Sunday, February 13, 2011

Various Artists - Strenght Through Diversity Compilation

1.rise and fall of a superhero (drowning room)
2.turncoat (groundzero)
3.sick man of asia (ghidrah)
4.armored sanctuary (life drowning)
5.never again (follow through)
6.burning my anger (silent mourning)
7.nightfall (section 8)
8.your versus me (beyond reason)
9.what it meant (tenfold)
10.structure (inner dam)
11.dystemia (age of reason)
12.unholy incision (tyrant trooper)
13.perfect world (leela)
14.numbed emotions (red tide)
15.truth (voice of reason)
16.ever-elusive (eventide)
17.journey beyond (capharnaum)
18.minor authority (chokepuppy)
19.DIY-stay true (comin correct)
20.bloodshed (divided by hate)
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