Friday, April 22, 2011

The Transplants = Police State "Early Boston Punk, 1976-1979"

1.suicidal tendencies
2.i've had my fill
4.police state's your own fault
6.that's the way
7.vegetable stew the end
9.police state 2
10.that's the way i've had my fill live
11.suicidal tendencies 2
12.i never loved her
13.1-2-5 time
16.vegetable stew 2
17.starvation's your own fault 2
19.suicidal tendencies 3 the end 2
23.1-2-5 2
25.i've had my fill (alt. take)'s your own fault (alt. take)
27.suicidal tendencies (original demo tape) interpunk | amazon | ebay
..home-page: n/a
..password: hha

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gorehound13 said...

I am the founder and singer of this band.I do not mind my stuff being shared so no complaints.if you want to download more of my art you will find it here

I am Jordan Kratz longtime punk rocker and still a punk rocker.