Face Records
..password: hha

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Speak Your Peace @320

Now based in Portland, Oregon, and tighter than before, they have former Wehmacht drummer Brian Lehfeldt. It's equally as good as "Money Talks."
--by John Book,

1.born too soon
2.still born, again
3.insanity by the numbers
5.deathstyles of the poor and lonely thing or another
7.divided minds
8.speak your peace
9.killing time

..year: 1990
..label: Restless Records
..password: hha

D.S.T. - Demo & Misère 81-84 @320

I didn't find a lot of information about this french punk band...

1.La Guyannaise
11.Annais 2
12.Irradié mais Bourré
13.Big Woman

..year: 1981-1984 n/a
..home-page: n/a
..label: n/a
..password: hha

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Stream Of Consciousness @320

Another piece os art from this 80's hardcore thrashers from California, USA...

1.circus of fools
3.last laugh
6.see through you
7.just went black
9.altered visions
10.addiction last thought

..year: 1988
..label: Restless Records
..password: hha

DEAD SILENCE - Unlearning @320

This is a compilation of the Colorado band's first 4 releases, dating from 1985. Everything here was recorded on 8-track tape, and some of the later songs were digitally mastered, but it all sounds like the basic, raw hardcore that the band produced so well. The lyrics were perhaps the highlight of the recordings, which are good, but not always as right-on as a live show could be. If you ever saw this band live, these songs will please you! Now if we could just find a cd of their last four records...

1.god's for a day
2.patriots fight
3.mad scientist's ball
6.insecurities from the inside
8.fucked in the head
10.out of this world
11.fucked in the head (part.2) wasted
13.we turn away
14.too late
16.beggining of the end
17.behind my back
18.hippie crites
19.wasted time you see'em
22.mad scientist's ball (live ego's sake version)
23.1-4 world
24.belly full of lies
25.can you
26.sally river
28.victim of yourself

..label:vinyl communications
..password: hha

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Money Talks @320

Alongside other pioneering crossover acts like New York's S.O.D., Texas' D.R.I., and fellow Californians Suicidal Tendencies, Santa Monica's Cryptic Slaughter was influenced in equal parts by the lessons of political punk rock and no-holds-barred thrash metal. On its 1986 debut, Convicted, the quartet had opened a significant door, pushing hardcore into realms of sheer speed and furious hatred it had only flirted with in the past. So how in hell were they supposed to top this unbelievably crude but crucial document? Well, longtime fans will always bicker over favorites, but there seems to exist a split decision between that landmark first effort and its worthy successor, 1987's Money Talks. Defenders of the latter will probably tell you that Money Talks, with its cleaner production, more piercing lyrics, and varied tempos, struck the perfect balance between Convicted's innocent primitivism and the excessive refinement of third opus Stream of Consciousness. But the truth is that these differences seem both minimal and trivial after all these years; let's drop the subject and let the music do the talking. On Money Talks, Cryptic Slaughter's self-mandated crusade against the system begins with the album's Reagan-bashing cover artwork. From there on out, standout tracks like the title track, "Wake Up," "Freedom of Expression?," and "All Wrong" pack just as much power and intensity, if not outright insanity, as earlier Cryptic Slaughter favorites. One department they'd definitely improved in was Bill Crooks' lyrics, which proved even more intelligent and incisive this time around without sacrificing any of the brute conviction in his delivery. Simply put, with its tightly wound construction highlighting the nervous tension between punk and metal at euphoric new levels, Money Talks remains a peerless example of '80s hardcore.
--by Eduardo Rivadavia,

tRacKs talks
2.set your own pace
3.could be worse
4.wake up
5.freedom of expression
6.menace to mankind
7.too much, too little
8.human contrast
9.tables are turned
11.all wrong
12.american heroes

..label:Relapse Records
..password: hha

NUISANCE - Sunny Side Down @FLAC

This is the one you should own-- I've heard all the arguements--which one had the better personelle--which one was made in twelve tender hours on nothing more than three Mothers oatmeal and rasin cookies. But those arguements don't ring true anymore. When lores die(even punk rock legends) and all thats left is the music, Sunny Side Down, endures as a piece of rock music for the aging masses--it's got the teeth--and isn't afraid of the proverbial rock in the oatmeal(apple sauce(?) Where are they now a reviewer asks above me: Andy plays in The Pattern which reside somewhere in the Bay Area. Kile slings bass in the up and coming Small Wonder which reside in the great northwest. Jessy-- I don't know what ever became of him?

