Wednesday, December 01, 2010

VARIOUS - 4 Old Toxic Shock 7 EPs '83-'84

Another re-upload by request.... this is amazing!!

1.breakout breakfree (Kent State)
2.out of focus (Modern Industry)
3.horror snores (Moslem Birth)
4.penis brain (Manson Youth)
5.quincy lament (Peace Corpse)
6.presidente camouflage (Peace Corpse)
7.small talk death (Peace Corpse)
8.dead in a pile of chairs (Peace Corpse) way (Peace Corpse)
10.jock macho (Peace Corpse)
11.santa mari marushi (Red Tide)
12.price for progress (Red Tide)
13.war criminals (Red Tide)'s more a feeling (Red Tide) of fear (Massacre Guys)
16.veterans (Massacre Guys)
17.italy (Massacre Guys)
18.devil's shade (Massacre Guys)
19.web of hate (Massacre Guys)
20.the hunted (Massacre Guys)

..year: ????
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps n/a
..home-page: n/a
password: hha

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