Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Empathy - They Want Whatever

The third full-length from these DIY veterans continues in their tradition of aggro-melodic punk. Includes their 1989 release, Freedom of Flesh, originally on Roadkill Records.

1.12 gauge meathand
2.vitamin p
3.ben weasel don't like it
4.try not to hurt anyone
6.they want whatever
7.fried sausages and okra
8.orgone reich
9.past one o'clock
10.can't you understand
11.just say no (empathy)
13.freedom of flesh
14.oi across amerika
15.hesitate to say
17.self fullfilled curse
18.ziggy dusted
19.slaughter in monkey's eyebrow - comin' down the night train
20.hidden track Johann's Face Records
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New Bomb Turks - !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!

The New Bomb Turks are an American punk rock band formed at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in 1990. The founding members are Jim Weber, Eric Davidson, Bill Randt, and Matt Reber. Sam Brown replaced Bill Randt on drums in 1999. Early on their inspiration came from the Devil Dogs, Lazy Cowgirls, Union Carbide Productions, Didjits, and the Fluid. Music magazine Alternative Press has described their musical style, saying, "Not only have both prole-threat punk bashery and destructo-rock found fresh voices, they've been melded into a seamless new terror all its own." The New Bomb Turks have released ten full-length LPs, two EPs, and over twenty singles, some of which contain songs not available elsewhere. Their early recordings appear on the Datapanik, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Get Hip and Bag of Hammers labels. Crypt Records signed the band and released !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!, Information Highway Revisited, and Pissing Out The Poison. Then Epitaph Records signed them and released LPs Scared Straight, At Rope's End and Nightmare Scenario. Gearhead Records released their next album, The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still. The band also released three b-side and outtakes compilations: Pissing Out the Poison, The Big Combo, and Switchblade Tongues & Butterknife Brains.
As of 2005, the New Bomb Turks have slowed down their touring and recording in order to pursue other interests. Guitarist Jim Weber, for example, is now a 10th and 11th grade English teacher at Hilliard Davidson High School. The band's name refers to the main character (Newbaum Turk) in the 1980 film "The Hollywood Knights", played by Robert Wuhl.

1.born toulouse-lautrec
2.tail crush
3.up for a downslide
4.tattooed apathetic boys
5.dragstrip riot
6.we give a rat's ass
7.runnin' on the go
8.long gone sister suit
10.let's dress up the naked truth
11.hapless attempt
12.i want my baby...dead!
13.sucker punch
14.i'm weak
15.tryin' to get by
16.cryin' into the beer of a drunk man interpunk | amazon
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Ne'er Do Wells and Judy & The Loadies - Gift Of Knowledge

The Ne'er Do Wells were an American Rock and Roll band formed in Arcata, California by Chris Imlay, late of Brent's T.V. and John Denery, brother of Dallas Denery from Sweet Baby. Jesse Hilliard played bass and Al Sobrante formerly of Green Day played drums.
They released one EP on Lookout! Records entitled Hello It Is I, Thee Intolerable Bastard Child Genius and a split CD with Judy and the Loadies called The Gift of Knowledge. There was also a side project called Thee Shatners, a Star Trek-themed surf band, released on Planet Pimp Records.
After Al Sobrante left abruptly in 1994, the band evolved into the Hi-Fives. Judy and The Loadies was a band that wasn't around too long, but boy was it cool! It could easily be considered a side project of The Ne'er Do Wells, becuase it basically was The Ne'er Do Wells minus Al. The line up had Chris on drums, Jess on bass, John on guitar and vocals, and Judy singing! They had many great songs, my favourite being "I Wanna Leave My Brain To Science" or is it "Soap Soap Soap"? Anyhow, you can hear their recordings on Gift of Knowlegde, a split CD with The Ne'er Do Wells.

