Sunday, February 13, 2011

Various Artists - Over the Edge Vol. 2

1.unheard (tension)
2.grasshopper (dismay)
3.hang in there (neglect)
4.long (lash out)
5.graffilthy (arise)
6.Icorinthians (catharsis)
7.starting again (backlash)
8.time, distance and friends (strenght 691)
9.salvation (age of reason)
10.orbacycle (withdrawn)
11.abandoned (cross-section)
12.8,150 dollars (holdstrong) in sodom seeing things (timescape zero)
14.broken (jasta 14)
15.unscarred (slip) the hole (culprits)
17.what does it take (divided we fall)
18.allegiance to the flesh (overcast)
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