Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Use For A Name - !Leche Con Carne! [FLAC]

No Use for a Name is a punk rock band from San Jose, California, United States formed in 1987 by Chris Dodge (guitar), Steve Papoutsis (bass), Rory Koff (drums) and John Meyers (vocals).

1.Justified Black Eye
2.Couch Boy
4.51 Days
5.Leave It Behind
6.Redemption Song
7.Straight From The Jacket
8.Fields Of Agony
9.Fatal Flu
12.Exit interpunk | amazon
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the Outcasts - The punk singles Collection [FLAC]

The Belfast based Outcasts were originally formed in early 1977 by the Cowan brothers - Martin (guitar), Colin (drums), Greg (vocals/bass) - along with school friend guitarist Getty. Within six months of forming they'd developed a strong local following and worked their way up to support slots with the likes of The Radiators From Space as well as attracting the attention of It Records, a small Northern Ireland label who snapped the band up for a one off single. The 45, a three track affair with "Frustration" as the lead cut, came out in early 1978 and led to a second record deal, this time for the soon to be legendary Terri Hooley and his Good Vibrations label.
The band's first release for Good Vibes was the November '78 "Justa Nother Teenage Rebel" / "Love is For Sops" double A side which earnt the band numerous plays on the then important John Peel show. Another track recorded at the same session as the single "The Cops are Comin'", was then featured on a four track for band double 7-inches issued as a label sampler by Good Vibrations (the other acts being Rudi, The Idiots and Spider). This was followed in the summer of '79 by an LP and single both called "Self Conscious Over You" with the album containing re-recorded versions of "Love is For Sops", "You're A Disease" and "The Cops Are Comin'". Their last Good Vibrations related release was another various artists EP "Room To Move", issued on the Energy label, for which The Outcasts contributed "Cyborg" alongside cuts by Shock Treatment, The Vipers and Big Self.
A serious motor-bike accident in mid 1980 meant Greg Cowan was unable to play bass for some time and so Gordon Blair, ex-Rudi, filled in on live dates whilst Greg continued on vocals. The band then set up their own GBH Records and issued the "Magnum Force" 45 which marked the debut of second drummer Raymond Falls (then a 16 year old still at school!!) whilst the B side "Gangland Warfare" featured Blair on bass. The single was issued at the same time as the band's first radio session for John Peel (on which they performed "Gangland Warfare", "The End Of The Rising Sun", "Programme Love" and "Machine Gun") and also saw the band working with manager/producer Ross Graham for the first time, having met him whilst filming for the legendary "Shell Shock Rock" documentary on the Northern Ireland music scene.
By mid 1981 the band had set up the Outcasts Only label and issued the four track "Programme Love" EP. This was followed by a second self financed release, a cover of The Glitter Band hit "Angel Face" which featured a new version of "Gangland Warfare" on the B side. Sadly this was the last to feature Colin Cowan, who died in a car crash before the single was released, though after a period of reappraisal, the band determined to carry on as a four piece. The "Nowhere Left To Run" 12-inches for Anagram - the track "Ruby" originally being intended for an 'odd cover versions' album released by a New Rose - announced their return to the recording arena and was followed by a second and final session for John Peel (featuring "Winter", "Magnum Force", "Sex & Glory" and "Frustration"). Their second LP "Blood & Thunder" was released by Abstract Records in early 1983 (in France by New Rose) and, like all of the band's releases, received rave reviews and a high indie Chart placing.
Early 1984 saw the release of the "Seven Deadly Sins" 7-inches and mini LP by New Rose though the song was actually a re-working of a track originally included on the Psychobilly compilation "Revenge Of the Killer Pussies". Again ecstatic press reviews followed but the band found themselves running short of ideas and motivation and so, following the release of early '85s "1969" 45 (an old Stooges' song) The Outcasts did the honourable thing and bowed out before becoming a parody of themselves.
Though Greg, Martin and Getty played under the name Time To Pray for a short while (Ray Falls having joined the army) they found their painting and decorating business was taking up more of their time (and earning them considerably more income than music!) and they finally quit alltogether in early '86 though as this collection of their singles releases shows, they left behind some of Punk's most exciting and challenging records, discs that now command a small fortune on the collector's market, and more than lived up to the tag 'the second greatest Punk band to come out of Northern Ireland!
==Mark Brennan==

Tracks're a disease
2.don't want to be no adult
4.justa notha teenage rebel is for sops
6.cops are comin'
7.self conscious over you you for never
10.magnum force
11.gangland warfare
12.programme love
13.beating and screaming pt.1
14.beating and screaming pt.2
16.angel face
17.gangland warfare (version 2)
18.nowhere left to run
19.running's over, time to pray
20.ruby deadly sins
22.swamp fever (7" version)
23.1969 (7" version)
24.psychotic shakedown murder
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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dot Dash : (2011) Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash (Beauty 019)

Dot Dash is a post punk pop band from Washington D.C.
spark>flame>ember>ash is their long-playing debut. It contains 14 songs and was recorded in three afternoons.
If this bio had one of those “RIYL/Recommended If You Like” sections, it might drop names like The Jam, Joy Division and The Byrds…
… Or perhaps it would bring up an apparent appreciation by Dot Dash for the ancient sounds of the Postcard, Whaam and early Creation labels…
But those kinds of judgments can really only be made by you, the listener.
As is often the case, Dot Dash has a whole “they are ex-members of” thing going on:
Guitarist/singer Terry Banks and bassist Hunter Bennett were in punky power poppers Julie Ocean.
Before that, Terry was in a bunch of jangly guitar bands, including The Saturday People, Tree Fort Angst, Glo-Worm, and St. Christopher.
Guitarist Bill Crandall was in the mod/pop band Modest Proposal.
Drummer Danny Ingram began musical life in Dischord-label punks Youth Brigade before moving on to Strange Boutique and, later, U.K. guitar-wranglers Swervedriver.
Dot Dash plays shows, mostly around D.C., but occasionally out of town, whenever they can. In the recent past they’ve opened for Urge Overkill, The Godfathers, The Trash Can Sinatras, and The Capstan Shafts, among others.
So that’s it: 14 songs, recorded expeditiously, and released by The Beautiful Music. You be the judge.

Lo-budget video thing:

clip at DC’s Black Cat:

Check out their Facebook page:

You can feel the power of DOT DASH downloading three tracks from the new album!! If you enjoy the DD music, please buy or download (iTunes) the album here : (The Beautiful Music Label)

**Nagiants40 little review:
I really like this band. The three tracks are a very good set of good experimental post punk music. I love the ringing guitars and the soft vocals from Terry. The three songs are very interesting and addicting. A very pleasant surprise for me. Sometimes the band remembers me amazing bands from DC area, like Soulside, Fugazi and others. This is very good band that deserves keep an eye it. I can't wait to listen the entire new album...

..Dissolve (track #5) 3:31
..No Reverie (track #7) 1:51
..Gripped (track #9) 2:42