Tuesday, July 19, 2011

GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Government Issue [.FLAC]

One of the longest-lived bands on the Washington, D.C., hardcore scene, Government Issue (or G.I. for short) carried the torch for traditional hardcore punk on their early records, but evolved into something more adventurous by adding bits of metal, new wave pop, and psychedelia. Frontman John Stabb (born John Schroeder) guided the group through a legion of personnel shifts and several label changes, which made their nine-year lifespan all the more remarkable. Since their demise, G.I. has remained somewhat overlooked in relation to the rest of the D.C. hardcore bands of their time, in part because their music never really fit the proto-emo bent of much of the local Dischord stable.

1.Visions And
2.They Know
3.Locked Inside
4.Even When You're Here
5.Everybody's Victim
6.Memories Past
7.When I'm Alone
8.Hear The Scream
9.Say Something
10.On The Screen
11.It Begins Now
12.Last Forever
13.Sheer Terror

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