Sunday, May 29, 2011

U.K. SUBS - Left For Dead, Alive in Holland '86 [.FLAC]

One of the most impressive punk shows that I listened in my punk life.. amazing!!

2.emotional blackmail
3.endangered species
4.fear of girls
5.rock'n'roll savage
6.sk8 tough york state police
8.does she suck life
10.confrontation street
12.police state
14.i couldn't be you
15.i live in a car
17.telephone numbers
18.left for dead
20.strangehold barbarians
22.tomorrow's girls
23.between the eyes Roir
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The Carpettes - The Best of the Carpettes [.FLAC]

This release has been long awaited, on average the offices of Cherry Red receive around 5 enquires a week on the suggestion of a Carpettes release, so finally, here it is. This collection includes 21 tracks, all of which were recorded for both The Small Wonder and the Beggars Banquet labels. Included are the bands indie chart hits, "Johnny Won't Hurt You", "Nothing Ever Changes" and "I Don't Mean It". As always the package is complete with, sleeve note by the band, a full discography and pictures of all the groups' releases.

tRaCkS about me and you wunderbar
3.small wonder
4.2 ne 1
5.i don't mean it
6.johnny won't hurt you
7.frustration paradise
8.reach the bottom
9.3 am
10.away from it all
11.lost love
12.cruel honesty
13.nothing ever changes never realise
15.since you went away
16.fight amongst yourselves
17.dead or alive
18.friday night saturday morning
19.last lone longer
20.silly game club
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Sham 69 - Hollywood Hero [.FLAC]

While most of the early British punk bands spoke of working-class concerns -- primarily unemployment and the shrinking U.K. economy, which was leaving a generation with nothing to do and nowhere to go -- many of the pioneering groups had working-class credentials that were suspect at best; the Sex Pistols' career was being molded by a haberdasher and would-be artist, while the Clash were led by the son of a diplomat. Sham 69, however, was different; proletarian and proud of it, Sham 69 was the voice of the people in the first wave of British punk, and if they were never as fashionable as such contemporaries as the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Wire, or the Jam (who, in their early days, shared Sham's provincial outlook and "we're with the kids" fan solidarity), they enjoyed a long run of chart successes and were a major influence on the street punk and Oi! movements which followed.
~~ by Mark Deming

1.asbo sports day apologies
3.western culture
4.medic comes the lies
6.i want glory
7.hollywood hero
8.i don't believe a word
9.give me a minute york city
11.i love her
12.bite the bullet interpunk | amazon
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The Undertones - The Undertones [.FLAC]

What is a perfect album? One could make an argument that a perfect album is one that sets out a specific set of artistic criteria and then fulfills them flawlessly. In that respect, and many others, the Undertones' 1979 debut is a perfect album. The Northern Ireland quintet's brief story is no different than that of literally dozens of other bands to form in the wake of the Clash and, more importantly, the Buzzcocks, but the group infuses so much unabashed joy in their two-minute three-chord pop songs, and there's so little pretension in their unapologetically teenage worldview, that even the darker hints of life in songs like the suicide-themed "Jimmy Jimmy" are delivered with a sense of optimism at odds with so many of their contemporaries. There's no fewer than three all-time punk-pop classics here; besides that song, the singles "Teenage Kicks" and "Get Over You" are simple declarations of teenage hormonal lust that somehow manage to be cute instead of Neanderthal; perhaps it's Feargal Sharkey's endearingly adenoidal whine, or the chipper way the O'Neill brothers pitch in on schoolboy harmonies, like a teenage Irish Kinks. All of the other 13 songs, even the 47-second blip "Casbah Rock," are nearly to that level of brilliance, with the frenetic "Girls Don't Like It" a particular standout. The Rykodisc CD adds seven demos and single sides, and also includes an entirely different, punkier version of "True Confessions" than the nervous, new wave-influenced throb of the version on the original U.K. vinyl.
~~ by Stewart Mason

tRaCkS entertainment
2.girls don't like it
3.male model
4.i gotta getta
5.teenage kicks
6.wrong way
7.jump boys comes the summer
9.get over you
10.billy's third
11.jimmy jimmy
12.true confessions
13.(she's a) runaround
14.i know a girl
15.listenin' in
16.casbah rock
17.smarter than you
18.emergency cases twenty
20.really really
21.mars bars
22.she can only say no way love
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Youth Brigade - Happy Hour [.FLAC]

One of the lesser-known bands to come out of the early-'80s West Coast punk rock explosion, Youth Brigade was formed by a trio of brothers (Shawn, Mark, and Adam Stern) at the end of summer 1980 in Los Angeles. Originally supplemented with other members, the group went back to a trio in early 1982, the same year they founded their own independent record label, BYO (Better Youth Organization). Later that year, the group issued their very first release, the three-track EP Someone Got Their Head Kicked In, before recording their full-length debut, Sound and Fury. Their debut hit a snag, however -- shortly after its initial release, the group halted further pressings when they realized they weren't entirely satisfied with how it came out, resulting in the release of a reworked version in June 1983. Another three-song EP, What Price?, hit the racks in the spring of 1984, resulting in Youth Brigade's first tour of Europe.
~~ by Greg Prato

1.all style, no substance
2.better without you
3.punk rock mom
4.guns are for
5.let me be's not enough
7.alive by machine just doesn't matter
11.sad but true
12.this is a life
13.deep inside of me
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Boys - The Best of the Boys [FLAC]

