Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celibate Rifles - The Turgid Miasma Of Existence [FLAC]

The first recording of new Celibate Rifles material to be released in America. Now fully incorporating acoustic guitars, cellos, zithers, and bass clarinets (!) into the mix, this record is more eclectic than your average Rifles release, but amazingly, there are no false moments, bad songs, or failed experiments. From the opening salvo of "Bill Bonney Regrets" through the hair-raising "Conflict of Instinct" to the sarcastically funny closing track "New Mistakes," this is a simply wonderful record that will sound refreshingly direct and engaging another 15 years from now. Lovelock's lyrics are especially wonderful, running the gamut from terse imagism to comedic tomfoolery to polemical broadsides. The album is dedicated to James Darroch, the original Rifles bass player who left in 1984 to form the great, little-known Eastern Dark (one very good EP, Long Live the New Flesh). Darroch died in a car accident while Miasma was being recorded.

1.bill bonney regrets
2.conflict of instinct
3.temper temper mr. kemper
5.some kind of feeling
8.no sign
11.new mistakes

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Dr. Marquis said...

Excellent post Nagiants40.
Please post more C. Rifles in lossless.

zippy said...

thanks for the rifles--excellent cd!

zippy said...

Thank you--an excellent cd!

HANNAH said...

i know this was quite a while ago, but is there any chance that you (or anyone else) may be able to provide this not in FLAC? i can't find it anywhere, and it'd be highly appreciated. thank you, either way.