1.eureka (i found it)
2.ecclesiastes (93)
3.honeytonk mom
4.worker bee
5.worth the salt
11.the breakfast of jackals blues
13.home of the lame (boba fett's last ride)

..label:lookout records
..password: hha

NOMEANSNO - Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy? @FLAC

Having never heard a full album by them, and completely blown away by their live show, I borrowed this CD from a friend. I was not disappointed. With energy that belies the age of the players, "Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?" features some of the heaviest, smartest punk available. The brothers Wright are among punk rock's best (and most prolific) storytellers and lyricists, as evidenced in tracks such as "The River" and "Cats, Sex and Nazis." They are also masters of their respective instuments, expressing their ideas in perfect tandem with the vocal "melodies."
Also contained on this album is the hilarious tongue-in-cheek humor typical of NoMeansNo: "Chairman Mao was a great cook...he fed all of China" from "Kill Everyone Now." Get in on the joke, get this album.
- - by Ben Morgan (Seattle, WA) - - (

1. The Land Of The Living
2. The River
3. Machine
4. Madness And Death
5. Happy Bridge
6. Kill Everyone Now
7. I Need You
8. Slowly Melting
9. Lullaby
10. Cats, Sex and Nazis

..label: Alternative Tentacles
..password: hha

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THE MEANIES - Televolution @FLAC

The Meanies are an Australian indie rock band. They formed in 1989 and after a hiatus in the mid-late 1990s, started gigging again in 1998. They have been playing and recording regularly since then.In the 1990s they were particularly well-known in the Melbourne music scene, and toured in Australia, Japan, Spain, Germany, and France with acts including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Superchunk, Fugazi, and the Beastie Boys. They recently released a DVD entitled The Meanies: A Seminal Australian Punk Tale, which features a documentary, 11 video clips and a live concert filmed in 1994. The band toured the east coast of Australia in support of it in August-September 2006.
This is a "greatest hits" of sorts that includes many of their out-of-print 7"s. They are Australia's best known and most recorded independent band, with no less than 14 releases in Australia and overseas. (Sympathy and Lance Rock 7"s in the States.)Formed in 1989, they've toured Japan, the Pacific Northwest, and Europe. The four Meanies are Linky Meanie on vocals, DD Meanie on Guitar, Wally Meanie on bass, and Ringo Meanie on Drums

-dark side of my mind
-record sale
-don't sale
-reason why
-round in circle
-try history
-what am i to do
-lay your body down
-groovy meanies

..home-page: n/a
..password: hha

VA - 36 Ensaios Anti-Imperialistas @320k

Great hardcore compilation from Brasil.

1.alcalóide (Repulsão Explícita)
2.6 horas no inferno (Life is A Lie)
3.uma voz zapatista (Lúcia Skromov)
4.cada vez mais (Prole)
5.fall down (Cash For Caos)
6.o que é midia independente (Isadore Fernandes)
7.Até Quando (I Shot Cyrus)
8.Lute Por Você (F.D.S.)
9.Recolonização (José Abrex Jr.)
10.Guerra, Queda e Morte (Confronto)
11.Here To Stay (Face Forward)
12.O Santuário Mata Atlântica (Elson Maceió)
13.F.M.I. (Ratos de Porão)
14.B.U.S.H. (Scum Noise)
15.Memória Caiçara (Seu Dito)
16.Mickey (Mukeka Di Rato)
17.Draize (Solsticio)
18.Resistir (Jonas Nunes da Cruz)
19.Brasil 500 (Ação Direta)
20.Neurose XXI (Diagnose)
21.Pedagogia Libertária (Ana Paula Rodrigues)
22.Caos Total (Dr. Fossa)
23.S.O.S. El Salvador (Securitate)
24.A Luta Pela Reforma Urbana (Jota)
25.Povão na Avenida (Revolta Civil)
26.Minorias em Fúria (Gritos de Alerta)
27.Mensagem Para A Humanidade (Maurício Moura)
28.Massacre Capitalista (Protesto Suburbano)
29.The Prophet Inside (Rot)
30.Um Brado Guarani (Cacique Isaac)
31.Lamentável (Repulsores)
32.1983-2003 (XamorX)
33.Morre Barbie (Cisco)
34.Patriota (Hutt)
35.Hidden Track (Hidden) Peculio Discos
..home-page: various
..password: hha