Casino Steel had been in the influential Hollywood Brats who formed in London in 1972 around the songwriting partnership of Steel (keyboards) and Andrew Matheson (vocals). Similar in style and looks to the New York Dolls they were born out of disgust and aimed to shock. They were originally called The Queen until they had an altercation at the Marquee with Freddie Mercury’s Queen who subsequently had a hit single, forcing them to change their name to the Hollywood Brats. They played regular gigs in London including the Café Des Artistes and the Speakeasy building up a small band of followers, which included Keith Moon of The Who. Their debut album “Grown Up Wrong” captured the raw energy and excitement of the band but was initially only released in Scandinavia in 1974 after the Brats had broken up.
Following the demise of the Brats Steel met up with Matt Dangerfield, who had converted the basement of his rented flat in Maida Vale into a recording studio. 47A Warrington Crescent became extremely important in the development of the UK punk scene in the mid seventies.
Keep reading>>> here!!

1.i don't care
2.the first time
3.sick on you
4.tumble with me
5.cop cars
6.keep running
7.brickfield nights
10.classified susie
12.terminal love
14.waiting for the lady
15.independent girl'de better move on
18.let it rain interpunk | amazon
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Celibate Rifles - The Turgid Miasma Of Existence [FLAC]

The first recording of new Celibate Rifles material to be released in America. Now fully incorporating acoustic guitars, cellos, zithers, and bass clarinets (!) into the mix, this record is more eclectic than your average Rifles release, but amazingly, there are no false moments, bad songs, or failed experiments. From the opening salvo of "Bill Bonney Regrets" through the hair-raising "Conflict of Instinct" to the sarcastically funny closing track "New Mistakes," this is a simply wonderful record that will sound refreshingly direct and engaging another 15 years from now. Lovelock's lyrics are especially wonderful, running the gamut from terse imagism to comedic tomfoolery to polemical broadsides. The album is dedicated to James Darroch, the original Rifles bass player who left in 1984 to form the great, little-known Eastern Dark (one very good EP, Long Live the New Flesh). Darroch died in a car accident while Miasma was being recorded.

1.bill bonney regrets
2.conflict of instinct
3.temper temper mr. kemper
5.some kind of feeling
7.sometimes sign
10.jns mistakes interpunk | amazon
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Pegboy - Earwig (FLAC)

There are some signs of musical growth from the previous Pegboy album, but thankfully not very many. Pegboy is a band that wouldn't be improved by subtlety -- their best attribute is that they're loud, fast, and rollicking. Lead singer Larry Damore sounds more tuneful on Earwig than on any other release by the band, but otherwise it's the usual Pegboy energy and slashing guitar rock. The highlight here is a particularly good cover of Mission of Burma's "Revolver," which has some really effective raw choruses. Sure, it's reminiscent of Hüsker Dü and a dozen other bands, but it's still fun to listen to even if it's not intellectually challenging. ~ Richard Foss

1.line up
2.sinner inside
5.spaghetti western
9.wages of sin pink
11.over the hills
12.louisiana CD Universe
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Cockney Rejects - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (.FLAC)

1.i'm not a fool
3.bad man
4.fighting in the street
5.shitter they come again
7.join the rejects
8.east end
9.the new song
10.police car
11.someone like you
12.they're gonna put me away
13.are you ready to ruck
14.where the hell is babylon
15.i'm forever blowing bubbles
16.west side boys
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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Code & Whatever It Takes - Split EP

tRaCkS hope (the code)
2.revolution now (the code)
3.what's it gonna take (the code)
4.both can't survive (whatever it takes)
5.lips surrendered (whatever it takes) the orchard (whatever it takes) interpunk | amazon
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Small Brown Bike - Our own Wars

1.the cannons and tanks
2.the cold
3.running, swimming and sinking and never
5.expression eraser tune
7.curiosity killed the cat, and i'm the killed
8.atlanta sum
10.make this a holiday interpunk | amazon
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Small Brown Bike - Nail Yourself to the Ground

1.trains all talk
2.fami(liar) to you
3.blank landscapes i fall
5.a table for dinner interpunk | amazon
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry The Banner

1.find my place
2.before the accident
3.i used to
4.reach for the bottle
5.walkin' catastrophe
6.i am an elephant
7.i am the stranger
8.certain things
9.mahogany interpunk | amazon
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Pinhead Gunpowder - Goodbye Ellston Avenue

tRaCkS during wartime
2.without me
3.high maintenance
4.backyard flames of my returning
6.once more without feeling
7.i walk alone
8.train station
9.homesick hopes
11.swan song for food
13.the great divide interpunk | amazon
..password: hha
Small Brown Bike - Dead Reckoning

tRaCkS a future with no friend
2.sleeping weather
3.see you in hell
4.the vacuum
5.more or less own disaster
7.this ship will burn
9.unsung zero
11.i will bury you in me interpunk | amazon
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Pinhead Gunpowder - Shoot The Moon

1.cabot gal boot in your face is what keeps me alive
7.achin to be interpunk | amazon
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Small Brown Bike - Collection

1.mouth of madness
2.dull way down
3.take care
4.expecting confidence place like you
6.slow time suicide
7.bad anthem
8.the twenty sixth light
10.when added equals three
11.crossing guard
13.tough interpunk | amazon
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Pinhead Gunpowder - Jump Salty

1.future daydream
2.freedom is
3.i wanna
4.losers of the year
5.big yellow taxi
7.keeping warm in the nighttime
8.beastly bit
9.benicia by the bay
10.mpls song control
12.hey now interpunk | amazon
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