Monday, June 20, 2011

SIT 'N' SPIN - Enjoy The Ride [FLAC]

Sit n'spin 's second cd, after a bunch of 7", gathers a lot of fast r'n'r songs, great riffs and lots of fun. Listen to "Riot in the Pub" or "Hey Boy", and your day will be happier! One of the best all-girls band, much better both in music and in concert than bands like the donnas - style.
Many of the songs here are just hits!, that you can listen to them for years without losing their freshness.
Come on and enjoy the ride!

2.hey boy
5.i like your boyfriend
7.teenage boy
8.wolfgang far away
10.crazy sally-ann
11.ooh la la
12.riot in the pub
14.girl say no or out
17.just can't go to sleep interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a find! Back when I lived in Jersey I saw these gals at a number of shows in the early '90s. They only had the first CD and a few singles out at the time. Always a FUN show and great time. I didn't know this CD existed! Thanks for the blast from the past!