Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stiff Little Fingers - Live in Sao Paulo - Hangar 110 [.FLAC]

Great soundboard bootleg show recorde alive in São Paulo, Brasil in 2000.

1.alternative ulster
3.silver lining the edge surrender doesn't make it alright
7.just fade away
8.hope street
9.wasted life
10.the price of admission
11.johnny was
12.i could be happy yesterday
13.roots, radicals, rockers and reggae
14.nobody's hero
15.tin soldiers
16.suspect device not available
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SKA-P - Ska-P [FLAC]

1.el hombre resaka baila SKA
5.ali, el magrebi
6.sargento bolilla
7.reality show
8.bla, bla, bla
9.como un rayo interpunk | amazon
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Swingin' Utters - The Streets Of San Francisco [.FLAC]

Man, these days everyone with a chipped tooth and a bad haircut says they’re street punk. It’s almost gotten to the point where it just seems like gimmickry, like being bi-polar or good looking. But Linkonce in a while, a dude who works in a warehouse gets together with a truck driver and makes shit kickin’ punk rock songs so ball-smashingly radical that they end up getting the guys from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and One Man Army to help ‘em sing, and the end result is everybody’s favorite San Francisco institution that isn’t completely riddled with glory holes, the Swingin’ Utters. I know what you’re saying: what the fuck am I doing reading a Swingin’ Utters bio in 2011? Sure, they’re pretty much the trailblaizenist band that ever decided to put grandpa’s banjo and spittoon next to the marshall full stacks and the booze, but what have they done lately? Well, I’ll tell you, you impudent young whippersnapper. They’ve recorded Here, Under Protest, the single best album of their already award winning career (handsomest ballsack on a punk, 2001-02 [Darius]) and that’s saying something. It’s, as Ron Burgundy would attest, a pretty big deal.

1.storybook diesease
2.jackie jab
3.tied down, spit on
4.teenage genocide
5.catastrophe believer
7.well wisher place in the sun
9.petty wage
10.come on eager men
12.beached sailor
13.(take me to the) riverbed
14.just like them
15.stars and starlets
16.soldier boy
17.last chance
18.all laced up
19.expletive deleted
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Stiff Little Fingers - Radio Unplugged in Brasil [.FLAC]

Recorded alive on a Radio's studio..not the best quality but very rare material...

1.i could be happy yesterday
2.silver lining
3.alternative ulster not available
..password: hha

No Fun At All - Out Of Bounds [.FLAC]

The Swedish hardcore band No Fun at All formed in the small town of Skinnskatteberg during the summer of 1991; led by songwriter/guitarist Mikael Danielsson, the original lineup also included singer/drummer Jimmie Ohlsson and bassist Henrik Sunvisson. After completing the group's 1993 debut, Vision, Ohlsson exited to focus his full energies on his other band, Sober; with new frontman Ingemar Jansson, lead guitarist Krister Johansson, and drummer Kjell Ramstedt, No Fun at All returned in 1994 with No Straight Angles, followed a year later by Out of Bounds. In the wake of 1997's The Big Knockover, Sunvisson quit the group, with Danielsson assuming bass duties; new second guitarist Stefan Neuman was installed in time for 1999's Live in Tokyo. State of Flow followed in 2000, but it proved to be the band's final studio album. In 2003, NFAA's Swedish label, Burning Heart, united with American punk stalwart Epitaph to release Master Celebrations, a fan-picked 24-track retrospective spanning the band's career.
~~ by Jason Ankeny & Johnny Loftus

1.beat' em down
2.master celebrator
3.perfection a rhyme
5.pleasure is to be insane
6.nothing personal
7.don't pass me by
8.i have seen
9.out of bounds
10.talking to remind me a moment
12.trapped inside
14.stranded interpunk | amazon
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The hardcore punk/Celtic folk outfit Dropkick Murphys formed in South Boston in 1995; vocalist Mike McColgan, guitarist Rick Barton, and bassist Ken Casey comprised the original nucleus of the group, with a series of drummers passing through the lineup before the addition of Matt Kelly in 1997. After a series of EPs including Fire and Brimstone, Tattoos and Scally Caps, and Boys on the Docks, the Dropkick Murphys signed to Hellcat Records to issue their 1998 full-length Do or Die, produced by Rancid's Lars Frederiksen; McColgan exited the group soon after (he later went on to form the like-minded Street Dogs) and was replaced by vocalist Al Barr for the follow-up, 1999's The Gang's All Here.