Ne´er Do Wells
1.hypnotizer can
3.loadie boots me how
5.we're hot lookin
6.the gods will smile uppon us
7.carn't tell ya
9.tallahassie lassie
10.making up your mind
11.she'll settle for me
12.where's mickey
13.shape of love
14.skybolt x-66 blooded love
16.shimmy shake beat
Judy & The Loadies
19.judy introduces the band
20.les joux sont fait
21.i wanna leave my brain to science life one match one kiss
23.las vegas
24.johnny was a schoolboy
25.i'm not drunk
26.just imagine
27.pinto (don't make fun of the man i am)
28.pop-up book's got a car
30.hello it is i thee intolerable basta
31.soap soap soap
33.the world ain't square
34.germany interpunk | amazon
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Murphy's Law - Murphy's Law & Back With A Bong

Riding the fine line between obnoxious skatepunk and sodden metal,
Murphy's Law came out of New York City's mid-'80s hardcore scene and formed in Astoria, Queens, around vocalist Jimmy Gestapo, but the group's frequently shifting lineup also included guitarists Todd Youth, Alex Morris, and Jack Flanagan; bassists Pete Martinez, Chuck Valle, and Dean; and drummers Doug E. Beans and Eric Arce. The group's self-titled debut, released on Profile in 1986, contained the usual '80s subjects (boredom, alienation, weed, beer, etc.), but the songs were definitely there, and Murphy's Law improved even more with their second album, 1989's Back with a Bong! The band was on the Profile-associated Combat Records for 1991's The Best of Times, but recorded little during the early '90s. In 1995, Murphy's Law came back with the EP Good for Now, and the full-length Dedicated arrived the following year. Best of Times/Good for Now was issued in 2000; The Party's Over came next in the spring of 2001.
As angrily socio-political as so much punk rock tended to be, the genre also gave us quite a few bands that preferred goofy madcap humor over social or political commentary -- including the Ramones and the Dickies. Murphy's Law, a band that came out of New York's mid-'80s punk scene, was among the genre's goofiest. The aggressively rockin' Back with a Bong! isn't a CD that's heavy on political content -- song titles like "Panty Raid," "Cavity Creeps" and "Attack Oof the Killer Beers" underscore the fact that wild, irreverent fun is the primarily goal of the Astoria, Queens residents. Profile Records -- which had become one of the largest independent labels thanks to rappers like Run-D.M.C. and Dana Dane -- turned to Murphy's Law in the hope of increasing its visibility in rock.
The album wasn't a big seller, although the punkers did command a small following.
==by Alex Henderson==

1.murphy's law
2.california pipeline
3.sit at home and rot
6.wahoo day
7.crucial bar-b-q
8.a day in the life bear
11.skinhead rebel
12.i got a right
14.panty raid!
16.attack of the killer beers
17.cavity creeps
18.ska song for herb
20.america rules
22.wall of death
23.secret agent s.k.i.n.
24.push comes to shove
25.bong interpunk | amazon
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Motosierra - XXX

Motosierra hailed from Montevideo, Uruguay, where the quartet came together after the late-'90s demise of Uruguayan acts like Chicos Electricos and Cross. With influences such as Dwarves, Turbonegro, Puffball, Motörhead, and G.G. Allin, Motosierra's sound was a ramrod blast of fierce punk chording, screamed vocals, and sleaze -- put simply, sonic hedonism in fast motion. Marcos, Luis, Gabriel and Walo debuted with XXX (No Fun) before issuing a series of 7"s and split releases. XXX appeared again on various imprints and for various markets, as did Motosierra's Rules! LP. Other releases included Kick Ass Rock 'n' Roll, a split with Brazil's Forgotten Boys, and appearances on tribute albums to the Ramones, Turbonegro, and Zodiac Mindwarp.
==by Johnny Loftus==

3.bad loser
4.arder y destrozar
6.cocaine always back
7.hijos del rigor
8.feed my head
10.hell drunkards and pretty tattoed hookers
11.still lookin' for action
12.please kill me
13.burn blues le digas a mama back time MySpace
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Lungfish - The Unanimous Hour [FLAC]

After a mellow period of post-rock, Lungfish reintroduced elements of dissonance and vocal fire, reviving the group's punk energy for 1999's The Unanimous Hour. Some of the band's most dynamic songs grace this nicely developed recording. Two career highlight tracks are especially notable: "Space Orgy" gyrates within its own entirely unique and angular orbit, while the more familiar drone of "God's Will" -- as eloquent as it is simple -- sets up Daniel Higgs' most decipherable mantras. There is an unfortunate lapse as The Unanimous Hour finishes off with some solid but predictable Mogwai-esque instrumentalism ("Sands of Time," "Return to the Caves") and a heavy-handed, bizarre vocal experiment ("Metatron.") These songs might not qualify as filler, but they fail to match up with the superior earlier material. This minor letdown in no way diminishes the accomplishments of The Unanimous Hour, perhaps the most impressive Lungfish effort.
== by Jason Anderson ==

