Monday, August 01, 2011

BIKINI KILL - The CD Version Of The First Two Records [.FLAC]

Bikini Kill formed in the late '80s at Olympia's liberal Evergreen College, where students Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, and Kathi Wilcox first teamed to publish a feminist fanzine, also dubbed Bikini Kill. Seeking to bring the publication's agenda to life, they decided to form a band, enlisting guitarist Billy Boredom (born William Karren) to round out the lineup. Led by singer/songwriter Hanna, a former stripper, the group laced its incendiary live performances with aggressive political stances that challenged the accepted hierarchy of the underground music community; slam dancers were forced to mosh at the fringes of the stage so that women could remain at the front of the crowd, for example, and female audience members were often invited to take control of the microphone to openly discuss issues of sexual abuse and misconduct.

1.Double Dare Ya
4.Suck My Left One
5.Feels Blind
6.Thurston Hearts The Who
7.White Boy
8.This Is Not A Test
9.Don't Need You
10.Jigsaw Youth
11.Resist Psychic Death
12.Rebel Girl
13.Outta Me interpunk | amazon
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