1.boys on the dock
2.never alone the streets of boston
4.caps and bottle
5.euro trash
6.front seat ebay
..password: hha

Ferd Mert - All This And Morons [.FLAC]

FERD MERT was started in 1994 from the members of IMPACT WRENCH who basically just switched instruments to try something different.
It was Jon on Guitar/Vocals, Jason on Bass, and Chris on Drums. Shortly thereafter Jason pursued other things and the Bass responsibilities were handed to Jaimy.
FM played shows and recorded the self released 8 song 7" titled BEST FRIENDS. We played some shows and recorded a demo, then Chris moved on and the Drums were taken over by Billy. With Jaimy and Billy aboard FM played lots of shows and recorded the I DONT KNOW 7" for 206 Records.
Then recorded tracks for the 37 song ALL THIS AND MORONS cd which was also released on 206 Records, and songs for the SURPRISE YOUR FRIENDS split cd with the WHITE FROGS released on F Records (Brazil).
FM played numerous shows during this time and did 3 National Tours before Jaimy and Billy left.
Liam stepped up and filled the Bass position and Bryan relocated from WI to take over on drums. This lineup played several shows until Bryan left for CA. Danny was recruited for Drums. He was in a band with Liam previously and we all knew each other quite well.
We played many more shows, recorded the self released THOSE WHO WAIT cd and did a National tour. Danny and Liam went on to do other things.
Jon took a break from music and made movies with Jason (original FM member) until the recent reformation of FM.
Jaimy and Billy return to FERD MERT in February 2005...

2.h.e. double hockey sticks
3.i still miss my ex
4.the winter sucks
5.did i mention the winter sucks
6.why'd you have to be so young
7.good side
8.keep rock alive
10.death of us're so square
12.mandatory slow song
14.some in the beginning
15.ferd mert
16.miss michance
17.working stiff
18.drag racing
19.i don't know
21.small mind
23.don't bore us your eyes
25.poop friends
27.the winter sucks
28.i still miss my ex
29.where to go
32.good side
33.death of us
34.ate seedys
36.liar, liar
38.hidden track ebay
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SKA-P - Que Corra La Voz [.FLAC]

tRaCkS estampida
2.consumo gusto
3.welcome to hell
5.el niño soldado
8.solamente por pensar
11.el olvidado
12.mis colegas interpunk | amazon
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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Handheld & Rigidly Digital [FLAC]

Amazing show from the classic punkers!!

1.straw dogs
2.wasted life the edge
4.hope st. can get (if you really want)
6.drinkin' again
8.gotta gettaway
9.last train from the wasteland
10.forensic evidence
11.race you to the grave
12.she grew up
13.tin soldiers
14.all the rest
16.doesn't make it alright
17.barbed wire love
18.piccadilly circus
19.roots, radicals, rockers & reggae
20.suspect device
21.alternative ulster interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

SPERMBIRDS - Nothing Is Easy [FLAC]

A classic album from one of the best hardcore german bands.. old school hardcore!!

1.die st. landry
2.your problem
3.nothing is easy
5.another dead friendship's just an excuse
7.lights out
8.texas cowboy brother
10.12 8-packs
11.we don't care
12.americans are cool
13.what do you want (r.r.)
14.Try Again (live) interpunk |
..password: hha

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SKA-P - El Vals Del Obrero [FLAC]

Great ska-punk spanish band..


1.el gato lopez
2.napa es
3.el vals del obrero
4.revistas el madero
5.romero el madero
6.sectas te pares
9.insecto urbano
10.animales de laboratorio sesera no va
12.sexo y religion interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

Monday, June 20, 2011


One of the best spanish punk rock bands.. amazing album!!

1.A Poco Más (de metro escaso)
2.Joder Cristina
4.Quién Vengo Siendo
5.Asi a todo Ainda Menos Mal
6.Allá Tú
7.De Por Sí
9.Bueno, Pero No Empecemos a Chuparnos Las Pollas Todavia
10.Paz, Amor Y Comprension
11.Que Me Follo Encime
12.El Enemigo Parpadea
13.Insepcción Rutinaria de Caseríos (instrumental) interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

SIT 'N' SPIN - Enjoy The Ride [FLAC]

Sit n'spin 's second cd, after a bunch of 7", gathers a lot of fast r'n'r songs, great riffs and lots of fun. Listen to "Riot in the Pub" or "Hey Boy", and your day will be happier! One of the best all-girls band, much better both in music and in concert than bands like the donnas - style.
Many of the songs here are just hits!, that you can listen to them for years without losing their freshness.
Come on and enjoy the ride!

