Monday, March 07, 2011

VA: SFRP Punkhouse Presents - Stuff We Like Vol.1

A great punk compilation made by some friends from Skafunkrastapunk Forum...

tRaCkS direction [La Donnas]
2.dumb, blind and horny [Rocet from the Crypt]
3.Run You down [Candy Snatchers]
4.Warlords [F.U.'S]
5.alcohol [Gang Green]
6.Crucify me [Jerry's Kids]
7.face the flag [411] shoulda listened [the Stupids]
9.fat nation [Government Warning]
10.bunny [Flaming Cocks]
11.under pressure [Oxymoron]
12.redline [the Glory Stompers]
13.another year [In Control]
14.inching along [The Last Priority]
15.moral majority [The Missing 23rd]
16.g.l.c. [Menace]
17.puppets of war [Chron Gen]
18.12 men [Chelsea]
19.blood [Plan 9]
20.panssarit kaatopaikalle [Punk Lurex Ok]
21.the creature from the black lagoon [The Monsters]
22.dirty and true [Hawksley Workman] change shake [Danko Jones] city maniacs [Sloan]
25.ain't no feeble bastard [Discharge]
26.battle hymn of ronald reagan [The Fartz]
27.she loves me not [The Dickies]
28.criminal minds [The Ruts]
29.your perfect world [Satanic Surfers]
30.infected [Bad Religion]

..quality: mp3
..home-page: skafunkrastapunk
..password: sfrp


Anonymous said...

The password doesn't seem to work on this one.

Nagiants40 said...

Ooppss sorry, my bad, the correct password is sfrp..... thanks

Anonymous said...

The new password works like a charm. Thanks! Keep up the great work!