Wednesday, December 07, 2011

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT - The First Line Up @320k

.two party system
.wrong direction
.killer cop
.jody is my bloody love
.ballad of a broken home
.capitol punishment
.child abuse
.walking, crying, dying
.elephant man
.god of greed
.rascism is ignorance
.is this justice
.poke me with a fork, i'm
.fuhrer des punk
.breakfast in bedlam
.out on the fringe
.show me
.slum with a view
.imelda's shoes
.no bedwetting in el paso
.concrete forest
.jack-dream interpunk | amazon
..home-page: n/a
..password: hha


Dr. Drunk said...

One of my favorite bands back in the day. Thanks for the post. Great job you're doing here. If you're interested in checking out a worse blog, with lotsa 80's hardcore check out mine:


Ananda said...

Great blog!

Sorry but do you have "Sink With Kalifornija"? A friend lost my CD...

dmiize said...

Multiupload is not working anymore unfortunately.