2.hey boy
5.i like your boyfriend
7.teenage boy
8.wolfgang far away
10.crazy sally-ann
11.ooh la la
12.riot in the pub
14.girl say no or out
17.just can't go to sleep interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

Sunday, June 19, 2011

SHAM 69 - The Adventures of Hersham Boys [FLAC]

The Adventures of the Hersham Boys was one of Sham 69's most successful albums and launched two major chart singles, "Hersham Boys" and "Questions and Answers," proving there's a British corollary to H.L. Menken's statement that no one will ever go broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

1.If The Kids Are United
3.Fly Dark Angel
4.Joeys On The Street
5.Cold Blue In The Night
6.You're A Better Man Than I
7.Hersham Boys
8.Lost On Highway 46
10.Questions and Answers
11.What Have We Got (Live)
12.Borstal Breakout (12 extended mix) interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

SEX PISTOLS - No Future, UK? Spunk [FLAC]

Had history taken a different turn for the Sex Pistols, the album you're now holding might have been called "Never Mind The Bollock", and could have been issued in early 1977 by EMI Records. However, in the 18 month eye of the Hurricane we now refer to as 'Punk Rock' the Pistols were Lords, Masters and resident house band. Nothing they got involved in was ever to be referred to as simple.
Public knowledge of the Sex Pistols begins at 5pm on December 1, 1976, when QUEEN (and who would have thought they'de be responsible for Punk) cancelled a TV appearance on Thames Television Today show, and future sports entertainer Eric Hall (then just another member of EMI press staff) suggested that the group step in and fill the gap. Bill Grundy pushed the group to say something rude and in the space of just three 'fucks' and 'one' shit (far less than your average episode of South Park) the Sex Pistols turned prime time television blue. Newspaper front the next day left the originally planned 19 date 'Anarchy' tour in tatters, and by New Year the group had neither a record deal or a bass player.
Just who is actually behinds this most famous of punk bootlegs is anybody's guess -- let's just say the jury is still out on that one -- some stories say that, bored with waiting for Virgin to release the album Glitterbest Management leaked tapes to certain people, knowing full well that they were in the bootleg game. While other rumours state that early producers of the group were offended at just how little money they had made from the Pistols -- while headlines stated the group were rolling in it -- teamed up and issued this album. Either way the Spunk album beat the official album to the shops by at least 4 months.
Anyway back to our story; Glen Matlock departed to be replaced by John Simon Beverley aka Sid Vicious, and managed along with with the rest of the group to spend just 6 days with A&M Records. Not bad work if you can get it, especially when the pay cheque reads a full £75,000 for doing nothing. With the controversial single 'God Save The Queen' (titled "No Future" here in early demo form) already in the can and needing to be issued in time for the Silver Jubilee, the Pistols needed a recording deal and fast.
Virgin Records stepped in and issued what was to become the world's first banned number one single. By this stage everyone from public to press were crying out for an album from the group. The one you're now holding sneaked out during Jubilee week, at first onto market stalls, then under the counter in certain dimly lit record shops, before it found its final resting place at record fairs throughout the world. Meanwhile in the Glitterbest camp Jamie Reid assembled artwork for 'God Save the Sex Pistols' (the album proposed title), while Chris Thom and Malcolm McLaren put together a track listing. Then by October 1977 panic had set in, advance orders for the album had already ensured it a Gold disc on release on release day, with a certain chance of entering the album charts at number one. But still there was no album (just a bootleg and mounting tension in the camp). Steve Jones came up with the title "Never Mind The Bollocks", almost a singles album on release day in November, via the issuing of 'Holidays In the Sun' here in the UK and 'Sub-Mission' in France (which like all things Pistols was imported here by the bucket load). So the group's debut album contained 5 singles from a possible 12 songs.
The problems with 'God Save The Queen' wouldn't go away, finding the album banned by WH Smiths, Boots and Woolworths etc. It was even discussed that the album might be re-pressed without the song but nothing ever came of this. In the end it was issued first as an 11-track album with a one sided white label single 'Sub-Mission' and a free poster, before becoming a 12 track album and a little later a picture disc. The so-called missing track (even listed on some later album covers) from the album 'Belsen Was A Gas' was never recorded in a studio by the group.
Only later did a live version of the song turn up on "The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle".
Twenty four years later both albums can truly be called landmark recordings. John, Steve, Glen and Paul play their hearts out on these demo versions, more like an army going to war than rock'n'roll group cutting its teeth. This album was pressed by different companies in almost every part of the world and was met with various bans in all of them. Now here is the definitive version. Never mind all the talk of punks greatest three minutes and an ever changing list of classic single titles, what you're now holding is punks greatest 55 minutes and 50 seconds of early demos, from the Godfathers of the movement and that my friends is a simple fact. Now for God's sake someone roll the credits and let's have another listen!
~~ Alan Parker (The Gimmick)