THE OUTCASTS - Blood and Thunder & Seven Deadly Sins @FLAC

The Outcasts were formed in June 1977 in Belfast by the three Cowan brothers, Greg (vocals / bass), Martin (guitar/vocals), Colin (drums) and their friend Colin 'Getty' Getgoog (guitar), playing their first gig two months later. 'You're A Disease' / 'Don't Want To Be No Adult' / 'Frustration' (It, 1978) is easily the roughest sounding early Outcasts single, 'You're A Disease' stands out as the best track. 'Frustration' was later re-recorded for the 1982 LP 'Blood & Thunder'.
'Just Another Teenage Rebel' / 'Love Is For Sops' (Good Vibrations, 1978) captures the Outcasts at their best, punk rock with a pop edge, both tracks are classics. Came in the trademark Good Vibes foldout poster sleeve in several different colours, a 2nd pressing was issued in early 1979 with a different cover. 'The Cops Are Comin' (Good Vibrations, 1979) was released as part of a double single package 'Battle Of The Bands' featuring three other local bands, namely Rudi, Spider and the Idiots. A nasty little tale about killing your girlfriend and having sex with her corpse.
Their LP 'Self Conscious Over You' (Good Vibrations, 1979) was recorded over 5 days at Wizard Studios in Belfast in April 1979 and released 3 months later, the album featured sax on 3 of the tracks and was a little poppier than previous recordings, though a cheap production helped maintain the punk feel of their earlier work. 'You're A Disease', 'Love Is For Sops' and 'The Cops Are Comin' were all re-recorded for this LP, none were as good as the originals. Despite being a little naive lyrically, this still stands up as a good album. Two of the best songs from the LP 'Self Conscious Over You' / 'Love You For Never' (Good Vibrations, 1979) were released as a single a few months later 'Self Conscious Over You' always reminds me of the Glitter Band's hit 'Just For You' complete with a sax break, handclaps and a catchy chorus. 'Love You For Never' is just as good featuring the classic line "...being in love only means you pay for two"
Above article courtesy of James Denholm on Punk 77.

..machine gun and glory
..gangland warfare
..programme love
..princess of oblivion
..angel face
..magnum force
..beating and screaming pt.1
..beating and screaming pt.2
..7 deadly sins
..the chase
..5 years
..swamp fever
..waiting for the rain
..nowhere left to run
..the runnings over time to pray

..password: hha

SECTION 5 - They Think It's All Over...Is It Fuck! @320k

..hang 'em high
..boot boys
..where is the justice
..good time girls
..take a ride
..don't tell me
..sad little fool
..leave us alone
..ballad for the unemployed
..oi! you!
..up north somewhere
..join the dole queue
..the kids are orate wif oi! the chipmunk
..the kid's are alright
..password: hha

WHITE FROGS - Twenty One Jay @320k

Great classic old school brazilian hardcore...

..stay united direction
..don't submit
..same behavior
..chess match
..wasting time without fear
..big liar
..lost causes
..different ways
..time flies
..gorilla's cage for hope
..bad choice the mud
..strong minds
..low critic
..password: hha

VARUKERS - Killing Myself to Live @FLAC

The Varukers are a UK D-beat band formed in 1979 by vocalist Anthony "Rat" Martin, which produced its most influential recordings in the early 1980s. The band are one of the first to play in the musical style of the hardcore punk band Discharge, known as D-beat. Also, like Discharge, The Varukers' lyrics carry an anarchist political ideology.

..killing myself to live
..fucked it up again
..forever crucified
..get out of the gutter
..politics instore
..societys decline
..where next
..password: hha