Tracks orgy
2.web of mirrors
4.vulgar theories
5.god's will
8.sands of time
9.return of the caves
10.hallucinatorium Dischord
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chron Gen - The Best Of Chron Gen

Hailing from Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, Chron Gen (Glynn Barber – vocals / guitar, Jon Thurlow – guitar, Pete Dimmock – bass and Jon Johnson drums) burst onto the Punk scene in the summer of 1981 when their self financed "Puppets Of War” EP hit No.4 in the then important Independent Chart. This led to them joining The Exploited on the seminal "Apocalypse Punk” tour that rampaged round the UK and led to further Indie Chart hits courtesy of "Reality” (No.2) and "Jet Boy Jet Girl” (No.4).
Their debut album "Chronic Generation” also hit the No.2 spot and even got to No.53 in the National Charts which was no mean feat in those media led Punk boycott times. The band also played the UK with the Anti Nowhere League on the legendary "So What” tour and scored further Indie Chart success with the "Nowhere To Run” mini LP and "Apocalypse Live Tour” in concert release.And let’s not forget the single "Outlaw”, a confirmed Punk Rock classic as far as The Captain is concerned. This 26 track release includes all of Chron Gen’s National Chart LP “Chronic Generation” plus the Indie Chart hits “Puppets Of War” (No.4), “Reality” (No.2) and “Jet Boy Jet Girl” (No.4). Chuck in the “Outlaw” 45 and the “Nowhere To Run” mini LP and you get the ultimate collection of this vastly under-rated band.

1.puppets of war
2.mindless few
4.chron gen
6.subway sadist
7.jet boy jet girl
8.clouded eyes
9.hounds of the night
10.lsd make me spew'll never change me
13.rocka bill
14.friends tell me lies next door to alice
17.behind closed doors
18.disco tech'
19.too much talk
24.picture paint minds
26.ripper captain oi
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Killing Flame - Nine More Lives

Formed in 1999 by vocalist Joe Nelson (Triggerman, Ignite) and guitarist Joe Foster (Unity, Ignite, Speak 714), The Killing Flame set out to bring back the old-school sounds of their Orange County hardcore roots. The band quickly released the Back to Ash EP on Grapes of Wrath Records in Germany, and The Dream Dies EP on bassist Ed McKirdys (Hands Tied, The Suppression Swing) Livewire Records in the US. Shortly after those recording sessions, artist-extraordinaire and rhythm guitarist Gavin Oglesby (No For An Answer, Carry Nation) joined the band. This lineup went on to record the epic LP Another Breath, for Equal Vision Records in 2000. The record featured guest appearances by close to a dozen hardcore/punk/rock heavyweights from such bands as The Adolescents, Bluebird, Uniform Choice, Farside, and more.

1.the hardcore generation
2.nine more lives
3.mirror in the bathroom
4.flying blind song
6.stay gold
8.broken vows
9.we are the patriots
10.fight forever interpunk |
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Kepone - Skin

Kepone was an American indie rock band based out of Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 1991, the band's name was derived from the Kepone crisis that occurred in the Richmond area in the 1970s. Originally formed as a sideproject of Michael Bishop of GWAR, the original lineup of the band also included guitarist Tim Harriss of Burma Jam and Hoi-Polloi as well as drummer Seth Harris of Honor Role. Kepone released their full length debut album, Ugly Dance, through Quarterstick Records in 1994. Harris left soon after to focus on environmental activism, and Ed Trask of the Holy Rollers replaced him. The band released two more albums, Skin and Kepone, before their eventual break up. The three would play separately in other bands before reuniting to form American Grizzly with vocalist Bunny Wells. American Grizzly broke up in 2005.
The band reunited for one night at the 2011 Gwar-B-Q in Richmond, Virginia on September 17, 2011.

4.stay down
5.ed's sad party
6.idio ball drop
9.left eskimo
10.thin solution interpunk | amazon
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