Monday, April 25, 2011

Fastbacks = Very, Very Powerful Motor

tRaCkS the summer
3.trouble sleeping
4.better than before
5.what to expect, dirk's car jam
6.says who
7.last night I had a dream that I could fly
8.i won't regret
9.i guess
10.always tomorrow
11.i'll be okay
12.everything i don't need interpunk | amazon
..password: hha


Marcin Bak said...

That's pitty you don't upload so interesting things in flac format. It'll be nice to do the same with everything you upload- like you used to do in March. Of course only if it'was originally in lossless format :) Regards. Marcin

Nagiants40 said...

Oh yeah Marcin, it's your opinion... I have posted a lot of things in FLAC format that a lot of people loved.... sometimes my internet speed connection is not reliable and it's a painful process upload in Lossless format... anyway do like my, Buy the original.. :-)

Marcin Bak said...

Hi Nagiants, Generally you're right but I know some examples when the great album is no longer available in a proper version.
That's one of them. I think this CD is one of the more interesting ones in the history of the European hc/punk of 90's:

(This is the original release from 1991 in lossy 320kbps)

If you like it you can download reissue from 1999 in flac format from here:

The difference between the original release and that is only with additional graphics
The rar archive is including cue & log files plus HQ covers.

I guess the reissue remastered in 2004 by Metel Mind Production- the only which is available at the moment in retail is a piece of shit

About band:


P.S. It's absolutely the same with one of the greatest punk album in history, I mean Bad Brains's Rock for Light

If you download the original PVC pressing from here:

and compare it with the only available in retail fuckin' Caroline's issue, for instance from:
(password for archive:

you'll hear the difference!

Rock for Light- the original PVC pressing in flac:

I claim the lossless format is important to keep the important albums for the history :).

lolu said...

DEANS-PONCHES split punkrock italy split .