1.Pretty Vacant
4.No Feelings
5.I Wanna Be Me
7.Anarchy In The UK (demo)
8.Anarchy In The UK (different version)
9.No Fun
10.God Save the Queen
12.Pretty Vacant
15.New York (Lookin' For A Kiss) interpunk | amazon
..password: hha

Saturday, June 04, 2011

D.O.A. - Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer [.FLAC]

It wasn't long before punk rock expanded beyond just New York City, London, and Los Angeles during the mid- to late '70s, as evidenced by the emergence of the long-running Vancouver, Canada based outfit, D.O.A.. Originally formed in 1978, D.O.A. has been led from the beginning by singer/guitarist Joe Keithley, (aka Joey Shithead), who has been joined by a wide variety of other bandmates through the years (including future Black Flag/Danzig/Social Distortion drummer Chuck Biscuits), although guitarist Dave Gregg was present for much of the hijinks up until 1990. The same year as their formation, D.O.A. issued a debut EP, Disco Sucks, before following it up with a pair of full-lengths that many longtime fans consider D.O.A.'s classic recordings, 1980s Something Better Change and 1981's Hardcore '81 (a popular compilation of both releases plus early tracks reared its head in 1984, as Bloodied But Unbowed). Since the beginning Keithley has been unafraid to voice his political opinions (a renowned D.O.A. slogan among their faithful is "TALK-ACTION= 0"), which at one point, landed him in jail. D.O.A. would go on to sporadically issue albums throughout the '80s and '90s (including such highlights as 1982's War on 45, 1985's The Dawning of a New Error, 1993's Loggerheads, etc.). The group also found time to collaborate with another outspoken punk leader, former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, on 1990s Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors. Like Biafra before him, Keithley took the plunge and attempted to enter politics, running as a candidate in Canadian provincial and civic elections for the Green Party in 1996. Keithley also runs his own indie record company, Sudden Death Records, and issued an autobiography in late 2003, titled I, Shithead: A Life in Punk. D.O.A. continues strong to this day, as evidenced by such releases as 2002's Win the Battle. As a result of Keithley's hard work, D.O.A. is often name-checked as an important influence by other hardcore/punk bands, including such notables as Green Day, the Offspring, Rancid, and Propagandhi, among others.

2.dead men tell no tales
3.the hockey song
4.devil's speedway liberation army
6.beat 'em, bust 'em
7.pencil neck geek
8.if i were a redneck
10.when power came to canada
12.cocktail time in hell
13.taking care of business interpunk
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Blondie - Blondie [.FLAC]

If new wave was about reconfiguring and recontextualizing simple pop/rock forms of the '50s and '60s in new, ironic, and aggressive ways, then Blondie, which took the girl group style of the early and mid-'60s and added a '70s archness, fit right in. True punksters may have deplored the group early on (they never had the hip cachet of Talking Heads or even the Ramones), but Blondie's secret weapon, which was deployed increasingly over their career, was a canny pop straddle -- they sent the music up and celebrated it at the same time. So, for instance, songs like "X Offender" (their first single) and "In the Flesh" (their first hit, in Australia) had the tough-girl-with-a-tender-heart tone of the Shangri-Las (the disc was produced by Richard Gottehrer, who had handled the Angels ["My Boyfriend's Back"] among others, and Brill Building songwriter Ellie Greenwich even sang backup on "In the Flesh"), while going one step too far into hard-edged decadence -- that is, if you chose to see that. (The tag line of "Look Good in Blue," for example, went, "I could give you some head and shoulders to lie on.") The whole point was that you could take Blondie either way, and lead singer Deborah Harry's vocals, which combined rock fervor with a kiss-off quality, reinforced that, as did the band's energetic, trashy sound. This album, released on independent label Private Sound, was not a major hit, but it provided a template for the future.
~~ by William Ruhlmann

1.X offender
2.little girl lies the flesh
4.look good in blue the sun
6.a shark in jets clothing overboard her to shreds
9.rifle range
10.kung fu girls
11.the attack of the giant ants interpunk
..password: hha