Wednesday, December 07, 2011

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT - The First Line Up @320k

.two party system
.wrong direction
.killer cop
.jody is my bloody love
.ballad of a broken home
.capitol punishment
.child abuse
.walking, crying, dying
.elephant man
.god of greed
.rascism is ignorance
.is this justice
.poke me with a fork, i'm
.fuhrer des punk
.breakfast in bedlam
.out on the fringe
.show me
.slum with a view
.imelda's shoes
.no bedwetting in el paso
.concrete forest
.jack-dream interpunk | amazon
..home-page: n/a
..password: hha

SECTION 5 - For The Love Of Oi @320k

-every saturday
-we shall rise again
-big 5
-why me
-night club
-section 5
-for the love of oi!
-nothing to look forward to
-just a bitch
-full of shit
-a love so fine
-fat thing
-didn't like my face
-remember the night
-work it out
..password: hha

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT - Three Chord Pile Up @320k

.play at the plate
.father's day
.o.j. cobain
.gotta run
.sometimes a scream is better then a thesis
.old punk
.under the weather
.the fear
.mountain of pain
.friends you thought you knew
.chain of mistakes
.mister coffee
.chunkychunkenheimer interpunk | amazon
..home-page: n/a
..password: hha


.beverly kills
.setting sun
.the real you
.everything to lose
.just like that
.remember to breathe
.make her purr
.do you think you're beautiful
.nothing left to say
.won't be the same
.cat fight
.cricket interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

SECTION 5 - Fat Out Of Hell @320k

.hold your head up high
.no restraint
.pull through
.britain's lament
.fat ou of hell
.dictators in a free land
.road to nowhere
.michelle fowler
.walkers wallet
.harrisburg stomp
.night out at the medallion club interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

SECTION 5 - The Way We Were @320k

**this is the original album, the CD version includes 3 bonus tracks that are not included in this set...

-beat of the street
-election day
-people say
-stand up in the crowd
-maggie maggie
-do anything you wanna do
-the way were
-your revoltution
-bring the wall down
-too many people
-final fight
..password: hha

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT - Bulwarks Against Oppression @320k

.two hands
.fire and brimstone
.bulwarks against oppression
.the pug
.we´re not a soundtrack for violence
.no reverie
.i'm hungry
.bad girl
.count the basies
.jackknifed rig interpunk | amazon
..linkS: n/a
..password: hha

NO EMPATHY - You're So Smart [.FLAC]

.too late
.you're so smart
.the critic
.st. jack
.where'd you get it
.work schedule
.ride it
.machiavelli me
.i know a thing or two
.lazy finisher
.someone else
..home-page: n/a
..password: hha