Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ferd Mert - All This And Morons [.FLAC]

FERD MERT was started in 1994 from the members of IMPACT WRENCH who basically just switched instruments to try something different.
It was Jon on Guitar/Vocals, Jason on Bass, and Chris on Drums. Shortly thereafter Jason pursued other things and the Bass responsibilities were handed to Jaimy.
FM played shows and recorded the self released 8 song 7" titled BEST FRIENDS. We played some shows and recorded a demo, then Chris moved on and the Drums were taken over by Billy. With Jaimy and Billy aboard FM played lots of shows and recorded the I DONT KNOW 7" for 206 Records.
Then recorded tracks for the 37 song ALL THIS AND MORONS cd which was also released on 206 Records, and songs for the SURPRISE YOUR FRIENDS split cd with the WHITE FROGS released on F Records (Brazil).
FM played numerous shows during this time and did 3 National Tours before Jaimy and Billy left.
Liam stepped up and filled the Bass position and Bryan relocated from WI to take over on drums. This lineup played several shows until Bryan left for CA. Danny was recruited for Drums. He was in a band with Liam previously and we all knew each other quite well.
We played many more shows, recorded the self released THOSE WHO WAIT cd and did a National tour. Danny and Liam went on to do other things.
Jon took a break from music and made movies with Jason (original FM member) until the recent reformation of FM.
Jaimy and Billy return to FERD MERT in February 2005...

2.h.e. double hockey sticks
3.i still miss my ex
4.the winter sucks
5.did i mention the winter sucks
6.why'd you have to be so young
7.good side
8.keep rock alive
10.death of us're so square
12.mandatory slow song
14.some in the beginning
15.ferd mert
16.miss michance
17.working stiff
18.drag racing
19.i don't know
21.small mind
23.don't bore us your eyes
25.poop friends
27.the winter sucks
28.i still miss my ex
29.where to go
32.good side
33.death of us
34.ate seedys
36.liar, liar
38.hidden track ebay
..password: hha

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